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Avatar n tn It bled a lot but i just put a plaster / band aid on it till it healed. Ive lived with a big lump on my knuckle for all this time and feel i want it removing now as people have commented on it. Plus when im showing my wedding rings off im embarrassed about its 'witch' like appearance. It aches at times also, so think ill brave the doctors. Think its just scare tissue, and because its on a joint, my body has over compensated and over protected to area with a lot of extra tissue.
Avatar n tn I have done the same on my knuckle on my middle finger, got the thorn out but it's still red and quite painful, not sure if the thorn touched the bone,not sure how long to leave it before I seek help.
Avatar m tn I'm 57 and developed arthritis in the last few months. My right pinkie finger has swollen to the point that it looks and feels like it's broken. It's the middle joint between the hand knuckle and the nail knuckle. There's now a lump or "knob" where it feels broken. I even have to be careful drying my hands because if I forget to "guard" the joint and bend or twist the finger accidentally, it's very painful.
Avatar f tn i have a hard cyst like bump on top of my middle knuckle on pointer finger it seems attatched but not sure its a little painful to bend at that joint its getting bigger each time it comes back this is the third time i've just ignored it now i'm getting nervous since father had passed away of cancer. I'm 25 y/o female and have had no trauma to that finger .
Avatar f tn Last year I had a mild sprain on middle finger on soft tissue/pip joint which I did not splint/buddy taped.In time the sprain healed ok, in august this year I noticed a small rubbery lump on the side of the finger (near pip joint/towards the ring finger). I rubbed the lump&stretched the finger which caused the swelling&possibly reinjury.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a small lump on the knuckle in the middle of my left 3rd finger and another small lump on the knuckle on the end of my index finger. I have always been organizing many things and writing labels on boxes and am also a guitarist.
Avatar m tn s any fracture. The lump you describe may be due to a soft tissue injury. In case of a knuckle joint, cartilage is present as one of the soft tissue. This is the same tissue that sometimes makes a popping sound when someone presses their fingers. There is a possibility that there was some damage to the cartilage tissue during the fall, which may cause the lump formation. As you haven't shared the X-ray report, it is difficult to say anything conclusively.
Avatar n tn It is right above the knuckle joint. It is white in the center and has a ring of dark (red) around it. I thought it looked like a planters wart. I bought some wart remover from drug store. After a couple of days when I took the bandage off as per directions. It was white around it and the center was a hole. Didn't have any drainage. Don't remember any strong odor. Wasn't sure if that was good or not so I didn't use it again. Now its even more painful.
Avatar n tn I have a lump on my thumb at the first knuckle that appeared within a few hours from when I noticed it about the size of a tip of a pencil. two days later a second one appeared right in front of it but slightly smaller. I went to a hand specialist and was told that I have arthritis in that joint and those are bone spurs. He didn't even flinch when I told him it popped up within a day and told me that removing them would make my arthritis worse.
Avatar f tn I can't remember exactly how I did it, but about a month or 6 weeks ago, I cut or burnt my hand - on my thumb, between the knuckle closest to the palm and the next. It healed badly at first and developed into a lump, and then I thought it had gone hard like a wart - I'd had warts on my fingers before, and thought it was like those - so treated it as such with a topical treatment - but the lump didn't go and the wound just came back and was red.
Avatar f tn Hi, This happened to me 2 years ago and I had surgery to repair the tear. However, the ligament snapped recently and I had swelling on top of my knuckle and at the side, whicg sounds similar to you, I have just had surgery again to repair the ligament, have the swelling cut away and I have also had the joint wired for 6 weeks to prevent me from moving it. I would advise that you try to get another opinion. Do not leave it as it will not get better and if anything it will only get worse.
Avatar m tn Back in September, I received a boxer's fracture on the 5th metacarpal of my right hand. The bone healed with a downward angulation, so I got surgery (an osteotomy) to get the bone cut and realigned with a metal plate. That's all well and good. Now onto the question... It's about 5 weeks post-op, and I've noticed that at one end of the scar, which runs along the length of the outside of my hand, there is a large lump under the skin that has not gone away.
Avatar f tn Now bruising has gone down and still a little bit swollen. But when i move around my index finger and put pressure on the joint, it hurts. May i have fractured the knuckle?
Avatar f tn Now bruising has gone down and still a little bit swollen. But when i move around my index finger and put pressure on the joint, it hurts. May i have fractured the knuckle?
Avatar n tn I recently shook hands with someone and felt an excruiating pain as if the tendon or a ligament burst near the mid knuckle or joint on the underside of my right middle finger. It produced a sharp pain and then a noticeable swelling on the bottom of that finger. I applied ice when I got home and the swelling subsided. Since then whenever I shake hands or grasp something tightly the same thing happens.
Avatar f tn I also have a small pea size hard lump on my hand just below the lowest joint on that finger. Not sure if this is at all related. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Avatar m tn What was done was I was first frozen with some spray and then injected with something right below the finger in the middle on the palm side. Then frozen on the PIP joint knuckle side and injected right in the knuckle. That one hurt the worse and so did the freezing there which really burned because there was a cut there. After that doctor came in and did reduction. Is this normal or even a standard practice?
2191761 tn?1338284458 Stop pressing on the lump! Let it heal. If it doesn't go away after a while, see your doctor. Also, don't punch walls!!! This post was sent using humor. I stand by my advice though!
Avatar m tn i was using a hammer and chistle at work when the hamer struck the side of my index finger between the knuckle and joint. i didnt hit it that hard but after i did i felt this swell inside my finger that when i felt it it felt like something floating or moving inside under the skin. this happened a week ago and i dont feel any pain but this feeling something floating inside is still there. is this normal swelling from trauma that will go away or did i break or injure something?
Avatar n tn t grasp things without it hurting, steering my car, etc. I see that the palm, right at the knuckle is swollen and that there is a hard bulge present that is not on my other hand. What could be the cause? Bone fragment? Tendon? Cyst??? I can't imagine it being a cyst as it was the result of a fall. It's odd that there is such a large lump. It's not in my dominant hand so that's a good thing.
Avatar m tn possibly a that involved the interphalangeal joint (knuckle). I would recommend xrays to aid in diagnosis. If it is non-displaced, rest, anti-inflammatories, splinting would help. Intra-articular fractures ( in the joint fractures) that are displaced, if left untreated, can lead to early arthritic changes. Strongly recommend orthopaedic evaluation....!
Avatar n tn It has stayed purple/red on my knuckle, swollen and very sore since the day I cut it open. I can bend my knuckle but it is painful. I am concered because of the discoloration. Could there be a infection or septic joint?
Avatar f tn I have been taking Arimidex for 13 months (having previously taken Tamoxifen for six months). I have had a lot of joint pain. Now the knuckle joint of my little fingers on both hands don't seem to be working correctly. Especially the right one, when I bend the finger it seems that there is a catch in the knuckle and then the finger springs, like a hinge. I am worrying that my joints are actually being damaged by the Arimidex.
Avatar f tn I dislocated my pinky finger playing sport over a week ago. It stuck out at a 90 degree angle away from my hand at the middle knuckle. I immediately grabbed my hand and it popped back in. I went to emergency and got an xray and they said I was lucky not to have broken it but it was fine. They buddy taped my fingers together and said in 2 weeks I would be good again. It is nearly 2 weeks later and the finger is still a bit sore and the knuckle is super unstable but overall heaps better.