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Avatar m tn If you haven't already, I would get another opinion from another vet. Our kitty had a lump on his tail too awhile back near the base of his tail. The lump turned out to be a beneign cyst, so the lump is not necessarily a tumor and there was no surgery involved in the case of our kitty. I hope you find my suggestion helpful for your dear Sammy the cat.
Avatar m tn and thats when i noticed the little scabs on his back, and then a big lump on his chest area. a bit bigger than an inch. my cat weighs 11 pounds. and well could that be from a cat fight?? i didnt notice any blood or a wound of any kind.... however it was hurting him so i didnt move the hair around i'm mad that the vet didtn find it yesterday. he hasn't been outside for days, and that couldnt have appeared over night could it?? please help me and my lovey fatts...
Avatar m tn Pretty expensive just to clip your cats nails. Plus they will grow back, as I cut my indoor cat's nails regularly. There are also books you can find at Amazon or Barnes and Nobles on ferals, such as Feral Cat Rescue: Tips and Techniques for Caregivers by Casey Wright. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Went and saw a different doctor about the lump on the back of my head about a week back. Just wanted to update everyone on what he said and maybe able to relieve some stress if you have the same problem. Felt the area and listened to my complaint... Ran a blood test and everything looked normal. I have had 4 sinus infections/colds this winter so he contributed it to a swollen lymph node. He said these can last up to 3 to 4 months and can be very painful.
6755894 tn?1384466098 I think it is a rodent ulcer and we've already changed his bowls to ceramic instead of plastic. He's also going back on his old (healthier) diet. If this does not resolve the issue then we'll take him to the vet.
Avatar f tn So yesterday we noticed that he has a huge squishy lump on his head. Right on top. It looks exactly like a abscess before being drained. But here's the kicker...there's not sign of trauma on or around the lump. No bites/punctures wounds, no scratch marks..nothing. Just a lump with no signs of how it got there. The only thing I'm thinking it could be is an abscess that came from something he came in contact with (not an injury) and has manifested itself on his noggin. Soooo...
Avatar f tn Izzy's lump disappeared over the Christmas break and all signs of a sarcoma were gone. However, on Friday morning while petting her, I found another lump on her neck, but this time in the centre of her shoulder blades. So the location has changed, approx an inch over from the last one. It appears to have reduced in size this morning, but not to a degree where I'm comfortable with thinking it's 'nothing'. I saw my vet Friday morning and they have given me a referral to see an oncologist.
Avatar m tn My cat has a lump on the end of her tail also, she's 13. She doesn't act sick at all and the lump doesn't seem to hurt her or bother her when I pressed down on it, although she didn't particularly like me messing with her tail right there either. I don't know what to do. Taking her to the vet is a last resort, it can cause more damage than good to her at this point in her life.
425300 tn?1203627148 A product called Nzymes Ox-e-drops. You can find it on the internet. My Great Dane was diagnosed with animal papiloma on his nose, my vet said to leave it alone, but it kept getting bigger and bigger. I just felt something might be able to help him and went on line. Well I got a bottle of Nzymes at an pet store, you might have to call around or the website was able to to tell me who carried it in my area.
203342 tn?1328740807 I may ask the vet on this site. I sure need a second or third opinion. Here's the deal, the pathology report came back and it definitely looks like sarcoma cancer because of the atypical cells. There's inflamation around the lump but they believe because the lump is so firm that's another reason to believe this is cancer.
2216535 tn?1339412493 You can manage any discomfort by giving the cat feline pain killers, restricting its exercise, preventing licking and placing cold compresses on the lump. In severe cases, your vet may insert a needle into the swollen sac to remove some of the fluid and relieve some of the pressure and pain, however, this is seldom necessary, rarely works for long (the fluid often refills in time) and does run the risk of introducing bacteria into a sterile, protein-filled site and setting up an abscess.
Avatar m tn Last week I felt a lump a little bigger than 1 inch in the middle of my cat's chest. Lump being a lump the first thing I thought of was that it was a nodule, so I took him to the vet. The vet took some x-rays and blood samples and the xray showed no shadow in the area of the lump.
Avatar n tn One day not so long ago I discovered a small lump under my cat's chin on the left side, just behind the jaw bone. I monitored it for several weeks and it didn't grow or seem troublesome at all to Chuck. About 8 weeks after initially noticing the small lump, I took Chuck in for teeth cleaning and it ended up including 3 extractions, one extraction was in close proximity to the lump under his chin.
Avatar n tn I need to find out how to look after a hair cycst on the back of a cat's ear. Like how to clean it without causing it to bleed and to get the cat to stop cleaning or trying to clean it as she makes it bleed. She won't tolerate a collar. She's 17 yrs. of age and has a slight heart murmur. I need some type of answer to this.
