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Avatar m tn on inside of my left knee. It's hard, could possibly be a bone, but it isn't painful when I push it in. When is does come out though, it is an odd sensation, especially when I bend my knee. It only seem to appear after a period of exercises. Any suggestions? I will be seen a doctor about it, as I would like to solve this asap.
Avatar f tn I have got a hard lump on my knee cap feels thats hard it like a bone there is redness but i think that from me touching it when i realised its their and its sore my other knee dont have it ...??
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a lump under my collar bone, more towards my shoulder. It has been there for about a month and doesn't seem to be going away. I does not hurt. What could this be?
Avatar m tn i went to the orthopedic today about a lump on my right knee at the side..i had an x ray but all he said was it could be my cartlidge an he,ll send me for an mri scan.he gave me no more info n now im even more confused about it.
Avatar f tn On my left knee just below the the prostisis is a lump. I am wondering if it is the bone or if it could be the prostetic. I have a lot of pain in both my knees. Also I had them replaced in Washington state. I now live in Missouri but can't find a doctor that will even look at them. they tell me I have to go back to the dr that replaced them. How do I find a dr. to help me out?
Avatar n tn i have a big lump on my top pubic vagina bone the lump is about a two piece big and it moves when touched what shall i do has anyone else had this please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn I was tested for knee cancer too once believe it or not! My symptoms were swelling and a hole/shadow in the bone (showed up on X-ray). There are also lots of benign lumps and bumps but you need to see someone to find out for sure. Take care.
Avatar n tn Should I be satisfied with this diagnosis? I guess I was just scared because the lump below my color bone is hard and fixed!
Avatar f tn I am a 45 year old female and I have a fairly good sized hard bony lump below my knee cap. I have had it for 3 months and it is now starting to become tender when i touch it. I haven't had any injuries. Any ideas of what it could be?
Avatar n tn The lump on her breast is sounding like early thelarche rather than a lump, this sounds like breast tissue, bone on one side is not unusual and the main goal is to rule out early puberty, so a bone age is sometimes helpful but NOT in a 2 yo. At age 2 and younger it is best to get a bone age of the knee rather than the wrist which we get in children over 2, even that is hard to interpret.So do not let the bone age alone make you panic.
Avatar f tn If this is the case, you've probably bruised the bone which can be very painful and take a long time to heal - you may also find when it does heal that there's a slight dent or lump in the bone at the point of impact.
Avatar m tn On wed pm noticed a firm lump acrooan are of about1 inch just below the knee. This enlarged over night such that it protuded about 1/2 inch. No pain; not tender and felt like bone. Activity no bother unless I lunge or put sudden body wt pressure when again discomfort. I suspect I've caused some minor tssue damage and the swelling is fluid/blood but no bruisng as yet, Puzzled that it took 4 days before the lump appeared. Saw a nurse (couldn't get to see a doctor).
Avatar f tn I had acl surgery on the 1st of May - After surgery come to fing I had two tears on my right knee the right side tear went right down to bone where a cyst was . Now still 2 months I am in horrible pain and so far every week fluid is drawn from the knee - and right after it is drawn it fills right back up - Not only that I have a lump right where the incision is and it looks like the cyst is back - I really dont get an answers from Dr.
Avatar n tn There was a lump sticking out of my knee. I went to the dr. and he said it was fluid under the knee cap pushing the bone out. There was nothing he could do. Take Ibuprofen and take it easy. How long should I wait before getting a second opinion. The lump is a bone protuding about half an inch on the outside. It doesn't hurt all the time after I walk on it for awhile it aches. I am 26 years old. I don't want to be hurting my knee by walking on it.
Avatar f tn This pain leads to the feeling of something being placed within my joint like a wooden block that restricts me from straightening my leg. As i straighten my knee i can feel the lump deep inside the joint. Along with this i have begun to experience strange episodes of my joint swelling, numbing, stinging and going extremely red and hot. This only last for minutes but it seems to happen on both joints regularly. I have been on Prednisilone (steroids) for over 15 years now.
