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Avatar m tn The vet took some x-rays and blood samples and the xray showed no shadow in the area of the lump. However; it did show a fractured xiphoid process, which deviated outwards and stood apart from the rest of the septum (but not separated-so the tissue connecting it to the main bone is still intact) The vet said there was no need for any treatment in my cat's situation but I am a little wary still.
Avatar f tn 5 years ago my 3 year old jumped on my chest and hit me with her knee right in the xiphoid process. My dr. did a diagnosis just on physical exam, no treatment. Have always had a lump from it and slight discomfort. For the past month I have had dramatic changes: constant moderate pain, the lump has tripled in size, great deal of pain when I wear a bra, nasuea all the time, accassional vomiting, I have had no other injury and I have not changed my routine in any way.
Avatar n tn after a quick exam, my gastro doc informed me that there is inflammation in the xiphoid process. As I never heard of this I appreciate the questions/answers offered here. Thanks. I had my gallbladder removed in December and for 3 months afterwards I felt as though I had tape wrapped around my ribs under my breasts. A month ago this feeling returned along with intermittent & noticeable swelling of the cartilage.
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Avatar f tn For the past couple of months I've noticed a lump in my center upper abdomen that bulges out when I lay down or recline. It sometimes rises up and bulges out of my skin for a few seconds, then drops back down. It is not painful, even when I press on it. Today I noticed that when I lay down and press on the area, I can slightly feel it even when it isn't bulging. I've had problems with nausea the past couple of months as well.
Avatar m tn Hey Guys, For about 5 months I have had a Lump below my sternum seems to be exactly where the Xiphoid process is. Sometimes when I bend down or bend over it will feel out of place. Never really worries me and does not seem to be getting bigger, and does not hurt when touched. If i stick my chest out you can see it. Can this cause me any problems, is it something I should worry about? When i lie down on my side the lump moves more to the side that I lay on, is that normal?
Avatar n tn , so I think it's my xiphoid process (where the cartilage of the ribs joins together)...I guess that would explain why it beats?
Avatar n tn I went o to the doctor, and he told me that it's not a lump on my xiphoid process. It IS my xiphoid process. He said it's off to one side because people aren't necessarily perfectly symmetrical.That doesn't explain why it's uncomfortable.
Avatar m tn I have a lump about half the size of a golf ball in the middle of my chest where my sternum/xiphoid process is. (I believe) It is painful to touch, I can see the bulge through my skin and it can be pushed in and moves a little. Do you have any opinions on what this is and if it should be a concern or not. I also have fibrocystic disease, but don't think it is related in any way to this.
Avatar n tn The growth is right underneath my ribcage, and a little to the right where my xiphoid process should be. I've had a medical professional look at it [you can't really see it, so I should say the doctor felt it], and she said it was too high in my abdomen to be a lymph node and too hard to be a cyst. I can feel it when I touch that area, and it does not move around when I do touch it.
Avatar n tn Hi, My husband has been diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis B four years ago. His father just died of liver cancer that time because if Hep B, and himself and his siblings got tested for the virus. He was the only one who tested positive and although he just got tested, he probably had the virus since he was a child. He has a gastroenterologist who placed him on a combination treatment of two know Hepatitis B drugs - Baraclude and Hepsera.
Avatar n tn I couldn't figure out why I was vomiting - thought it was food poisoning. I have ruled that out. I just recently discoverd the xiphoid process lump just beneath my sternum and now I'm connecting the two.
Avatar n tn Also, the dr did shave down the xiphoid process so it wouldnt protrude after the tummy tuck, in case that is relevant. But that is a few inches above i believe. If you have any ideas or if you think it might be fixable, I'd appreciate any input. I will see my surgeon on thursday. By the way, my original bypass surgeon is the one who did my latest surgery as well. He is very experienced. I hate that this lump is there! Thanks so much in advance!
Avatar m tn Yeah its a harder lump at the end of the xiphoid process. I was told that may be what it is, just the process itself, but I have my doubts. It is below the skin, not a skin tag.
Avatar f tn He is losing weight, and has a lump on his lower sternum, which I believe may be his xiphoid process but not sure. He is nauseous, and tired all the time. I am wondering if his immune system might be weakened, which has allowed him to pick up the different viruses and infections. If so, what could be the cause of a weakened immune system?
