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Avatar f tn After vomiting this time, it feels like a lump is in my throat . Every time I swallow I notice the sensation of something stuck in my throat. I can breath fine, but this sensation is annoying me. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn The size of this lump feels like a tiny golf ball. It feels hard to swallow and yawn, also feels irregular when i stretch in certain ways. Before this lump, there was a very tiny lump right behind the right side of my ear, which only took 3-5 days to dissapear. My mother suffers from goitre and i am a regular smoker. I have stopped with estelle-35 (contraceptive pill) about two weeks ago. Please help. =) Thanks!
Avatar n tn I have developed a large lump in my throat right behind my tongue, but where my right tonsil is. This lump is about the size of a ping-pong ball and makes it very hard for me to swallow and breath and makes my voice sound funny. I have a doctor's appointment but they couldn't see me for a month. Any ideas what it my be? It doesn't hurt, it's hard, it's red and it is only uncomfortable because of the breathing thing. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
Avatar f tn it feels like i have a lump in my throat. its hard to breath, swallow, talk, and its only on its left side.. the drs are givin me the run around, and i dont know what i should do. i got tested for a infectius disease and all the tests came back negative. im scared it may be cancer.. i am a smoker.. dont drink... and i have 3 kids.
1792792 tn?1315359324 Some times in the morning or right before I go to bed the lump actually feels like it's blocking my trachea and I have these short fits that make me feel like I can't breathe (though they only last a few seconds it's enough to freak me out). I'm really getting worried. No one seems to take me seriously, but it's hard to swallow saliva even... I find myself eating more because the only time the pressure is relieved is when I'm eating but then it comes right back.
Avatar n tn If you are having problems with acid reflux, the sensation could be globus. It's a 'feeling' of something in the throat - like a lump. If this is the reason, you need to work with your doc to try to bring the reflux under control.
Avatar n tn It feel like just before you start to cry you get this lump in you throat. Then i try to swallow and it feels like it won't allow saliva to go down. This all started when i had the lap band surgery i went 7 weeks of not eating and barely drinking water then the Doctor removed the band. it has been 5 months now that he removed it but, i still have the feeling of something stuck in my throat. They have done Upper GI, Thyroid check, and even scoped me like 5 times. They can not find anything.
Avatar m tn I also saw my dr for this problem and she seems to this is related to gerd as well as the lump in the throat. I almost never have heartburn and did not think these types of problems could be related to gerd. This is very worrisome and was wondering if anyone else with gerd has experienced any of these things. Thank you!
Avatar n tn Hi, Difficulty in swallowing/painful lump in the throat feeling, could be of various causes. Laryngo pharyngeal reflux, globus pharyngeus, plummer vinson syndrome, are few to mention. It needs battery of investigation to be done. Complete blood picture, OGD scopy (Oesophago-gaestro-duodenoscopy) and barium swallow are done to confirm the diagnosis. Most common condition being Laryngopharyngeal reflux, this aggravates during stress.
Avatar n tn After thinking I was getting food caught in my throat and even getting an endoscopy I've begun to think it may be food allergies. I do not find it hard to breath though. Can a food allergy symptom be a lump in the throat or chest without feeling hard to breath? I usually feel this just after eating and I feel very nauseous some of the time. I have a bit of a feeling of pins and needles in my throat sometimes.
Avatar n tn With the exception that i still have this anying feeling of a lump in my throat. I went to the doctors to try to find a cause and got sent to the ENT at the local hospital. They stuck a visual device up my nose and had a look at my throat. Apparently nothing wrong. But still have this anying feeling. I must admit id does come and go, i have it mainly when at work and occasionally when not at work.
Avatar n tn That was about 10 years ago. She now says she can feel the lump again and it sometimes seems to make it hard for her to swallow and she says it feels like it is cutting off he windpipe at times. I feel sure your doctors have looked at this but if not, I would ask. I am no Doctor so don't confuse what I say or get upset worrying about what I said, just ask your Doctor. God Bless, John B.
