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Avatar f tn On Friday July26 I took a nap that afternoon but woke up because of the pain under my chin. When I touched it there was a large tender lump. I had been sick and had lost my voice but not sure if this has anything to do with me being sick. Everyday threw the weekend I awoke to the pain and it has only gotten larger. I hope to get in to see the doctor later today. All I can do is pray and hope things are ok. But it is hard to have the strength to stay positive all the time.
1830304 tn?1317883783 Hey i am an 18 year old male. I have had a small round lump under my chin ( not near my Adam's apple...It's more towards the underside the tongue) for more than a year. Like most men i am hesitant to see a doctor about it, and just brush it off. But it's been there for so long now that i am starting to get really worried about it. When i first found it it seemed like an inflammation because it got pretty big for a while, but then shrunk in size and has remained that way since.
Avatar n tn I'm 22 years old and I've recently noticed a lump that is about 1 cm in diameter under my chin, back towards the neck. It seems to be round. I first noticed it because my neck felt tender and the ear on that same side ached slightly. You can't notice it by looking. To feel the lump you have to push up under the chin near the neck, and then it pops out. I'm able to move the lump to my jawline. It's very, very mobile.
Avatar f tn I recently noticed that when I put my chin to my chest, I could feel a lump or something on the left side of under my jawbone. I felt around, and I can't really feel anything unusual when my head is upright. Or rather, I can feel something smooth there, but I think I always had it on both sides. But when I tilt my head forwards and poke my fingers underneath my jawbone I can feel a small lump that I can "move" to the chin side of my jawbone quite easily.
Avatar f tn I recently noticed that when I put my chin to my chest, I could feel a lump or something on the left side of under my jawbone. I felt around, and I can't really feel anything when my head is upright. But when I tilt my head forwards and poke my fingers underneath my jawbone I can feel a small lump that I can "move" to the chin side of my jawbone quite easily. I felt on the right side and I have the same there, and I can move that one too.
Avatar n tn i just found a lump under my chin near my throat that is quite painful to touch- is this something to worry about or could it just be a swollen gland?
Avatar f tn a few days ago i noticed a large lump under a small mole on my chin i thought it was a pimple and it was extremely painful so i attempted to squeeze it it only became worse and more swolen and started to bleed i am very concerned to what it may be. It is a very hard lump causing the whole left side of my chin to be swolen and even touching it lightly causes immense pain.
Avatar f tn I've never had a lump under my chin before so I'm freaking out,,,I am from Michigan and I just got back from going to Florida for vacation...last night on my way home I notied this lump under my chin more toward the front,,,it was tender and could move just a little side to side,,well today it has gotten bigger and the tenderness has turned in to pain the lump now the lump is the width of my jawline and is pushing towards the back of my throat so now I can feel it when I swallow..
1705191 tn?1340261871 I'm a 20 year old woman, Yesterday when I woke up I found a lump under my chin under my skin, It's a small lump, and I have seen it there before. I'm so scared, and I'm crying I don't know what to do. I'm worried I might Have cancer. The lump is just there, and It doesnt hurt when I push deep on it. I'm so scared.
978175 tn?1304439383 Re: lump under chin, I would go straight to the dr. get a blood test for EBV and be referred to an ENT. If you live in the country go to the city, don't mess around with this or wait too long. It's always better to be safe than sorry. this if speaking from experience. I pray you'll be okay.
Avatar f tn hi! i've had a small, pea-sized hard lump under my chin with no symptoms such as itching, burning, or pain etc. I've had it as long as i can remember really, but its never been a problem and now i just kind of want to know whta it could be..i've had a ct scan recently, of my head im not sure if that would show up if there was something wrong? im healthy otherwise...anyone have any ideas of whta this could be?
Avatar n tn I just noticed maybe a couple days ago that i have a lump right under my chin that feels like it is coming off of my jaw bone, I was just wondering if that could be a swollen gland or possible something else? I haven't really had any other issues other then being a little more tired then normal, but that could just be stress. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn i have a male shitzu that has a lump on his right side right under his chin,what could it be?
Avatar f tn I have a 12 WK old male chiweenie has had 1st round of shots and flea meds. He has a soft lump under his chin/throat area. Doesn't seem to bother him and is eating and drinking fine. I noticed it today and am hoping I don't have to pay hundreds of dollars at the vet. Please help.
Avatar n tn I have this really painful lump or bump under my chin i just notices it and i tryed to see if it moves and it doesnt! what do you think it is? iam pretty scared and i have no acne so i know its not that. Do you think i should get a doctor to check it out?
1087490 tn?1256610663 I have this somewhat large lump under my chin. I don't feel any pain from it, and the lump isn't solid, it is soft but very noticable. It has been present for many years(15yrs.) In this past year I had started an exercise program and lost about 40 ibs. and the lump is still noticable, hasn't decreased in size or gotten any bigger. Have pictures available. it is directly under the chin between my chin and larynx( adams apple). Need some info and guidance.
Avatar n tn I am a male and have a medium lump under my left side chin, painful when touching it. should I be worry and go to the doctor?
Avatar f tn woke up with pain under left shoulder blade, took tylenol, heat pad and topical muscle rub. nothing helped.
Avatar f tn It was not painful at all i had it for a month but however it did go away but just the other day i found another pearl sized lump under my chin that is also painless. So I am just curious do i just wait it out or see a doctor?
Avatar n tn Running nose, dry persistant cough, chin skin allergy reaction to something outside.... lump on chin. Noted and monitored with skin circular line.
Avatar f tn First of all, about 4 years ago I found a lump under my chin that was painful, so I went to my doctor he did blood work and found my white blood cell count was high so he did more blood work for everything form aids to cancer and couldnt find anythingso he sent me to get a cat scan and ultra sound of under the chin and my thyroid and all that came back with is that my thyroid was slightly emlarged but no problem with it, then i was sent to mouth nose and throat specialist, an allergist an oncoli