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Avatar f tn I am 7 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and occasionally have a feeling of having a lump in my throat. Almost like I have something stuck in there. I will swallow a couple times though, and then it is gone. Anyone experience this as well during early pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I never had lump in my throat before I was pregnant ( at least that I knew of), my doctor noticed it during my first check up. He had to do tests for my thyroid and they both came back normal. I went for an ultrasound on my neck last week and now they want to do a biopsy. Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this? I'm scared of what this could mean for me and my baby!
Avatar n tn Hello all. I'm new. I have a lump in my throat that the nurse practitioner diagnosed as a goiter. I go Tuesday for my thyroid panel results. I am 10 weeks pregnant and worried about the results. Has anyone else been through this? If so, what treatments do they do and what are considered safe during pregnany? I noticed the goiter in Jan but have been putting off going to the doctor. I am a nurse and one of the worst patients. *smile* Any replies would be helpful. Thank you for your time.
Avatar f tn Do you have any symptoms? Is the lump annoying you in any way? Often in pregnancy or after the birth it is noticed a change in the thyroid.This is due to the changes in the body during pregnancy. Your baby will be fine when you go for the ultra sound and biopsy. Cheers!
Avatar f tn Every once in a while I also would get mild chest pain and pain in my sternum. I also get this feeling that there is a lump in my throat but have tested negative for thyrhoids. My red and white blood cell has come back normal. Ultrasound if stomach is normal. X-rays of chest and stomach are normal. Ct scan came back normal also. Ive been to it could be due to acid reflex and heart burn but I don't get the burning sensations or the acid reflex coming up my throat. Anyone have a clue?
1747768 tn?1311632294 and now I have this tightness and lumpy feeling in my throat. Sorry for leaving that important info out...all these dates and numbers have my brain muddled.
Avatar f tn I have been burping constantly and although i do not have any 'acid-reflux' back into my throat, i do feel a slight chest pain when i swallow food. I can feel the lump of food moving slowly down my throat and then experience pain in the middle of my chest as the food is moving further down. I feel very uncomfortable and have a heaviness in the chest at that time. Please advise.
Avatar n tn At the worst times it feels like there is a lump in my throat and pressure in my chest and I also get really painful hiccups sometimes, just one or two at a time. Another Dr. said it was just stress and honestly I think he thought I was making it up because it wasnt happening while I was in his office which wasnt helpful! The one time I want the gurgles... If anyone knows of anythign that actually works I would love to hear it!
Avatar f tn Interesting. Is the clicking in your throat or in your ears when you swallow? And does it occur with a wet swallow (with food or liquid), dry swallow (no food or liquid), or both? This is an accurate animation of the swallowing process (swallowing with a bolus). Maybe that will help you determine where the click is occurring and can better help you research it.
Avatar n tn the medication is a MUST in pregnancy...I think that they only remove your thyroid if it is hyper or if it is doing more damage than good...your sister is now hypo and takes meds right? I take 125mg daily of sister and father are on meds for hypo too...but my dad takes eltroxin...they are both the same thing but they have a different brand name and with eltroxin you can only get certain doses..I tried to switch but it doesn't come in the dose I need...go to allthyroid.
Avatar n tn I fell pregnant again soon after she was born and toward the end of this pregnancy started to have persistent sore throat. Now my son is five months old and I feel like I have a lump in my throat the area around my tonsils and sometimes my ear are sore and a few times in the last few weeks I have become short of breath. At one time my breathing sounded like sucking a nearly empty drink through a straw but cleared up in a couple of days.
358304 tn?1409713092 ago I experienced the strange feeling in throat. Went on for 2 months. Thought for certain something physically was going on in my throat. So, I ended up in the ER. ER doctor thought for certain it was my thyroid. Sent me to an internal doctor. Ran tests on thyroid. Was not thyroid. Was anxiety. Doctor explained it this way to me. When we are in a panic state, it is either flight or fight. Adrenlin gets to pumping. This can cause tightness in the throat. Doctor put me on a beta blocker.
Avatar f tn The pressure I have in my throat is there all the time and has been for a long time (well over a year), but in general, it's gotten worse over time. Sometimes now it's really bad and feels like I'm going to absolutely choke on it and other times, it's there, but doesn't feel so large. It's almost it is swells and then goes down only to swell up again. My ENT seemed to think that it did have something to do with thyroid even though he couldn't feel anything from the outside.
Avatar n tn can anyone help me, is anyone experiencing the feeling in the throat i am having, i must add i dont have this throat discomfort first this in the morning or whilst i am eating. HELP...
Avatar n tn I try coughing or drinking but the throat noise does not go away or even change it. I can tell it is not in my lungs, but in my throat. I can breathe shallow and minimize the noise but I feel out of breath then. My daughters say this wheeze is not my snore.They say I wheeze before the snore on intake and then exhale. I hear the noise during the day but I really have to listen to hear it as there is always too much back ground noise.