357713 tn?1199773985 What in the world could this lump be, and how can I make it go away? I was said to have acid reflux, and that was the cause. I was put on Prilosec, and antacids with no relief. I've been tested for my thyriod, and all was good there. If it is acid reflux, what can I do to make that awful feeling go away? I am loyal to my meds. I am careful with my diet, and sleep with a thick pillow to keep my head up. They gave me a ct scan that they say came out clear, but what else could I possibly do.
Avatar n tn I just posted a problem with a lump in my throat and swallowing. I have had all the test done as you have with all neg. results. I have gone for a second opinion, with no answers. The first doctor told me it was stress and anxiety. Let me know what you find out.
Avatar m tn Only a professional can tell you for sure, but if you can swallow wine, then you should be able to swallow anything else. But you truly need to have this looked at to make sure that there's not more going on. Sometimes acid reflux can make us feel like we can't swallow. See your doctor to be checked out and go from there. If it turns out to be anxiety then please come back, we have so many understanding and supportive people here! Take care!
Avatar f tn i don't know where my tonsils are (but i know they're in the general vicinity). i do know i still have them though... if it was tonsillitis, wouldn't it be oosing stuff? and i'd definitely go if i couldn't swallow/breathe.
203342 tn?1328740807 I've had this constant lump in my throat feeling for days now. Nothing seems to relieve it. I actually tried to not eat yesterday except some tea, soup and crackers and it didn't go away. Could this be Acid Reflux? It's a horrible feeling! I feel like I've got a golf ball stuck in my throat! I can still eat but I did notice that I nearly chocked on my toast this morning. Maybe it was too dry.
Avatar n tn Hi Colleen, I read your other post too and I will tell you that I am experiencing the same symptoms as you, bladder/bowel problems, vertigo, facial spasms/burning due to Cranial nerve VII , double vision , numbness and tingling in feet and "vibrations thru out my body to name a few. I too have the lump in the throat and last year I went to the Acute Care clinic at Walter Reed and he said I was depressed and put me on Klonipin. I am not depressed so I only took it for a few days.
Avatar n tn I just started to notice it a couple days ago and thought there was something stuck in my throat. I can feel it with my finger and it feels hard and when I look at it with a flashlight, it looks white with a red ring around it. When I swallow, it feels like something sharp is there. I don't have insurance and don't even have a job so I'm gonna have to wait and see if it gets worse before I even go to the hospital. And ideas on how to figure out what it is?
Avatar n tn well i went to the doctor today to check out this hard lump behind my ear. it is very similar to waht michelle99 posted about. and it was indeed a swollen lymph node. i had gone camping last week over the 4th of july and had gotten a ton of bug bites. I react really badly to them, my the right side of my face (where i got bit) had swelled up.
Avatar n tn Went to first ENT and he prescribed acid reflux medication, which I took for a month without change in throat lump sensation. Went to Gastroenerologist and she didn't think I had gerd. She took CT scan to hospital for further analysis and determined I had a throat cyst. Went to her recommended ENT and he performed surgery and removed small throat cyst and viral wart. Still feeling persists. I had an MRI but results aren't back yet.
210459 tn?1197085792 The lump is hard and mobile under skin. it feels like its attached to the skin underneath. the skin over it is normal colored. it is located directly in the middle front of neck just beneath my adams apple. Can anyone tell me possible diagnosis of such lumps. I have no medical insurance and want to know how serious this may be. Please help Matt..
20839925 tn?1530733866 Three days ago my hell started with having a feeling that I have swallowed some hair that got stuck in my throat and on the next morning it was gone, late afternoon when I came home and had argument with my mother I started feeling it again, on the next morning i went to my doctor and she said it is neurological problem as there was nothing and I`ve been having for years every now and then a feeling like something gets twisted near my throat and I have to pull my skin in order to fix it and allo