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Avatar f tn I have a small lump about the size of a pea on my forearm about 4 inches from my elbow. It is very sore to the touch. Any ideal what this could be?
Avatar n tn Ok I am a 21 year old female, I just had a baby (shes 6 months old) I just noticed this tender lump on my left forearm, it feels kind of warm to the touch, also I have been having this fluttering feeling in my chest it freaks me out!! I havent gone to the doctor yet because I am nervous that something is really wrong with me and if I do go and its nothing I dont want to feel stupid. Does ANYONE know what this can be?
Avatar m tn I just found a lump on my left forearm, about an inch above my wrist. It's about 1.5 inches long, oblong, flat on top, and painless. It feels rubbery with a softer spot in the center, where I notice it looks a bit yellow or pale, and I can move it slightly. I'm making an appointment with my doctor, but would be grateful for any insight or impressions. It seemed to appear suddenly...unless I somehow missed it, which is unlikely.
Avatar f tn my husband has a smooth painless lump on his forearm above the wrist to the right side. you can't notice the bump unless you look deeply but when i touch it you feel it and it's not hard at all. what is this?
Avatar m tn I have a lump on the ouside of my forearm. Looked like a pimple but could never get anything out of it. Now it is a golf ball sime lump that is very red and painful if itgets hit or push on it. I have benn on antibiotics for four days 500mg 3times a day and no change. skin is starting to shed off the lump.
Avatar m tn I fell and hit my forearm on the corner of a wall and it grew a lump the size of baseball. I put ice on it the first few hours. What do you recommend now to care for it.
Avatar f tn Hi, I've had a lump on my forearm between my elbow and wrist for over a year now. It doesn't seem to be getting any bigger and when I first got it my intern doct. told me not to worry about it. It seems to be able to be moved around and looks horrible. What type of doctor should I go see about it? I think I would like it removed. Who should I call.
Avatar f tn I also have a lump on the lower right forearm. About a year and a half ago, I had an open worker's comp case. Doctors did everything they could to rule out carpal tunnel syndrome. Not one to push, I let the case close. Occasionally, my right hand goes very numb and cold, and the lump will ache. I saw my regular doctor after the wc case closed and he wasn't very helpful either. My situation is very frustrating. I have given up hope of someone telling me what's really wrong.
Avatar f tn I had basel cell carcinoma on my forehead nearly 5 years ago and im kind of worried. The lump on my arm is about a cm big (not itchy) and i can feel a small lump under the skin near it but no redness on that.
Avatar f tn I have a lump on my left forearm that measure 2.5 cm across and is an irregular shape. I noticed it about a month ago and it has gotten larger. There is absolutely no pain in the area but it is noticeable. My MD thought it was a cyst, but the ultrasound did not show a cyst. Someone said that it could be a Sarcoma. What should my next step be?
Avatar f tn I had a lump in my forearm for about five weeks. I've been monitoring it for the past couple of weeks for growth. I just grabbed the skin around the lump to measure it and I felt it rupture. The lump is now gone. Should I be concerned?
904630 tn?1242335090 My boyfriend is 25 years old, and he has a lump/bump/whatever on his left forearm about 2 inches long maybe, and maybe 1.5 cm in width. He says it hurts when you press on it, and at first I assumed it was cancer and started freaking out, but my friend is telling me it's possibly a cyst or a plugged lymph node. I'm pretty sure it's too big to be a cyst, but I'm not sure. We first discovered this lump about 3-4 months ago, and I think it's increased in size a tiny bit since then.
Avatar m tn After lifting weights I developed a small pea-sized lump in a vein in my forearm. It's tender to the touch and feels like a knot. Do you think it's a blood clot? Is this something I should be concerned about? The area is not hot.
Avatar f tn Seeking advice. I found a lump in my forearm a little over a week ago. The lump is located (palm-side up) about 2-3 inches below my elbow (pinky side). The lump feels like a bb and its tender. At first there was some swelling, but it appears to have gone down and its not as tender. Last Saturday I went to an Urgent Care clinic and the PA took an x-ray and she said that the x-ray showed a reaction - but the bone was healthy.
Avatar n tn i am 22 year male and have noticed a lump in my left forearm it does not hurt itch or anyhting its just there. does not seem to grow or shrink. and i have gain some weight over the past few years to try and get inot a healthy wight rannge. i am just wondering if maybe it could be canerous? ANY answers are fine i am not one to worry heavily on one please anyhting that it maybe or might become is what im looking for. thanks.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a small lump, about size of your baby finger nail, on my forearm, it appeared 2 weeks ago very tender, it is no longer tender but it hasn't changed its size or location. I am highly concerned about it. Its not movable, and has not grown. Wondering what it could be and what would classify it as a more serious lump ?? Any info would help !!
252440 tn?1189759431 I notice on the same arm that my veins look a little swollen and that there was a lump on my vein just under the skin. I am on heavy pain killers from a back injury and I'm not sure if that may be the caused since I been on the medication for over a year now. It doesnt hurt when I touch it but it aches pretty bad. Its not sore it just aches.Can someone help.
1327760 tn?1274995226 Ok, this small firm lump showed up on my forearm one day...I thought it was a bug bite or ingrown hair or something so I waited for it to go away on its own, but it didn't change or leave. So I went to my doctor, she didn't know what it was so she sent me to get an ultrasound. After looking at the lump for a while the ultrasound tech said he's been doing this for 17 years and he hasn't ever seen anything like it.
Avatar f tn About 8 mos ago i noticed a lump coming up on my right forearm.the lump has grown in size and is noticable now to others. It doesnt pain when it is touched or pushed on. it feels like jello when you push down on it..It is now about the size a half dollar maybe a little bigger...what should i do..scared to death to go to the doctor..
Avatar f tn I noticed about a week ago that I had a hard, pea sized lump on my inner forearm. A day later a small bruise appeared next to it. However, the bruise started out in the ugly yellow fading staging and was gone in 2 days. The bump is still there and feels as though it is attached to muscle or tendon. I am not able to move it and there is no real pain. Any ideas as to what this could be?
Avatar n tn Hi doctor, For 3 weeks now I feel that I have a pimple-under-the-skin on my right forearm. When I thouch I can feel something hard and it's painful. I thought it would go but it doesnt seem to. Now I think it might be a lump or something. What should I do? Any medecine for that? Thanks a lot.
Avatar n tn I have a round rash on my forearm, this is what i know: - It started as a small lump under my skin, i could feel it and press against it. - It evolved a very tiny pimple exactly on and around a hair folicle in my forearm. - Ive had psoriasis in the past. - My skin has been very dry, even my face, i dont think ive drank more than 10 glasses of water for the last 2 weeks (yes soda, beer, flavoured drinks, but not much). - The weather has been extremely dry and cool for the last month or so.