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Avatar m tn d say an inch towards the middle of your chest, from the middle of your side (underneath your armpit), just below your rib cage. Now that I continue to feel them.. It is RIGHT below my rib cage and is ovalish. It starts about an inch from the side of the side of my body and FOLLOWS my rib cage towards the side of my body, and then once i hit the side of my body and go towards the back side of my body I feel the lump and then I feel it protected by the backside of my ribcage.
351724 tn?1267537018 hello was wondering what causes rib cage bones to pop out of place , ive went to the doc several times before and he has literilly poked a rib back into place. ive had rib cage tenderness, before and one doc stated that it may be arthritus of the rib cage . anyways ive went to him recently and ive been having pain on my left side of ribs more along the base line . from front to back or back to front how ever you look at it .
Avatar m tn Did pranayama, started having pain in right rib cage, right lower back, seems like right rib cage pain refers in stomach,
Avatar n tn I am 26 yr old male in general good health but I feel as if i have a mass or a lump on my right side, about belly button high, just under the bottom of my rib cage where my rib cage stops and my abdomen starts. If i tighten my abdominal muscles i sometimes can feel the mass roll over the last rib. It doesn't hurt but lately i have felt sick (headaches, upset stomach, achy and tired) which may or may not be related.
Avatar n tn I was laying down watching TV when I felt like there was pressure on my rib cage making breathing a little painful. I absent mindedly poked at my left rib cage and I felt this lump. It's not hard but more like poking at silly putty or a play-do. So I sat up amd felt again and it was still there, when I poked my right side all I felt was rib bone. When I poke at the lump trying to feel my rib underneath it almost feels like something is moving around in the lum (I.e.
Avatar m tn t grown or shrunk... Also from the mid rib cage to my right sholder and down to the bottom of my rib cage is a little uncomfortable, this is the same side as the breast lump, ( It feels like pressure, or numbness.) I will be visiting the doctor Monday, but I'm now worried because of my friends concerns which drew me into having fears, and now I need someones Opinion...
Avatar n tn My daughter, 11, has a lump off the center of her rib cage under her right breast area. Definitely rib bones! She doesn't complain of chest pains or anything, but she is beginning to feel self conscience of this large protrusion. Doctor, 2 years ago, said it's nothing to worry about. What can it be, what can we do?
1002621 tn?1349668776 Bloated right under my rib cage.
Avatar m tn I want to know what is this lump underneath my left breast on the rib cage This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/200029'>Large Lump on Rib below Left Breast</a>.
Avatar f tn I have an oval shaped lump near my left rib cage. It is about the size of a walnut. It does not hurt and I it is somewhat moveable. When lying down it sits on my lower left rib cage and is very definable but when I stand it is below the rib cage and hard to feel. Any ideas on what this could be?
Avatar f tn i have a very hard lump below right rib cage in the back, there is also some swelling a little higher up in the lower part of rib cage. i have also had some lower pain down to my hip in that same area. i have had ultrasounds done and they do not see anything. should i still be worring about it. it does hurt a lot now and somedays my appetite is just not there.
Avatar f tn could be,,,but myself (47) and most ladies feel the hot flashes in the chest and abdomen kinda radiates up to face and dow arms,,,,what stands out to me is the lump under rib cage , I do not wish to scare you but please do get that checke out right away do not wait any lump or such should be examined by a doctor,,,,,let me know how it goes,,,,Cherie
2767807 tn?1355616136 Fell against roof gutter, heard a cracking noise, went to Dr. Morton, he felt the spot and said there is not much to do for this. Really hurts when in bed and also now bothers me when I am walking my dog. Has tired me and have noticed I am taking much time to walk and get things done, it hurts with almost any movement and while sneezing.
Avatar f tn ive got a lump below my rib cage on the left hand side it's not painfull to touch, I noticed it about 6 weeks ago and it is starting to worrying me! Any advice would be welcome.
Avatar m tn It is on top of my rib cage while lying down but below my rib cage when standing. I am curious to what it could be. Some of the research I have done suggests a Lipoma (non cancerous "fatty tumor"). I was just curious if you have found anymore out about yours. I was also wondering if anyone else had any input.
Avatar f tn sharp piercing pain under right rib cage
739070 tn?1338603402 left hand numbness left rib cage sore
Avatar f tn i found a lump on my right side, just below the rib cage, it is very painful!!!! it's not my gallbladder because i had that removed.....i am very worried!
467579 tn?1289402969 I have this strange lump left of center under my rib cage. It moves around and balls up and then will pop back into position. My mother had told me iI was born with it as I was a very large baby and my rib cage was too far seperated and the tendon or muscle was sprung. When I was younger it was a curiosity but as I've grown older (59) it seems to be balled up there all the time. I believe it may also be affecting my breathing. I have no trouble swallowing or eating.
Avatar n tn I have a lump on the upper right part of my rib cage. Although I don't have any pain or symptoms, I just recently discovered the lump. It seems to have grown a bit and is about 1.8 inches wide and long. What does this mean?
Avatar n tn I have had a lump inside the center of my upper stomach and the lump moves to under my left rib cage it been there since the birth of my 5th child 6years ago.
Avatar n tn When I lay on my back slightly angled to my side, I notice a large lump directly below my right rib cage. It's kind of disk shaped about 2 inches around and I can push this lump from the midline of my stomach area all the way over so that it's tucked under my right rib cage and then I can shoot it back. Any guesses what this thing is? Might it be a kidney? When pressed directly on tip it's quite tender. No back pain. Have noticed lately dark yellow urine.
Avatar f tn Years ago I had a golf ball size above my left rib cage....when I shaved my legs or put socks on it would roll upward....I couldn't move till it dropped back down.Recently it has moved to right side & bothering me more.....uncomfortable....What is it ??????????
Avatar n tn Pain in upper right abdomen under rib cage
323001 tn?1227715723 I am a 15 year old and I have a lump on the lower right quadrent of my rib cage. The lump is super sore and I am head to the ER right now. I will let yall know later!
Avatar n tn However, red lump is getting larger, about the circumference of a silver dollar, small lump under it and I still have the sensation of under rib cage lump but less pain. What could this be?
Avatar n tn It's impossible without examination to speculate as to what this lump might be .... you should make an appointment and have this evaluated by your Dr. Regards .....