Lump under armpit hurts

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223520 tn?1221440283 Well Im officially freaking out! I found a lump on my armpit. Its hard and about the size of a dime. I am getting it checked on Friday, but I am soooo scared! Breast cancer runs in my family, and my grandmother originally found a lump on her armpit. It was breast cancer, and she passed 1 year later.
Avatar f tn im 24 years old and i woke up with pain under my armpit and little lump not ther day befor ,could i have done somthing in my sleep worried could be canser,i not had any famliy membors who have had it.
Avatar f tn what is it? my under arm hurts when i move my arm.... my armpit is tender and hurts when you touch it.... when you touch lump it hurts but not bad.. feels werid... could some one please tell me what is going on... i dont have insurance or alot of money... please help... scared This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/240215'>Painful armpit lumps</a>.
Avatar f tn i have this hard lump under my armpit, and it has this green/white smelly discharge...plzzzz help me!!!!
Avatar f tn I'm 28 years old and had recently had 2 cyst's in my right breast drained one was about 4 months ago and the other one was drained just 2 days ago. I had an ultra sound done for the second time and found that I had 7cyst in my right breast. Some big and some little. I was having alot of pain in my breast and in my right arm. The day before I meet with my doctor I discovered a lump under my right arm pit and it was very painful I would say it is the size of a pea.
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Avatar n tn first of all, i am a 16 year old girl, and 3 days ago, i woke up from bed and ive found a small lump under my armpit, it hurts... it is bigger then a pea but smaller then a golf ball... i cant move my arm because it hurts. i am very scared... i also have some kind of lumps on the upper thigh, but when i squeezzed it, pust( dont know how to spell it) came out of it.. it hurts... can any of you help me????? im scared..... :(...... please help me! thanks... bye!
Avatar f tn my left armpit is sore in one area
Avatar n tn I have a big bump under my armpit. I woke up with it one day, you cant see it but if you touch it you can feel it and it hurts really bad. I cant lift my arm up or do much with that arm. I have no idea what it is and i'm a little scared. I dont know what it is.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm. 18 years old and about a month in a half ago I notice a small painful lump under my under arm. It was painful for the 2 weeks but no longer hurts anymore. I can tell that it under the skin and it is slightly hard. It use to hurt when I put on deoderant. I had stop puting on deoderant for a while but only thing happend was the pain went away. I have I history of breast cancer in my family. Someone anyone please help I'm in deep need of in advice right now.
Avatar m tn not to sure what it is but it started today and boy it hurts alot very sharp pain and a lump on my arm to that hurts.
Avatar n tn i am really worried as i just noticed a small lump under my right armpit which is extremely painfull on touch.and now itz being 4 dayz...n this lump is still there ...i am 22 .....and would want to know whats the reason 4 dz lump..???should i go see a doc...r should wait ......
Avatar n tn I got a lump under my armpit last weekend, the reason I don't know. Throughout the week it has gotten bigger and I don't know if I should go see a doctor about it. It hurts to extend my arm. Will it go away on its own or should I get something for it?
Avatar n tn Hi I have noticed that under my left armpit, it is slights swollen. It sorta hurts but I think it's because I've been poking the **** out of it last night. I've had this before, and it has gone away. I'm a little concerned though, because im 42 and cancer is in my family. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn lump has been very sore the last 2 days into armpit
Avatar f tn they look as if there going to pop also under my armpit is a uncomfortable bump under the skin??? im 21 years old and im scared of whats going on with my bodie ... the bump under my arm is getting bigger by day and seems to be spreading ?? mabye someone out there will be able to help?
Avatar m tn under my right armpit i tend to get this lump that hurts a lot when i press down on it. it comes and goes, im not sure what triggers it? maybe waxing? but it doesn't always happen when i wax so im not sure. it has no head, just a lump. its about the size on a quarter now and right above it theres a REALLY sensitive spot that hurts the most when i press down on it. i never paid attention to it before because it was never this big and it went away quicker.
Avatar n tn I've had a lump under my left armpit and it's a pretty good size. It's in the middle of my armpit and it hurts really bad. It feels like it's deep under the skin too. Is there anything to be worried about? It happened after I shaved.
Avatar f tn Big lump on the left breast, visible under the skin. Dense nodular mass. Infection? Antibiotics? Pain in left armpit. Linked to lump? Radiologist did U/S of armpit and says it's muscular pull? But I think it is linked to the lump on my left breast. Chronic Cough linked to the lump as well???
Avatar n tn I had a breast reduction 2 weeks ago and 2 days ago i found a lump under my left armpit..i'm assuming it is a cyst but I'm not sure. It feels like a marble, looks red and slightly hurts. I'm hoping it will go away in a few days instead of assuming the worst (like a blood clot). Does anyone have any advice?
Avatar m tn s been a while since my last possible exposure (protected, yeah I know) I have had this weird symptom, a swollen lump not exactly under my armpit but close enough to the armpit (weird huh?) okay, a swollen lump not so far away from my armpit. It is about the size of a coin not so big and not too small, It is painful to touch (even the slightest touch hurts) Do you think this is an std related symptom?
Avatar m tn I woke up a couple Days ago with a half-acorn sized lump under each armpit. It is red and hurts a little more today. I am 29 years old so I was kinda ruling out growing pains or such. Is it a possible Glandular infection or maybe something else. I am worried as I don't have any Medical Coverage currently. I was wondering what some things this condition might be ? Please help ?
Avatar m tn An FNAC from the lump can to one to assess its nature. A lump in the armpit can occurs due to various causes. The most common cause is an enlargement of the lymph nodes. All the best and God Bless!
Avatar n tn I have noticed that for over four years, I have had a slightly painful lump under my right armpit. At first, it was only the size of a pea, but now it is so large that my armpit doesn't even sink in anymore. It hurts only if I've slept on my right side all night. What's more, Now I have another one growing under my left armpit. They are soft lumps but the pain feels like a dull ache. What could they be?
Avatar n tn I found a lump under my armpit about a week ago, it is inflammed, red and hurts.