Avatar f tn I started having tenderness in my left pubic bone 2 months ago which within a few days got really bad, it then calmed down after two days and i started getting pain in my left knee, it then staryed to go numb and tingly all down my left knee. I went back and forth from doctors fightened it was something sinister. I had several blood tests including clotting, esr and crp, all come back normal including fbc. I have had 2 transvaginal scans, a kidney scan and a sigmoidoscopy.
Avatar f tn my right knee has a lump protruding from the outer side. When I bend it it feels like a rubber band wants snap, also this is when the lump is most prominent. What could it be? How can I help it other than just icing it?
Avatar f tn I had total hip relacement in February 2008. I now have bone chips that have adheared to my new hip. My doctor said my body formed these bone chips. Is this possible? When I had my other hip replaced, I went for radiation on my new hip so as to not get bone chips on that new hip.
Avatar n tn Hi. It will be hard to tell exactly whether the lump on your outer thigh near the knee is benign or malignant. There are so many benign tumors of soft tissue origin. Examples of benign condition are lipoma and fibroma. Likewise, there are also many malignant tumors of soft tissue origin. In order to differentiate the two, there may be a need to do a biopsy. I agree with your decision to seek consult with your doctor. Take care.
Avatar m tn My doc took xrays and can't believe I can play tennis with bone on bone on left knee, but it this pain in my right that is bothering me. He suggested cortisone or synovial fluid type injections, but I don't want them. My previous experience with cortisone shots is that they hurt a lot without results. He resorted to taping my knee to see if that helps.
Avatar n tn I have a hard lump near the bone on my lower leg about half way between the knee and ankle. I discovered it putting on socks. It does not hurt and can be moved around under the skin. It is very hard, like bone. I researched bone spurs, but did not find any reference to spurs on that part of the body. Also, it does not seem to be attached to the bone. I am 58 years old and borderline for osteoporosis, but do not have it as yet. Is this a symptom of that?
Avatar f tn When I press on it, it feels like a deep bruise and my thigh and knee have been very sore lately. Not bone sore, but like a muscle tugging sore. Can anyone give me any input?
Avatar n tn Without any further description, the EMT put his finger right on the lump and told me I had arthritis of the hyoid bone. He gave me some anti-inflamaty drugs. While I was relieved that the EMT recognized my symptoms, I have occasional doubts that something more serious is going on. It really helps me to have you all reporting the same symptoms and concluding its the hyoid bone. I never had any trauma to the neck.
Avatar n tn My Gynecologist says it normal, WHAT????????????!!!!!!!!! It's not normal for a female to have a LARGE bone sticking out! Believe me, you would not want to be me.... There has to be a surgical proceedure to reduce the bone there, so we can feel like women again. See below... when i started discovering my body as a young girl, i realized something different from everyone elses. my vagina looks really bony. when i lay down flat, my pelvic bone is protruding out.
Avatar f tn The lump is extremely warm and hard. the lump is not directly on my knee, but about two inches below my knee cap. Because I am continually on my knees the pain has not let up. Could anyone shed some light on what this might be? and how to treat this?> thank you for some information that might a clue to my symptoms. I am Female 6ft tall 21, will be 22 in a few weeks.
Avatar f tn There's nothing else that I've done recently that could have injured it. The knee was injured when I was 16. It jammed hard; a chip of bone was pulled away by a ligament. That was deep in the knee. This injury feel like it's on the skin. I don't think they're related. Who knows. I'll stop doing squats for now. If I ever begin squats again (I love them) won't do them so deeply any more. For now I'll use ibuprofen and straight leg lifts with no weight.
Avatar f tn But i don't feel a lump. Does that already cross out bone cancer? or i don't feel the lump because its small or something? i haven't done any lab tests thanks to the doctors i have seen. Any tips on how i can get a doctor to actually listen to me? Thanks so much!