Avatar n tn We soak it several times per week. The lesion below his anus is a red lump covered by blackish plaque. Our kitty wears a collar all the time now (consistent wear for 1 + month at this point). When we removed it, he licked both areas to bloody. Our vet has quoted us $2000 for a biopsy to ascertain the nature of the lesion, which we can't afford. $500 worth of blood lab work reveals no abnormality. Urinalysis shows crystals.
Avatar n tn I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and salt water. It's a hole like a pimple. It's a lump too. Only blood was on the qtip, nothing yellow. I checked his teeth, they all look ok. I can't see under his tongue. He's been acting normally, eating hard and soft food, going to the bathroom, etc.
Avatar f tn Besides those incedents, I have had two surgeries on both wrist for carpal tunnel, an ulna nerve release on both elbows, on transpose of the nerve on the right and two on the left. I have had a right inguinal hernia repair. A right inguinal abscess drained. Some of these surgeries have had unwanted side effects. My most noticable was after a laft sural nerve biopsy. It has left me with little to no sensation in my left foot. It is like it is permanently a sleep.
Avatar n tn It's just above her left collarbone, an enlarged lymph node. Biopsy said it was *not* lymphoma, but breast cancer. Not one single scan (MRI's, CAT's, PET's) have shown cancer *anywhere*, other than this one lymph node, as well as a few smaller scattered ones in her left neck, chest, & abdomen She did chemo last yr, & did fairly well until the last 2 mos, when she had awful bladder pain, frequent urination, etc. A urologist worked w/ her oncologist & took care of it.
Avatar n tn To answer some of your questions, There is no sign of a scratch The lump can be moved around it feels on the soft side. I called the vet again today and she made me feel like I was crazy, so I am anxiusly awaiting the new vets opinion. Again Thanks for your advice.
1206168 tn?1280370831 Water behind the ears or something, past heavy chest breathing, feels like lump in throat, past deep congestion, mucus back up, nose drainage. Feels like rice crispy pops in my head or ears on top of my head and side headaches with pressure. Throat feels like it is in dormant with on/off flare ups. Could it be a parasite in the brain. No medication has worked if it is a deep congestion issue.
1142551 tn?1264740530 my daughter is two and she has Myosistis and she gets the rash like ur talking about and then cant walk very well for awhile and is in pain due to her age i cant give her pain meds much the rash start out as small bumps red then get hard and lumpy under the skin ahs is evry itchy with this she gets them on her tummy feet ankles and butt lasts about 2 1/2 weeks then gose away and comes back dont know if its the same as what u all are haveing but i do have MS and she has MD myosistis and hi
Avatar f tn I am going to explain everything here just so whoever is reading this can have a general idea of what's been going on. Maybe it's all linked together, maybe my cat is just having some bad luck. About 3-4 months ago my cat Jasmine came inside with a bloody nose. I took her in, the vet said that it looks like someone "clawed her good" there was a lump on her nose and I asked him about it. He pushed on it, squeezed it and claimed that it was scar tissue from it trying to heal.
Avatar n tn since he's been back he is eating,drinking and going to the bathroom fine but he has a huge bump/lump on the top of his back. when i pet him he growls just over that area. last night i tried to pop the abcess and it worked. about 2 cups full of stinky pinkish colored pus came out and i think i drained it all the bump is gone. he was in so much pain while i did it. anyway i cant afford to go to the vet and thia morning he has like a open gash about the size of a dime.
134578 tn?1546634665 It sounded unfortunately like he had a mouse cornered somewhere, so after trying to go back to sleep in hopes it wasn't true, I turned on the light, and he was sitting and staring at my reading pillow on the floor right by the bed, and occasionally reaching under it. This was not good. I slowly began to pick up everything else around the pillow (one slipper -- the other slipper -- the little deco pillow that is tiny -- the deco pillow that's medium sized ...
1301089 tn?1290670171 My pets have always been very dear to me. I still get a lump in my throat even now when I think back on sending my kitty Smutty and my dog Trooper over the bridge. But once I got to the point where the pain really isolated me, they all became even more dear to me. Trooper never left my side as my dog Belle does now. Trooper even growled at my husband one night when my husband was going ballistic because I couldn't clean the house like I used to.
Avatar f tn I've put warm compresses on her head and next to her body. There is a lump on the side around her stomach area. If we stroke her she purrs and has been purring and making sounds like she used to. She doesn't seem to be in pain, no yowling. She has opened the eye which she was bleeding out a little. Now it remains shut. From what I could see is that there is a scratch on the white eye covering. Is it possible to realign the jaw by ourselves? Should I just let her be?
Avatar f tn A lump on the side of my head has dissolved, and a lump at the tip of my sternum has also dissolved. Angiogenisis was taking place near the lump on my sternum and the veins are disappearing now. Looks like I caught things just in time. However, there is more to this. At the same time these herbs were killing the sexually transmitted mycos, floaters that I have seen since I was 11 or 12 years old disappeared. I watched the last one in my right eye.