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Avatar f tn Adhesions can cause serious pain but vaginal bleeding I am not so sure and you are right they will not show on any scan you get. I have Endo with Adhesions and I had rectal bleeding but the adhesions were on my bladder, bowels and ureters. I could feel a lump under my 3cm scar and it was causing a bowel obstruction. I am wondering if it some sort of organ prolapes but since you said the CT showed nothing maybe it isnt? So to be clear you have everything removed even your cervix right?
Avatar f tn I have i hard little spot on my vagina by my wee hole but on the inde on the outside. its sore when i walk and sit! HELP!!! wha could it be!!!
Avatar m tn Long story short a month after that incident i got a lot of HIV symptoms such as goosebump like rash on my arms that itched, black,brown and red spots on my body, flu like symptoms, sore throat, sore/white lesions inside mouth, night sweats, chills, hot flashs, fever, diareah, heavy feeling in my chest, tight/lump feeling in my throat, swollen glands on neck and armpits,sensation of something crawling on my skin, and sleeplessness...
Avatar f tn A few days ago I found a lump type thing under the skin on my vagina. It's on the left hand side, under the skin of the labia minora. It's quite big, but I use the term "lump" loosely; I just don't know what else to call it. It's not hard, in fact it kind of feels like a ball of water or something. When you apply pressure to it it kind of slips out from under your finger and moves around... I am 18 if that makes any difference? Is this in any way normal?
Avatar n tn well i have a long story.. i have endometrosis had a hysterctomy,had a repair of the vag. cuff, had a repair of a cyctocele and grade 3 rectocele now i found a "lump" on the outside of the right side.. ( i only have my right ovary) i have a lot of bloating,gas,indigestion..and right sided pain that runs down my leg.. i noticed i'm having a browish-red discharge and i'm freeked out!! are theses connected???? my g-ma had ovarian cancer and died at 55. so this runs in my family!!
Avatar n tn Hi I noticed a small lump on left side of clit about a week ago, then another appeared on top of clit and started to get bigger and now very sore, i took some anti biotics but still very painfull was waiting till monday to get app with gp but wondering if this is the same as others are describing? i have had like boils and sweat spots on inside of leg before but never inside the lip this is just big and inflammed like a 'skittle' but not puss or bloody. any ideas?
Avatar f tn It started with a lump between the opening of the vag and leg (almost right where my underwear sits). I thought it was an ingrown hair at first as I have had those in the past. The lump was painful to the touch and seemed to feel as if it was full of fluid but it was not directly under the skin, seemed more "internal" if that makes sense. If it would have been closer to the skin then I would have tried to puncture and drain it.
Avatar f tn It's gettin on my nerves I just want my period to come
Avatar n tn ok i have bumps on my vag where my hair is and they dont itch or anything. they may be from shaving or zits possibly. i need to get checked cuz im scared i have herpes. I think this because they are on my bum also. it is embarassing. am i in trouble???
Avatar n tn I am sitting here post abdominal surgery, by oncolo-gyn, for complex cysts on an ovary that was supposed to have been removed in 2004 during a complete vag. hysterectomy. According to blood work in 2007 I was never in menopause. Following surgery in 2004 I also developed hyperthyroidism(Graves). I am still awaiting official path report from latest surgery. I am thankful that so far there does not seem to be an indication of cancer.
Avatar f tn 2 weeks later i went to see another OB to get her opinion on the stitching and that was another BIG mistake cause she ended up being so forceful on checking me down there that she pulled open a stitch on the inside edge of my vagina. I never healed from that and was in pain months later. 5 wks ago another OB did a repair on me and i can't say i'm positive things will work out this time because my perineum is so puffy and big and seems to start alot earlier than it did before.
Avatar f tn For the past two to three months I've had a small hard knot in the perianal region, midway between vag. and rect. opening, slightly off center to my right. It's never been inflamed or tender, feels like a small bead or something. Should I have it looked at, and by whom (dermatologist/gynecologist/oncologist/etc.), or should I just keep an eye on it, and seek help if it enlarges?
Avatar n tn if you think it is from shaving, it very well could be. is the lump under the skin, or on top of ????? there is a difference. if you don't want to go to the doc, just wait it out for a few days, and see what happens. It may very well go down in size.
Avatar n tn i dont no what it is but i have like this blister thing like it looks like a blister but dont no what it is and its on the left side of inner thigh like close to my vag it just happened and i got checked and im clean i dont now hat it is its scaring me
1109547 tn?1300238866 im 37 weeks, was trying the awful task of shaving the netherlands the other day... shower big mirror.. u get the pic.. anyway noticed a lump in my vagina, on the one side.. its sqishy, it doesnt hurt,, its not funny colored.. it just there.. its about the size of a small grape... what the heck could it be.. i dont remember seeing it before.. help... i did the most awful thing a googled it... not a good choice..
