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Avatar f tn feels like lump in throat
1398693 tn?1343684738 I keep getting that lump in my throat it's driving me crazy today it seems larger than yeaterday I feel it every time I swallow anything.
Avatar n tn Felt like there was a lump in my throat
Avatar f tn Lots of nausea and intestinal gas and lump in throat.
Avatar f tn it just pop out like magic. It was not there yesterday---the next day it appears--there is a lump in my throat. It moves up and down when I swallow. I don't feel no pain or anything. It just seems very weird to just get it for no reasons or cause at all. I am very worried and concern.
Avatar n tn Painful swallowing is called odynophagia. Difficulty in swallowing is dysphagia. Reflux (GERD) is a common cause. Lump in the throat and extra production of phlegm are other common symptoms of GERD. Your ENT should be well equipped to identify it. Is the pain excruciating, like a charley horse? If so, it sounds like cricopharyngeal spasms. If not, count your blessings.
Avatar f tn From the past 1 week I'm having the feeling a a lump kinda thing in my throat after having food.I'm burping a lot then there is a sore throat...though I'm not having any problem in eating or drinking but my stomach makes sound sometimes and there is back pain sometimes...I'm really it GERD or something else? (P.s. I'm going to visit a doc but due to exams I can't make an appointment immediately that's why looking for help here...any possible remedy?
Avatar f tn wake tired up a lot thinner lump still in base of throat vitamin
1550654 tn?1294747554 What is this damn lump in my throat and my does my face hurt!!!!
1448645 tn?1370067496 Today i have such a heart sore lump in my throat. my AF is here in force. The *****!
Avatar f tn throat bothering me , lump in is, both feet hurting ,they pushed me in a wheelchair to help hip
1398693 tn?1343684738 I had a little G2 orange this morning and the lump in my throat came back bigger than yesterday. I don't think I can drink G2 at all I've tried all the flavors and I react the same way acidic stomach and lump in my throat.
358304 tn?1409709492 yesterday my throat felt like it was getting MUCH better. But lastnight it kind of came back some. I slept good... did have some bad dreams though... but slept good... the back of my neck hurt b/c i slept on 2 pillows... this morning i couldnt feel it while sleeping, but once i got out of bed and started getting dressed etc. i could start to feel it a little bit... and it's not so bad still at all... almost unnoticable.. i think when i start doing stressful things it gets worse...
Avatar n tn Missing Andrew really bad my heart hurts.
1020037 tn?1315661676 Tense about relationship, studying for exam, now I have the tell-tale lump-in-the-back-of-the-throat :(
Avatar f tn Headache, neck ache, diarrhea, feeling of lump in throat, neck feels fat, tiered, voice change, dificalty breathing, dificalty eating,
Avatar n tn I have a lump in the back of my throat behind my uvual and to the left. about he size of a kidney bean. it is painless and i have no other symptoms. I am afraid that i have cancer. the lump is flesh colored and does not hurt. i saw and er doc and he told me it was nothing to worry about but to see an ent, it was just extra tissue. any advice?
613324 tn?1235231980 I start feeling hypo symptoms coming on especially when I feel a lump in my throat. The last I felt the lump was when my T4 levels were an 8. I received a throat sonogram and nothing irregular was found.My endo Dr increased my meds, and the lump and hypo symptoms vanished My levels are now a 2 but I am slowly feeling that lump again among the hypo symptoms these past 2 weeks and getting worse, obviously, something I'm taking or doing is causing my synthroid to not absorb fully?
Avatar f tn My sore throat went away but the lump is still there. Sometimes I have pain in my throat near the lump but it only lasts a second and then goes away. It's on the right side of my face, nothing on the left. Should I be alarms or does it just sound like swollen lymph node?? Help!!
Avatar n tn My throat feels like theres a lump in it. The lump rises and makes me struggle to breath. Resulting in me coughing until the lump goes back down. Sometimes it'll stay down but others it'll come back up. Any ideas what it is ?
Avatar n tn Burping, Lump in throat, Chest congestion, etc -- help!! posted by Ari on March 12, 1999 at 20:56:45: The 'yuking' you describe sounds like reflux to me! When these things first started happening to me, my doctors & I both focused on the breathing side of things, because of my chronic asthma. They did take chest x-rays, saw nothing, and I wound up taking several weeks of antibiotics and prednisone as a 'precaution' in case there was infection and/or inflammation.
Avatar n tn It feels hard to swallow and yawn, also feels irregular when i stretch in certain ways. Before this lump, there was a very tiny lump right behind the right side of my ear, which only took 3-5 days to dissapear. My mother suffers from goitre and i am a regular smoker. I have stopped with estelle-35 (contraceptive pill) about two weeks ago. Please help. =) Thanks!
Avatar f tn t really thought of it as anything until the lump in my throat started hurting.. If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated! thank you.
Avatar m tn I have a lump in what I think is in either the Manubrium or Sternal Angle of the sternum. It's been there for 1-2 years now. It's painless but sometimes I can feel it when I'm bowing or stretching or when sleeping. It probably got hit years ago. Anybody knows what it is and if I should be concerned? Also, is there any home remedy I can do? Thanks.
Avatar m tn I am sufferin with bad sore throat, any suggestion please?
Avatar n tn Lump in throat seems less, but a general soreness is more present. Had a large meal and some cheese.