Avatar n tn The issue is whether surgery was necessary in the first place if overactive thyroids in pregnant women can be kept under control with medication. Also, you didn't say if Fibromyagia can be related to a thyroid problem, and if a sore throat can be the result of a thyroid problem. I am scheduled to have a thyroid uptake soon, and I have seen several Endocrinoligists and they did not address any of my concerns.
Avatar n tn My doctor put me on Amoxicillin(sp?) and the underarm lump decreased in size. The lump beneath the arm eventually burst and I treated it with peroxide and neosporin. Although the undarm lump isn't totally gone, it's very small and painless. But the problem is all these other small, uncomfortable bumps that have popped up since. What has kept them at bay is a treatment of mixed Lotrimin and Neosporin. Once in a while I'll clean the area with peroxide.
Avatar n tn LOL Sorry, but my view is the stronger the symptoms the stronger the pregnancy. I had a 1.5 hr commute to work oneway everyday and carried a puke cup with me in the car every morning....used it all the time...LOL I had a horrible pregnancy 2 yrs ago....constant nausea and vomiting for the first 12 weeks....then it all the good news is you MAY only have 6-7 weeks to go....but others have said it's their entire pregnancy. The bad side is if you are anything like me...
1179332 tn?1297482590 I had several ultrasounds and I told them that I would not do it in the lying down position. During this pregnancy my thyroid also couldn't keep up so that is when I started taking synthroid. I had really bad GERD which never settled down even afterwards. After the baby, I had about six months of feeling ok (other than recovering from the C-section) and then the headaches and vertigo returned.
1455020 tn?1481740791 No matter what I tried I walked around with a lump in my throat. Hopefully it doesn't stay around long...This is a totally new feeling during pregnancy. Never had it in any of my other ones ( maybe it is a good sign)!!!
Avatar n tn I think I have what Will3477 describes. There is a tightness under my jaw - almost like I've been chewing too much or something. There is also this sensation of something at the back of my throat that makes me want to gag. I have to swallow hard to make it go away and sometimes I feel like that feeling might be mucus piling up back there. The other day, however, I realized that it sort of feels like that lump in throat you get when you're about to cry.
Avatar n tn I had my Mirena put in in april 2008 its oct now im experiencing pregnancy signs also just like with my little guy whom i had last feb im constantly tired moody constantly peeing headaches everytime i eat i feel sick and allot of foods that i love usually i want nothing to do with all of a sudden just the sight of them makes me sick
Avatar n tn by the middle of november both tonsils were swollen, covered in white spots, i was fatigued, muscle aches, sore throat, and developed a lump in my armpit. went to my pcp. she said white blood cells get stuck in the crypts and that's what i see. she sent away a strep test anyways, and called me last wednesday with the results: no strep, i have a staph infection in my tonsils!!! i have been taking tetracycline 4x's a day since friday and i don't feel any better but my white spots are gone!
Avatar n tn I can totally sympathize with all of you going through this most annoying problem(s) of throat clearing, cough, post nasal drip sensation, thick mucous coming out of nose, and I have the feeling of a lump (globus) on one side of my throat... etc. etc. I have been to every specialist in my local area- have been to Dr. Koufman at Wake Forest 2 day work up 24hr pH- esaphagoscopy, etc.- she diagnosed me with LPRD I did the meds. ... no change. Then onto Dr. Irwin's cough clinic at the U. of Mass.
Avatar n tn It sounds like you have postpartum thyroiditis..
Avatar n tn The one thing I noticed when I finally tested postive was that there was a noticable difference in the way my urine smelled. My mom (who's a nurse) told me it was the pregnancy hormone's finally in my urine. The doctor also advised to test early in the morning because that can be your strongest time of day. If you drink a lot during the day your urine will get diluted. But for some of you it seems unbelievable to be testing 2 weeks after you have missed a period.
Avatar n tn I was reading all the post and seen that a warm cloth would help with the pain of the lump in my bikini area. As I read on further I decided to try the warm cloth, i added epson salts to the water and used the wash cloth as a compress. After I had finished reading the other post, I decided that I had held this long enough, when I took the cloth from the lump I noticed that there was a lot of brown puss coming from the lump.
Avatar f tn The symptoms you are describing sounds like a "globus sensation" - i.e. the feeling of a "frog" or lump in your throat. Possible causes for this would include GERD, upper abdominal sphincter dysfunction, stress or post-nasal drip. Tests to evaluate this would include a sinus CT scan to evaluate the post-nasal drip or an upper endoscopy or upper GI series to evaluate for possible GERD. However, being pregnant would limit the use of some of these tests.
341551 tn?1266984330 Pulmonologist said that for asthma in pregnancy they treat as though the patient were not pregnant! He was considering oral steriods to get things stabilised quickly, but we agreed not to go that route (steroids and insulin don't go well together). Another dr to be following up with - he said we are going to get this stable and very well managed before my delivery. Didn't quite realise how bad it's been until I started to get some relief with the oral meds.