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Avatar n tn I now am experiencing a feeling of a lump in my throat when I swallow and the front of my neck seems swollen or enlarged. It is very difficult to swallow if my head is even slightly titled up. What could be causing this?
Avatar f tn A lot of hypothyroid people have 'lump in throat sensation'!!!!! Usually the thyroid itself or a form of acid reflux, GERD, silent relux LRPD (up higher). Look at the earlier questions from today and the last few days on this subject. Very common question here. The more you are aware of the lump feel, the worse it seems to get. Sometimes lasts a month, or only a day! Have you had a neck ultra scan (easy) for the thyroid? This is done to check for nodules - a lot of us have them.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone. Has anyone experienced sudden onset of "lump in throat" symptoms? About 2 weeks ago I had a feeling of something stuck on the right side of my throat. Sometimes it is more noticable then other times but it has not gone away. I ahve been having a lot of belching along with this. I figure I must be swallowing a lot of air trying to get rid of the lump feeling. I have not had any heartburn. Should I make an appt. with a ENT or GI Dr.
Avatar m tn There is an artery in the area you are talking about and they have a pulse like in your wrist. It the lump a hard bump or a spongy lump that you feel your pulse when you press on it? It isn't on the bone it is above the bone right? if it is soft and spongy it may just be an artery. If it is solid and hard I would have the doc feel it.
Avatar f tn my minpin has a lump in his throat. I took him to a vet two weeks ago and they did a needle asperation and sent it to a lab and it came back as cancer. The vet said if it was her dog she'd give him an x-ray and surgery to remove the lump. Well the cost was to be over a thousand dollars and my dog is 13 1/2 and I don't want him to have to endure surgery.
Avatar n tn In the beginning I had two masses in my throat. One was in my thyroid and the other was to the left of it. From the very first the Endocrinologist said the 2nd mass was a Brackel Clif Cyst. I went to the Doctor because I was sick, my throat hurt. They said I had an infection and treated me with antibotics and then removed my thyroid. They were all surprised when the mass in my thyroid turned out to be cancer, I guess because Thyroid Cancer is very rare.
Avatar n tn Hi Colleen, I read your other post too and I will tell you that I am experiencing the same symptoms as you, bladder/bowel problems, vertigo, facial spasms/burning due to Cranial nerve VII , double vision , numbness and tingling in feet and "vibrations thru out my body to name a few. I too have the lump in the throat and last year I went to the Acute Care clinic at Walter Reed and he said I was depressed and put me on Klonipin. I am not depressed so I only took it for a few days.
Avatar m tn I got a stye for the first time in my life on my birthday and it was horrible and painful.. that subsided and I have a really bad night of the lump in throat feeling..(related to anxiety).. and also tightening of my neck muscles.. I also then had sharp pains in my groin and above my inguinal area.. which led me to believe I had a hernia of some sort.. but once the doctor told me it was my anxiety, that all subsided and went away :) ... and then I got another stye due to more stress..
Avatar f tn The problem is that in the last ten days, more or less, I started feeling a lump in my throat, and I in panic, since I'm thinking the worst scenario (I have lost my father last October for pancreatic cancer, and since then, I have become a bit hypochondriac). I had my blood test 2 weeks ago, and everything was fine, but the sense of the lump is making me crazy. The Uni health center referred me to a endocrinologist, I'll go next week.
Avatar n tn My grandmother has a lump on the side of her throat and the doctor told her it was a Gallstone. He gave her some meds and said that it will drain it out, but since then it has became a big as a golf ball! We are trying to find out what to do about it and or find out what it really is? PLEASE HELP!!!
Avatar f tn I have no insurance so am looking to this forum for help.I have gerd, acid reflux and tightness lump feeling in throat. I just went off my lphenylalanine because it causes throat issues. It is what is in aspertame.Do you drink diet soda?Apple cider vinager with water 1 tab helped today.Take organic unrefined see if it helps. I had a real bad time with it when my thyroid was to low,you can't digest food. It messes up your digestion.
