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Avatar n tn Hello All, I'd like to start out that I'm a 16 year old female and I'm not sexually active. I have this soft kind of squishy lump on my perineum (between my anus and vagina) and I'm not really sure if it's normal or not. I know it hasn't been there for all my life but it's been there for a few months to a year or so. I have no pain at all, no bleeding, no fluids from it that I can tell.
Avatar m tn Hi, It could possibly be a hernia in view of the lump in the perineum and giving the feeling of a pressure. I’ll suggest getting an ultrasound of the perineum done to confirm the same. If indeed that’s the case, then the surgery is the answer for the same. If the last time it was a staph infection, then it was likely a boil and this is another possibility. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
Avatar n tn One important piece of information that I had not shared with any of the doctors was that I have a solid golf ball sized (not very mushy, feels hard) lump that appears in my perineum each time i have an erection and this lasts all the way till I I achieve ejaculation. After ejaculation the lump kinda disappears and perineum becomes soft again. I have had this for a long time, but the size may have increased recently.
Avatar f tn Hi, About 2 weeks ago I noticed a large tender lump to the right of my perineum (between vagina and anus) its about the size of a grape. Its to one side and in between so I can't really tell if it's connected gynaelogically or anally- or even if it is either! its feels quite hard- its not overly painful and i can only feel feel it if I strecth or am in a certain position. Anyway I was worried as I have Crohns disease it may be an anal abcess (or worse).
Avatar f tn hi everyone just wondering has anyone considered that your chakras may be blocked? this could cause the lump you feel on your perineum. which could also give you stomach gases, constipation, piles, tumours, boils and pimples. Reiki is good for this to unblock the energy in your body.
Avatar f tn Hello. I have a lump on my perineum, I’m a female btw. So the lump gets hard whenever I poop or whenever I have sex with my partner, it’s uncomfortable. It’s been there for a couple of months now.
Avatar n tn I wipe myself while sitting after I've relieved myself of a bowel movement or gone pee and my perineum, is as flat as a board and feels completly normal. However, recently I stood to wipe and noticed a lump or something there but upon sitting back down to see if it was still there it felt as flat as a board yet upon standing I feel a lump or whatever. It is NOT sore, painful, or tender; I do NOT have painful, bloody, black, or mucousy stools. It's just there when I stand then gone when I sit.
585520 tn?1218374769 Hello, I am 24 years old male, 2 weeks ago i had a severe pain in the perineum, in the middle way btw the scrotum and the anus. It was not the fist time as i remember and usually it lasts for a minute or so. tonight while sleeping i had the same pain again. There is nothing unusual in the perinum, like a lump or so. Someone told me this can happen after sitting on biking seat for a long time but i dnt do biking, maybe i sit a lot in front of my pc at work. What could this be? it is serious?
Avatar f tn Recently, after a visit to the loo, I discovered a large solid feeling lump under the surface of the skin in the area of the perineum. Its been there for a few days, and seems to be getting more and more painful to the touch. I've tried to pop it, but it seems to be solidly rooted under the skin. I've had acne of this form on my face before, and when given time, the white head eventually emerges onto the skin surface. Is this mass/lump just a white head also?
Avatar m tn I notice a grape size protruding red lump on my husbands perineum. He is to embarrassed to go to the doctor and said he has been suffering for about three weeks. He states it is very painful when he sits, stand and walks. It looks like it has abscessed in the middle being white and crusty. If someone could please contact me I have pictures for examination. I am so worried about him but he will not go to the doctor. Only thing I could convince him was to put Neosporin on it.
Avatar f tn I know I have an itch on the anus due to the haemmorhoid but why is my perineum so itchy. I've also noticed a small pea sized lump just to the left of my perineum, the lump is inside rather than growing on the outside if that makes sense? The lump, my perineum and my anus is just in tatters. I feel so miserable it's getting me down. I dread going to the toilet as even a tiny amount of urine splashing on my perineum stings like crazy.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if its normal to feel a lump/bulge on the perineum. I feel this on my perineum I guess. It's closest to the anus though. Right before it. I was looking at diagrams online of those parts on a woman standing sideways (a medical drawing) and it looked like it could be part of the normal anatomy. Idk. I mean I don't know why I felt down there in the first place. I never have before so I don't know if I've always had it. I'm pretty worried.
