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Avatar m tn This may or may not be what you have, but hopefully it will help someone. I always felt like something was stuck in my throat or I had a lump in my throat, sometimes left side, sometimes right side. I had trouble swallowing, was afraid to eat at first for fear or choking. I was very terrified for months.
Avatar f tn I have recently been asked whether I would consider hypnotherapy - but I am reluctant to be honest as this suggests they think its all in my head!!! Annoying! The problem all started when I felt a lump in my throat whilst swallowing - went to ENT and they put a camera down my nose. They saw nothing wrong. Anyway a few days went by and the lump feeling disappeared but left me with these bubble feeling and dry/hot sensation in my mouth which is constant.
Avatar n tn as soon as you notice a bump keep a close eye on it sometimes they go away but sometimes they get really big, i had a small lump in my arm pit and i tried squeezing it and nothing happened it just hurt, so i left it it got bigger and bigger i was convinced it would pop but it didnt, they can increase quite quicky in size.
Avatar n tn I don't have allergies of any kind and I'm in excellent health and I can learn to live with the smell of fresh baked bread in my nostrils.. I mean it could be owrse.. still I think I should get someone to check this out especially as I read about Phantom smells being a possible side efect of brain tumors...
Avatar f tn Worse case is Lymphoma. The node is not painful and the one in the same spot on the opposite side is also hard and fixed but only fingertip sized, whereas the other is about the size of a quarter. I has a CBC done yesterday and all reading we within normal limits. My RBC was on the lowest side of normal and my WBC is 6.8. That would lead me to think we could rule out infection. I have had a low grade constant fever for approximately 3 months, intense night sweats.
Avatar n tn I started with a migraine headache and sinusitus in May. Then, I started feeling buzzing in the head/neck, along with a feeling of something "stuck" in the neck area (kind of in the voice box area). I had mildly enlarged neck glands, and even had pain in the muscles surrounding the voice box. The pain died down, but I am still having the feeling of something stuck in neck. My serum calcium is 10.9, ionized calcium is 6.1. I've had elevated calcium levels before (over past year).
Avatar n tn Excessive amounts of hair loss while shampooing or conditioning my hand is covered in hair as I wash it out. 3. Drainage down the back of my throat...really bad every morning and sometimes throughout the day. 4. Blurred/Double Vision 5. Locked Jaw I recently had brain wave tests, blood tests and a MRI done and they came back fine. The specialist that I went to also said that it wasn't sinuses.
Avatar n tn I don't have any symptoms yet, except for my period being early once in a while. I am 44 years old, and have gone, in 2 weeks, from having 44 year old skin to skin of a 60 year old. Could someone please help? I'm very distressed.
Avatar m tn I used protection all of those time, and after removing, checked for any tears too, and found none, no slippage as well. 1 week after sex, I had this weird tingling sensation in my throat and my tongue became white brushy in texture starting from June 1. I immediately saw a doctor who said its just an infection and gave me Hexamedine oral spray. I got tested on June 3(7 days after the last sex encounter and 18 days the first sex encounter).
447939 tn?1235065543 i have a really bad cold sore throat cough etc this morning i had chest pains wake me up and ever since i had a kind of lump in my throat and left arms achin. im really worrying even though im thinkin the chest pain could be through coughin and sneezin, the funny throat feelin cause its sore and the left arm ache cause im panickin like hell im wrong. i know i really answered my own worries but iits not the same as re-assurance off my medhelp friends!!!
Avatar m tn the tonsils are involved in virtually any viral infection of the throat. I'll bet not one person in the past 10 years in all of North America had exposures like yours, plus symptoms like yours, and turned out to have caught HIV. And in the 10+ years of this forum, nobody has actually been found to have caught HIV after a heterosexual exposure they were worried about. You aren't going to be the first. Odds of HIV from oral to penile exposure?
4810126 tn?1503946335 I tried to write you back but just sat in front of the blinking cursor for about 5 mins w/ a lump in my throat and tears threatening. I tabled it 'til now. Again, I sit w/ a blinking cursor..... You're probably going to direct me to the nearest therapist again and maybe you'd be right this time: I was about a third of a mile away from Copley Square (The finish line) in Chinatown at Chi Gong when it happened. I left at about 3 pm and walked down to a Starbuck's at Government Center.
Avatar m tn If your brain is strong enough to do that then it is certainly strong enough to tell your throat to close up if that is a symptom that you read somewhere on the internet. When I get anxious I get a lump in my throat along with lots of other symptoms. Dry mouth, muscle aches, headaches,etc. If you look those symtoms up on the internet it says I could be dying 10 differnt ways. For me to relieve myself of my symptoms I have to insert myself in tasks which take 100% of my attention.
4810126 tn?1503946335 On that terrible evening the Friday before last, when we got the news about Bkitty, I read through the thread on her status. Suddenly, I found silent tears pouring out of my eyes and a pain developing in the pit of my stomach. Now, I'm traditionally not much of a crier. I can't remember the last time I cried on drugs and I started late in my 17th year. Since my detox I've cried twice besides this.