Avatar n tn Also I have heartburns and bloating (passing lots of gas) and sometimes feel like I have column of the air in my throat down to the stomach. What these contradicting tests mean? Is it possible that MRI and CT can't pick the mass up? How to find out what I have, what steps I should be taking? I also had laparoscopy done, and Dr. Goodman - you were right, they didn’t see anything. And I can’t seem to convince my doc to do biopsy, as you suggested. I will be seeing surgeon again in three weeks.
Avatar n tn i recenltly had the horrible lump in throat sensation - i have a history or reflux but that was fixed 5 years ago with an operation and I'm pretty sure it's not started again. Two GPs thought it was anxiety (text book definition of globus hystericus) but i'm sure it wasn't - I had a sinus infection at the time and had lots of thick lumpy mucous in my throst - I found sucking on losenges losen this enough to get it out and this kept me on top of the problem which has gone after 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn I am writing today because I have a peculiar pattern of symptoms that nobody can seem to figure out. First off, I am a 24yr. old female. I have asthma. Smoked for 11yrs.(quit in sept '05) Many hospitalizations due to asthma, none rescent. I am a recovering alocoholic with bulimia ( which went on for about 8ys). In 2001 I had my gallbladder removed .Got sober.. had a baby in apr '04. Whole time I was having bloodwork approx. every 3 months, checking my thyroid.
Avatar n tn my problem is that I have a constant feel of flem in my throat, and need to clear it or cough all the time. I have been taking mucinex, it's not helping. I also take zyrtec for allergies. I don't feel a post nasal drip going on. what could this be?
Avatar f tn I started to get head tightness especially in the back of my head not headache .
Avatar f tn Hi; Do you need exercise? Re, lump in throat, that's probably globus hystericus in a young person like you. A Psychiatrist or therapist and trial of a Valium may help. If not, maybe you should see another Dr. Not sure where you live and whether there are sspecialists there.
3144875 tn?1343060391 here is a list of my symptoms they are some times severe and sometimes just bothersome irritated/red Throat Dry throat feels like some thing is stuck in my throat a squeezing sensation like being strangled sleep apnea feels like my throat is swollen I get little pieces of food stuck in my throat (like rice, raspberry seeds etc.
Avatar m tn One tough thing about HPV is that there is no standard test they give for it in the throat (at least in USA). I think in research they have several tests that can identify it, but I guess for the general public purchasing healthcare, it's not a standard test they do (maybe insurance companies determine that they won't pay for it?). The Doctor said they biopsy it if it turns into something (growth, tumor, etc) to see if HPV related.
Avatar n tn i have a lump on my upper right side just below my shoulder ,i have had this lump now for 2 months and it is not getting any smaller.please could you give me a diagnosis.
Avatar f tn I have a lump in my throat. It is very bothersome, but I don't have it all of the time. Tonight I am having a really bad time with it and I have had it all day. I have had a barium swallow, endoscopy of the throat and esophagus. Also a colonoscopy last week. The barium swallow was normal, the endoscopy showed a narrowing of the esophagus which the doctor stretched. A benign cell tumor was seen and is being biopsied. The colonoscopy showed only mild diverticulus and internal hemerhoids.
Avatar n tn I have had a lump in my throat to the left and slight above my adams apple. It has beenthere for about a month, maybe longer. At this point, ive started to dismiss the fact that its just a swollen lymph node. I am a 25 year old non smoking male so the idea that its a tumor seems unlikely. Any ideas? no pain, no swelling, sore throat, anything associated with this, but it still worries me a bit.
Avatar f tn About a month ago, I developed a constant sense of a lump in the throat- that can change from a sensation of having something "stuck" to a constricting sensation. Approx location, below at base of throat or down further, behind the bone. Can swallow, but food wants to stick. Occasional pain the sternum, hoarseness than has increased and every once in a while, referred pain to the jaw. ENT doc saw nothing. Have endoscopy tomorrow.
919623 tn?1258157930 The more tests or MRIs you can get to prove that it is a tumor the better. I dont believe in any single diagnosis I have been given because so far they have in one way or another conflicted with what another doc will say or the treatment for a few of my symptoms make some other much worse.