Avatar n tn however this morning I felt a lump and on investigation found out that it was a tampon, I'm not sure how long it has been there and am wondering if this was the obstruction and why this was nt picked up on ultrasound at time of transfer.
Avatar f tn It's a little ball right next to my clit on the left side it's like right on the crease of my vag. lip. When I first got it I remember not knowing what it was so i squeezed it and I remember a little blood coming out and it kinda hurt after that I never touched it again now that I'm older I'm kind of worried about what it is. It's not painful or bothering me in any way but I just want to know what exactly it is. I had it before I first got my period.
Avatar n tn hi may 15 i had a vag hyst, bladder suspension and A and P repair the md stated i had no muscle left so they had to suture in another area for the bladder repair the main issue right now is i feel like there is lump in my rectum all the time is this just swelling, a bowel issue ,or taking time to heal?
Avatar f tn This is a lil tmi but today I noticed my nipple has been hurting and I looked and there is like a lump its not hard but its at the bottom of my.
Avatar f tn I have lost 4 lbs ( I only weigh 113 normally). I have a appt with Fam dr tomorrow. Not sure what size the cyst is, but I can feel a lump on my left side.
Avatar f tn We know our bodies better than anyone else so get back up there and DEMAND answers. If you have a lump then something is causing the lump its that simple.
Avatar n tn grrr grrr and last night I had shooting pains on the left side of my pelvis/groin area, it was driving me crazy. Where abouts on your tummy did your doctor feel the lump? Did it hurt when he pressed on it? It hurt when the doctor pressed on the area of my ovaries, do you no if this is normal? I haven't heard back from the Gynos receptionist so I'm going to call this morning. When do you have a follow up with your Gyno?
Avatar m tn ok...i posted before about my situation unprotected vag sex with bf of almost a year...known him most of my reason to suspect he has any type of std...however, my mind went into overdrive got tested approximately 6 weeks after one episode...due to my "symptoms" and two weeks after another episode...(i couldnt wait i was a nervous wreck..still slightly am)anyway it was neg...I discussed with him...he has a dr's appt in a few weeks...
10298511 tn?1414508469 I started having painful contractions as well 4/9 at 38wk1d. Lots of pressure in my vag and butt. Sat on the toilet multiple times because it felt like I had to take a large poo. No poo, but lost my mucus plug in the toilet. I was about to go to the hospital, but mine have subsided for now.
Avatar f tn Okay so I've noticed I have a small lump near the opening of my vagina a few weeks ago I had another one but it went away. I've been tested for any stds including herpes and everything came back negative, so what could this be? Is it something that's common during pregnancy? I'm just really curious and scared to what it might be and if it might affect my baby, I am 33 weeks pregnant. .
Avatar f tn Please help me figure this out. 3 weeks ago I had protected anal and vag sex. The anal hurt and I was sore for a week or so. The vag the next day was painful also I guess due to his size. It didn't last long but I was sore after. Im allergic to laytex. I was fine for a week then I got diarrea like crazy! It caused me to have a rash that is still healing. After looking at it I thought it might have been sore open spots. Few days later I got chest tightening and difficulty breathing.
Avatar n tn pimple-like-mass, swollen labia, and all that jazz) i went to the Gyno, who couldnt tell me much but put me on an anti-biotic and sent me on my merry way. LUCKILY, my mom knew a thing or two and reccommended a HOT bath with EPSOM SALT. it worked like a charm and cleared up the pimple&pain almost instantly i really would reccomend it. regardless, almost anything is better than 'mashing' or prodding and squeezing at it because mainly that only further irritates the area.
Avatar n tn I pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed until the radiologist came off her lunch break to do my U/S and Vag U/S (an hour after my breast surgeon found the lump on my ovary). She was vile to me as a reuslt but I was seen by a specialist within a few days. People tend to acept the waiting period and yes, to a degree it is a horribly long wait but without being on their backs they forget you are even there. You have to keep ringing and doing their heads in - trust me.
Avatar f tn And march 25th started my trip to south Padre islands tx. Within the first couple days of being there on noticed 2 things. One was a large lump on my inner thigh.. the I wasn't too worried about being that I always get them and assumed it was an ingrown hair. And the other thing was I had 3 smaller pimple looking bumps spread on on the fatty top of the vagina. They went away within a day and a half but I was still worried about it.
Avatar n tn i have had all the symptoms but the pain seems to be getting worse.and something on my right side around my liver or ribcage feeld like it is throbbing? i am schedule to go to a surgeon on tue.perhaps for a laproscopy?i have no diagnosis so i am very confused.