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Avatar n tn i have a hard lump that has grown in size on my left side above my breast on my 2 nd and 3rd rib, i was told by a since the lump has been there i also have a small lump both on my neck and under my arm,doctor that it was just a rib but then told it was a lump, but not anything else, i have drenching nite sweats every niye and have breathing problems , my doctors just dont seem bothered or interested
Avatar n tn I have a small lump on my ribs under my left breast. It doesnt hurt, but i can play with, move it around slightly. It been there for a few years. Do many women have this? Should i check on it?
Avatar f tn palm sized bump or lump on left sized of my ribs under my left breast soft no pain any ideas what this could be?
Avatar f tn I have a lump near my ribs on either side, it's above my ribs they feel fairly big but not sure of this is part of my ribs or unusual?
Avatar f tn i have had this lump for almost a year, my doctor i saw in march, requested i go for an she was concerned as to what it is. i have been to scared to go for this x ray, but the lump has got bigger and is painful at times , not always. i suffer with acid reflux, and its bad no matter what i eat. i had serious thyroid problems 5 years [ago it started]. i developed graves disease and had to have orbital decompression surgery. than eye muscle surgery to both eyes.
Avatar n tn Iwent one day tothe emergency room,cause i thought that i might be having heart problems. On the left side of my chest I have a lump on the breast itself. They took exrays and told me that it was a fatty tissue. This was back in August and till this day i still got the lump and pain and know stiffness also, ontop of that i continually to get server neck pain. even though they tell me it is not a tumor i'm scared, because i have enough health problems to worrie about with my renolds sclerderma.
Avatar f tn i noticed a couple months ago that he has a lump in the middle of his chest where his ribs meet. it doesnt seem to be painful. he was on soy formula and now on lactose free milk.
Avatar f tn i have a lump under my right breast but on my ribs its brusied and its tender its about the size of a peach pit i dont feel well loss of balance a little little fevered
Avatar f tn I found a large lump on my dggs ribs today, sure it was not there before as I give her a massage around her shoulders and neck every night..
301494 tn?1259518001 I have what feels like a swollen node on my left side. It's on my ribs just above where my elbow touches my side. It's about 1.5 inches long and half as wide. It's been there for a year or more. It's easy to see and fairly hard. It is not painful. Is this a swollen lymph node? Should I worry about it?
Avatar f tn I went home until Saterday 21 when I was about to sleep I felt a lump on my left chest and that was the spot where it was hurting before and it was definitely there and it hurt. I'm not sure why maybe if my bruised rib because it still hurted to breathe before that and lay down it hurted. What is causing this Lump? Is it because of what happen to me at practice? I need answers help.
Avatar n tn I have also found a very painful lump on the left side near the bottom of my ribs. Also on that side under my breast is very sore. Anyone have any ideas?
Avatar n tn Hi im new to this, and im really worried, i found a lump in my armpit that hurts when i press it, i found it when i was nearly 6 months pregnant, i had an ultrasound scan on it and the doctor said that he thought it was just breast tissue that has develpoed under my armpit and that because i have no lumps in my breast i shouldnt worry and that it will more than likly go when im breast feeding or when ive given birth.
Avatar m tn I am a young man in my early fourty i notice a swollen on my the right side of my ribs and it getting a little bit bigger in seize so i want to know this could be because i dont have pain nor any other simptons that could make me scared or so
Avatar f tn I found a lump on my outer breast (left)...somewhat on the way to the armpit. A few days later it began to hurt. The pain goes through the breast, up the armpit and is now spreading into my rib cage. There is now some swelling in the ribcage below left breast (almost feels as though the ribs are broken). I went to a Dr. and he had me get a mammogram and ultrasound.
Avatar f tn Thanks for posting, I just found this sight on the internet, very good and compassionate people on it. Since I'm a single mother with a 11 year old son, I tend to worry about the future at every angle. you ever experience any symptoms with yours? Have you had it repaired?
Avatar f tn The area feels soft and much squishier than the same area on my right ribs. It has gotten so swollen that I can no longer feel my ribs on the left side. What could this be?
Avatar f tn I noticed this lump about 6 mos. ago. It is on the sternum and more to the left of the sternum and it is about the size of a 1/2 dollar, this lump does not move and is not painful. I for about a year now have not felt well. I have tachycardia on a daily basisand fatigue, and about every 3 weeks I experience extreme hunger feeling, body feels shakey and hot like I could pass out I usually sit down with a fan or air conditioner on high on me.
Avatar n tn I recently took my 8 year old son to the doctor because he has a lump on his rib. They did x-rays and they showed no abnormalities at all. The doctor told me that there is a notch that the end of the rib sits in and that there is tissue there. He called this an "over-growth" of tissue. He said we never would've even known it was there if he weren't as skinny as he is. I didn't push the issue, but it seems kinda strange for us to only now notice this.
1654373 tn?1301965368 I have had a lump on my rib cage for some time now .I was told by several Physicians over the years it was my rib,it was fatty tissue,it was cyst.Well now its growing and growing ,burns like fire.I have sharp pains in waves through my guts. Anyone had any symptoms as this .What kind of Dr do I see .Going to a heart Dr this week should I mention it too him? Please help....Scared......
504000 tn?1242504393 Hi girls as u know i just had my baby last week and i noticed when he cries that he has this little lump that pops out by the side of his ribs...he has a dr appt tomorrow but its making me very nervous. has anyone seen anything like this on there new born? someone told me it may be a muscle that is still developing. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you so much!
518733 tn?1333020615 i keep feeling it very hard to bend over or do anything that means pushing up on my ribs! i can feel a lump there and i thort it might be the baby, but i wasnt sure if she was that big yet, i no she is laying head down and i feel kicks pritty high! is she big enough to reach there yet though im 24 weeks, has any one else felt this?
Avatar n tn I have a hard, "jelly bean sized", firm, non-movable lump on left side of my sternum, right between my breasts. I've had no injury to the area, it is not discolored & have had this bump for a couple of years. During a mammogram a couple years ago, a "marker" was placed over this area, however the marker moves with my skin, and since the lump is fixed on my sternum, it doesn't show in a mammography.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I jerk back upright the pain is that bad and its still there. Right under my ribs on the left side. I feel a lump there and if I push on it it goes away a short while later. I've been wondering if I could have a hernia that high up.