Avatar n tn I noticed that I have a ball around the size of a grape, it does not hurt, it feels kind of hard, just like a testicle in the perineum. It has been about 2 weeks since I realized it's tghere and it has not changed in size. Does this seem normal? Is it something bad?? Why do I have this?? Whats you opinion? What should I do? Any recommendations are welcomed.
Avatar f tn I have recently started to develop small cuts/tears on perineum. They are very painful when urinating or washing. I can describe it as stinging pain, very sharp one. Sex is out of question for us and its getting us down very much though my husband is very understanding! What is causing these cuts? How can I avoid them or prevent them to appear in future? Maybe i must mention that these cuts appear on their own, without having sex before occurance!
Avatar f tn I've had a hemorrhoid for 12 days now (external) and a few days after that started I began itching in my perineum area and a little bit right at the vaginal opening. I've had yeast infections in the past and this doesn't seem the same. I grabbed a mirror and looked and I can see a small cluster of very small bumps about half way up my perineum and going towards the right of the vaginal opening. Any idea what this is?
Avatar m tn If I feel around on my perineum and squeeze it with my thumb and pointer fingers I can squeeze what feels like a little lump/bump/pocket type structure and I am just wondering what this is. It is not painful and it is not on the skin it is under the skin. It feels like it is tracked to something and I can move it around. I am wondering if this is a normal structure of the perineum.
Avatar n tn I just noticed, about a month ago, that I have a little skin tag down on my perineum. Well, I hope it's just a skin tag. It came out of nowhere. It's little, long and is the same color as the surrounding skin. It doesn't hurt. My boyfriend and I have very frequent intercourse, including anal sex. Do you think it's caused by all the friction? I'm worried!
Avatar m tn Hello, for weeks and weeks I have had an inflamed, rashy, itchy problem between my butt cheeks, specifically my anus and my perineum area. At first I thought I may have had a Hemmoroid as the initial issue seemed to be located at my rectal opening and was painful during a bowel movement....eventually I notice a skin tag and a swollen Pereneum...that resembled a swollen vain running upward toward my scrotum.
Avatar f tn I still have this lump on the perineum, and wonder if anyone else has ever had this? It is not a Bartholin's cyst, it feels more like a large cyst that you can move around, sometimes soft & spongy and other times hard and swollen. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/673477'>Bladder problem</a>.
Avatar m tn (28 year old male) Large lump on perineum with selling and redness, worse when sitting but always painfull. The lump has been there for about 5 days and is getting worse. I have tried hot compresses and soaking in a hot bath..pain relief while in the hot bath only. Any ideas what it may be or what can be done for it?
Avatar n tn About 4 months ago it seems i got a large lump between my scrotum and anus area, i thought it was the same thing, however something is spreading and lumps and spots are appearing all over the area. When squeezed they give either a clear liquid or sometimes a pus like liquid. The large growth is still there (size of a nutmeg), surrounded smaller spots and lumps and seems to be spreading. Im really worried it could be an std, however i havent had a sexual partner in 2 1/2 years.
Avatar n tn It all started after the birth of my second child. (c-section) It started in the perineum area and then became a general perineum/anal itch. I've tried everything and I can't make it go away. I know 8 years seems ridiculously long without finding an answer, but that's not for a lack of trying! I've had a biopsy done on the perineum area, a scope put up my butt, tried literally every cream I can think of....
Avatar m tn Or sometimes it feels like the eraser end of a pencil poking right behind the left testicle in the groin and perineum region. I also feel the ache when I squeeze the muscles in the perineum. There seems to be no problem with urinating such as burning or pain. Ever since this weird ache started I stopped masturbating. Three weeks ago I did have protected sex with a random girl I met at a club.