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Avatar n tn I have a jump on the penis main vein the big one in the middle of it its right on top of it toward the head it does not hurt or anything it feels hard its very small what could it be
Avatar m tn I just discovered a weird lump/vein on my glans, seen from above it starts right before the "split" (I'm don't know the medical term) where it's kind of a bubbly shape, and it goes down and to the left (Still seen from above). It's kind of like a tadpole shape, and I haven't seen it before. Couldn't find anything about it googling around either, does anyone know what this could be?
Avatar n tn hello I have a small lump on penile main vein in the middle of the shaft doesn't hurt or anything and feels like its in the vein I can move it side to side on the vein has a blue - purple color to it can see it more when its erect and some when its soft been there for few months
Avatar m tn I am of 30 years old, and recently the vein on the top side of the penis shaft at the forkin is more to the surface as I can feel it pulsating many times , also just before the head there is like a node or some lump also, any help answering what might be this case? Please let me know how to send pics for more accuracy.
Avatar f tn Sorry I didn't know where to post this, but I found a lump a couple of months back and it is hard and it seems to be located on the vein under the skin. It is on the right hand side of my neck and I have experienced some tingling feelings from it during the time I have ha it but these are not constant, it is painless the majority of the time. It is now currently only around 0.5mm and it is round. Thank you for taking your time viewing my question, I hope you can help to tell me what it is.
Avatar m tn first this I notice is a lump at the end of my dosal Vein on my penis after some activity. it was red and bruised. It tingled at first, then it ached. After 3 months varicose veins popped up on the left side of my shaft. they sting and burn. the origninal lump hurts every day still.
Avatar f tn what is this lump in what appears to be my vein on my right calf (inner leg slightly lower section of calf muscle). It is very tender to touch and a bit painful when i walk. I dont remember hitting it on anything and it only just started to hurt today, which is why i noticed its appearance. should i be worried that it is a blood clot? if so what to i do to treat it?
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 21 years old have had a 1/4 inch lump on my penis connected to a vein for years. It is skin colored, soft and barely ever causes irritation. It is connected to a vein coming from the base of the penis on the right hand side of the shaft. It seems to be more prominent during an erection. Is this normal? Definitely not thrombosis because it has been there way too long. I have posted a previous on this yeaaars ago. Never got it checked out, so it must be not a big deal.
Avatar f tn i havea lump on my arm by my vein what is it. it don't hurt its just unlikely to be there.
Avatar n tn I have a lump in the vein like tube that ruins under my penis mor towards the base. It is slightly swollen not really painful, but i have noticed it more during erections than when flacid, seemed to happen overnight. anyone able to give me some info on this matter?
Avatar n tn My 11 year old daughter has been complaining about a lump in her vein. It started in the lower area of her left arm. She says it hurts but only last for a very short time. The lump is now above her eye. Im very concerned. Since it is the weekend I can not reach her doctor. I want to take her to the hospital but her dr told me a long time ago to NEVER take my babies to our local hospital.That comment freaks me out. He obviously knows something about our hospital that I dont.
Avatar f tn i get a lump on my upper lip like a vein, but only comes down intermittently,its a bit sore when its there. what should i do This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/422381'>PROTRUDING BLOOD VESSEL INSIDE UPPER LIP</a>.
Avatar n tn I am 25 years of age and I have a freely moving large lump on my right breast.lately there has been some kind of a shooting pain on the same breast and also a vein seems to bulging out and there are slight discoloration around the aerola like a white i have breast cancer.
Avatar n tn A few months ago I noticed what appeared to be a bulging vein on the ventral and lateral right side of the head of my penis during an erection. When my penis was flacid it went away and when erect it came back. Well after a day or two it was gone even when erect. 2 days ago I awoke with an erection and it was back. By that evening it was gone again but yesterday morning it was back again and has not gone away now.
Avatar n tn I have a lump on my right wrist the posing question this a form of varicose veins? the reason i suspect that it may be is that it comes and goes, the lump is about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in dia. it occasionally itches and is blueish in color. I have been able to keep the itching to a minimum by wearing an ace bandage snugly around my wrist but not so tight as to cause additional problems. also i tried using the top of a childs sock(elastic) and this seemed to control the lump too.
Avatar f tn I have difficulty standing long in the last month or so due to this and ALSO my veins behind the knee are enlarged at the times the lump is larger causing a lot of pain on the whole back of leg. I don't know who to see= a orthopedist or a venous specialist or both?
Avatar m tn Hi Okay a couple of things, 1) about 5 years ago I noticed a small lump under my penis, along the shaft. It's very small but hard and it can move from side to side. My GP told me it was a protruding vein. I recently started thinking about it again, could veins be hard? 3) Also a few years ago I noticed that my penis head had a couple of dark patches on it. It's not one colour. Is this normal? Can the two be connected?
Avatar n tn I had a huge bruise, about 4' in diameter, appear on my injury to it, took about 2 weeks for the bruise to leave, now there is a lump inside ,my calf...there is no pain,.do I need to be concerned.....I am on my legs for 8 hours straight each day.
Avatar m tn The blood blockage is located on the top of my penis but is not on the head. When i pull the foreskin back, thats wen i can only see the lump. Please let me know if I need to go get some proffessional help. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Dr. Doctor, I recently had laser surgery on my lower lip. I had a vein that was pulsating and the MFS decided to laser the vein. It has disappeared, however, I have a small bump inside my lip. I would like to know if these things go away on their own, or should I be massaging the area to break down what I assume is scar tissue. The procedure took place about three months ago. I've made an appointment with a plastic surgeon to get his advice also. Please let me know your thoughts on this.
Avatar n tn Vein appeared on forehead wiht a lump looks as if vein might have a block or something. vein has gone down but lump is still raised on head and I feel a little heacache what could this be???
Avatar n tn I recently noticed on my right hand a bump/lump on top of the vein (almost an inch away from the wrist ) but it's on top of the hand. My left hand is fine, but I have this problem on the right. Not sure what it can be or how dangerous either. Please advise. Thank you!
Avatar m tn On the lower right side of my toddler's neck there is a small pea size "lump" or bulge in the vein. I noticed it several months ago and was going to wait for his next check up to discuss with his dr but that isn't for a few months and I don't know if this needs more immediate attention. It does not cause him any pain, and it's only visible when he is crying or turns his head a certain way and is only on the right side.
Avatar m tn I squeezed my hand again whilst looking at my forearm and I could see sort of a rising lump on the underside of my forearm which moved down towards my wrist and then dissappeared. I immediately stopped working out and went home to rest. I have not seen the same thing today however my right arm feels a bit weak and i feel slightly paranoid. Can anyone provide any advice on this? Am I just overdoing it in the gym or could it be something different?
Avatar m tn Every since I was a kid I've had this vein on my penis shaft with a sort of lump to it but I am unable to remember how big it was as a child and now as an adult am unsure if it has grown. Sometimes it is extremely visible and other times its almost unnoticeable and I have no idea what affects this. This creates a problem for me because I've asked a doctor about this but when he took a look it wasn't very noticeable so he said it was normal. I am worried he thought it was a normal vein.
Avatar n tn In the past 2/3 weeks I have grown a small lump 1cm in diameter on my vein on my left wrist. Next to my vein I have also grown a larger oval shaped lump. Both lumps are painful at times.