Avatar f tn Maybe you could ask your Doctor if it's your xiphoid process. Usually this happens between the ages of 15-29 but some can be later. Part of the sternum is cartilage but when you reach a certain age, it fuses to the rest of the sternum and hardens. Sometimes this fusing causes a lump to form. This is why you have to be careful giving CPR in applying the pressure. The cartilage that hardens is the shape of a blade and can break off, stabbing the heart.
Avatar n tn I am a 44yr old woman, yesterday in the shower I thought I felt a hard lump situated on the bottom of my right breast right on the bone in cleavage. I do check my breasts regularly and had not felt this. The more I examined the more I can not decide if is the breast bone or a lump attached, seems stupid, surely I should know?? The more I examine the more painful it is, I am menstruating at the moment. I am worried over not much or should I be worried. Please help!!
Avatar n tn As I pushed off of him he immediately yelled out in painbecause his chest started to hurt him. After the pain went away we discovered a lump located just below his sternum. He is not having any difficulty breathing and he is not in any pain (just initially it hurt). However, he was unable to keep his dinner down tonight, we think it might be just from his nerves, not knowing what is causing the lump.
Avatar m tn I found a lump under my sternum and I thought that I had cancer, but it was just my xiphoid process. Now I'm dealing with some kind of headaches that they last no more than 4-5 seconds. They are not painful at all, and it feels more like a weak preasure. They keep coming back every now and then, sometimes sooner, sometimes not, and in different part of my head every time. So I would like to ask if my health anxiety could cause these headaches. Thank you in advance.
Avatar n tn it's the reduction that leads one to believe that may be the case. Your breast bone is medically known as the sternum. Your xiphoid process is located in that area but it shouldn't be reducible. The sternum is shaped like a sword. It is elongated and flat and extends from the base of the neck to the pit of the abdomen. At the very bottom portion of the sternum is a cartilage called the xiphisternum or xiphoid process, Sometimes is can become harden and curl upward.
Avatar m tn Now, however, even though I'm taking Omeprazole, I am getting the stabbing pains in the xiphoid area (right in the middle, where the crease between chest and stomach is) and food very often hurts on its way down. Also, after say a pint of water, my throat feels very cold and when I burp, the water is coming back up into my mouth. A while after eating/drinking, I get a glugging type noise coming from my stomach/esophagus and up into my throat - it sounds like a tap dripping.
Avatar m tn also just below where your rib cage meets above the stomach i can feel like a bony lump but the doctor said this is my xiphoid process?
Avatar f tn Another issue is my Xiphoid Process- it is usually sore to touch and sticks out a little. the Dr. said this can happen after rib cage expands in pregnancy. Current symptoms: Xiphoid Process is sore, belching, very gassy, abdomin sore to touch about 2 inches above belly button, muscles feel squishy (not sure if this is the separation that occurred during pregnancy or a hernia?) I am also a fitness instructor and do lots of ab work. It's not a lump or bump or hard, but sore, it's weird.
Avatar f tn A pulse down in the abdomen- that likely is either your heart (if upper like in the xiphoid process area, where they push on me when I get echocardiograms) or if down further, likely your abdominal aorta, which pulsates and sometimes people can actually see it doing so.
Avatar f tn We also need to be sure you're not talking about the xiphoid process, which is like a bone or hard cartilage that hangs down from the lowest part of the sternum: http://www.innerbody.
Avatar n tn I want others to know my experience with a recent biopsy that have similar health concerns. I had a pea-shaped lump under my skin just to the left and above my xiphoid process. It was warm movable but always contained. My skin color was the same, however you could tell is was raised. I monitored it for a month and it did not go away. It grew to the size of a nickel in diameter. I went to my dermatologist's PA to be seen as soon as possible.
Avatar f tn I would love to here people respond because that is exactly the way my problems began. Sorry to say I didn't take the Nexium right away. That was 3 yrs ago, I had pain in "Xiphoid" area, the tip of the sternum and also sob, quit smoking. Thought for sure it was lung related and still may be, just weird to have all these things pop up within a few months. Honestly, I still get this and then "it" goes into remission! Have a gastro and pulmo but no "real" answers!!