Avatar n tn You are right to focus on your children, and put their needs ahead of your need for self-exploration and expression. In the meantime, please, please, get help from a counselor who is willing to help you stay in your marriage, help you maintain you on the road to self and situation acceptance, and help you to keep your family together. I wish you well.
Avatar m tn I used protection all of those time, and after removing, checked for any tears too, and found none, no slippage as well. 1 week after sex, I had this weird tingling sensation in my throat and my tongue became white brushy in texture starting from June 1. I immediately saw a doctor who said its just an infection and gave me Hexamedine oral spray. I got tested on June 3(7 days after the last sex encounter and 18 days the first sex encounter).
Avatar f tn I even feel a tight, uncomfortable feeling in my throat, like a lump in my throat where my thyroid gland is located.
2015036 tn?1333001388 *I feel strain, and exhaustion in my throat, jaws, and voice when we sing (at church). I usually can't finish a song. My voice changes, or go away. The same thing happens if I have to speak for an extended length of time. (I have a five minute part tomorrow night, and I just hope my voice makes it... Thankfully, it's a two person part, so I will only have to speak in intervals.) In places affected by previous relapses, I have more vibrations, and burning than usual.
Avatar f tn Signs of a serious allergic reaction can include difficulty breathing, weakness, hoarseness or wheezing, a fast heart beat, hives, dizziness, extreme paleness, or swelling of the throat. OPV causes vaccine associated paralytic polio in a very small percentage of those immunized. It is more likely to occur in those with weakened immune systems. IPV cannot cause paralysis, as the vaccine virus has been inactivated.
Avatar f tn It was so desperate it gave me a lump in my throat. Funny though, I knew you could do this and you will.
620923 tn?1452919248 tension along ear / eye / jawline Difficulty swallowing / lump in throat / sore throat / swollen lymph nodes Drooling Spontaneous vertigo Hand tremors Poor blood circulation / cold hands & feet Sinus / mucous problems Sleep apnea Decreased muscle tone Pressure in ears / ears feel stopped up Nausea Difficulty reading / focusing on text Depth perception problems Burning sensation in extremeties / shoulder blades Menstrual problems / severe cramping during period Fluid-like soun
Avatar f tn I had a strange thing happen after my biopsy, the lump in my throat seemed smaller and not so bothersome. But yesterday my voice was hoarse again and today my lump is there again the same as pre-biopsy. Any idea what that might be? The nodules are on both lobes but the Isthmus was said to be normal. The thyroid is classified as goiter so maybe that is what is causing the pressure.
184674 tn?1360864093 AJ, I've got a lump in my throat the size of Texas. :-( We all understand what a personal and difficult decision you made. I'm so glad you'll have someone there with you, and you're in my prayers.
480448 tn?1426952138 For a person who is experiencing this for the first can be VERY upsetting and disturbing. I was there before as well...the first time I went through this, I was convinced there was something wrong with my eyes. Everything just "looked" so weird, so odd. I almost felt like I was having out of body experiences...or was watching the world through a movie projector, instead of through my own eyes and mind.
Avatar m tn I am a healthy 27 year old male with a history of mild to moderate anxiety. In the past I had taken Paxil and Celexa with success, although I stopped taking meds late in 2005. I have a history of anxiety surrounding healthcare and all things medical. This November, after a relatively anxiety-free summer and fall, I relocated and felt my anxiety start to spike just a small bit.
519226 tn?1378994921 I finally realized it's because she can't stand looking at me since I favor my father and grandmother in looks. It's just simply, that I exist. Well I am finally stating in this entry what I felt for a long time. I DESPISE HER!!!!! She disgusts me. How dare she talk about me and lie. How dare she treat me nasty and disrespectfully, even in front of my kids. I cannot stand her. I am an adult and deserve respect.
Avatar n tn Just do your research and make sure you go to a surgeon who specializes in throat surgeries and especially surgeries for thyroid or throat cancer. Make sure you interview the surgeon and feel 100% comfortable with him or her. During this interview stress the importance of your voice. The right surgeon will listen and put you at ease. Best of luck to you. Let me know if you have any further questions.
Avatar n tn I just read on another forum that several people feel like they have something stuck in their throat--I do too, and they said it was acid reflux too...even without severe heartburn. Hopefully this is the answer. I would love for it to be! I have a hard time not eating late at night because I always need to eat due to the baby, so maybe my symptoms will take a little longer to subside.
Avatar n tn I also then couldn't swallow properly like there was a lump in the back of my throat, and yesterday morning woke up and was dizzy and had blurred vision. Ive also been urinating a lot more than before. This has been going of for just over 2 weeks. I did what most people do and looked my symptoms up on the internet, even though I know this was a bad idea and I've made myself believe in the worst, in that I possibly could have cancer.