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Avatar n tn Hello, Any clues? I have a lump on my stomach, 3" down from my right bottom rib, and about 2" over to the right from the center(solar plexus) It hurts when prodded, and feels like a section of a finger under my skin. Hernia-I lift very heavy weight still(weight trainer) no pain at all. Tumor-no idea at all. Fat lump-then why does it hurt? I urinate a lot, though I am also an avid tea drinker. Sometimes it seems to hurt a little when I dont drink enough, or indeed dont eat.
Avatar n tn hi well i've been getting really bad pains in my stomach and oval area latly and then about 10 minutes ago i started geting really itchy on my vigina and now i have a lump and its red and fuildy and i have know i idea what it could be and it only just come up in about the last 20 mintues and i would really like and relpy staright away!
Avatar f tn i have a lump under neath my skin near my pelvic bone u cant see it only feel it like a size of a marble it only hurts when put pressure on it im 28-29 weeks pregnant what is it ?
976897 tn?1379171202 Any hernias through the rectus muscle, like an umbilical hernia, usually reduce in size on lying down and increase on coughing which raises the abdominal pressure. Hiatal hernia is the sliding of the stomach into the chest cavity through the opening in the diaphram, and cannot be palpated external. Only a consultation with your primary care physician can help diagnose. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn So yesterday was in the shower and I noticed a slightly visible hard lump on the right side of my pubic area, right next to where hair grows. It is not painful and I don't think it has gotten any bigger. It is a little less big than a nickel and a little bigger than a dime. I am scared to tell my mom and go to the doctor, and I don't think I will for another month to see if it goes away. Any answers? I'm scared it could be something serious.
Avatar m tn Hey all. I just noticed this today in the shower. I have a hard lump slightly smaller than a penny, on the very inner thigh groin area. I've never come across anything like this in my life and I am a little freaked out. Its kinda painful, more of an annoyance. I can feel it when i shift my weight or walk. I practice safe sex, and get regular check ups twice a year. Should I go in? or leave it alone for a few days. Is there any cream or anything you guys would suggest to use?
Avatar n tn Is the lump superficial or located inside the abdominal cavity? An enlarged intra abdominal organ located in the epigastic area (area above the belly button) can present with a vague abdominal mass in that area. The organs located in the epigastric area could be the stomach, left liver lobe, part of the pancreas, and part of the transverse colon. Since you are having symptoms, it would be best to seek consult with your doctor so that you can be evaluated properly. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Hello, I've recently noticed a very hard lump on my cat's stomach after he had been in a fight with another cat. I thought it may have been a broken rib and so took him to the vet, where i was told what it was although i can't remember the exact name although i think it could be 'Neoplastic of the sturnum'.
1459679 tn?1285711541 , gonococcal infection, herpes simplex virus, syphilis, chancroid, granuloma inguinale, lymphogranuloma venereum etc), infection in foot, dermatitis in pelvic area, boils in pelvic area etc. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
Avatar f tn At about 6 p.m. today I noticed a lump in my armpit. It is about the size of a penny and when I try to squeeze the lump it is slightly malleable (it stays a bit deformed and dented before slowly resuming its original shape). It is tender to touch. I am 15 and my mother says that it is probably and ingrown hair or pimple and that in a few days she will help me pop it, but I am worried.
Avatar m tn Hi, For the past day or so I have what feels like a lump in my throat. It is worse when eating. Whenever I eat something I will get a pain in my throat that will travel down to my stomach. I also feel like it is hard to swallow food. I went to see my dr about this and she thought it may be my thyroid but tests were negative. I have also had 3 episodes in the past 5 months where I get a pain in my abdomen (right about the naval area) which is always followed by nausea and vomitting.
Avatar n tn What they discovered, during my 1st endoscopy, was that I had an 'Inlet Patch' in the area that hurt. An inlet patch is part of your stomach lining that is growing in your esophagus. At that time, they said I was probably born with it, and it should not be causing the pain I was feeling. I had no problem with any symptoms until I was middle aged and suddenly had severe symptoms, probably brought on by reflux.
Avatar f tn I have had a Lap Band Procedure last June and I have pain on & off in and around the port & band area.. The more weight I lose the more you see the port lump at the sight where the port is..UGH,, UGLY... The Dr. said it was due to the weight loss.. TRUE??? I dont know!!.. The pain is on & off like I said but OMG///// Any sugestions and or answers...
Avatar n tn Over the summer, I noticed that I have a lump or bulge in the uper front portion of my thigh. This lump is near the groin area. It is not visible. I can only feel it when standing. It only bothers me if I've been manipulating it; for instance,if I go several days without bothering it,I'd never know it was there. If I do feel pain, it is slight, deep and sort of like a burning sensation.
Avatar f tn Forr tha past few months it has been dizziness and chest pain.Now it is the lump in the throat type and difficulty in swallowing feeling.Have recently had some genuine problems with my stomach that have been treated,but was wondering how common such a symptom is amongst everyone else here?It is as if it feels "too real" to be anxiety related.
Avatar f tn I am 6wks6days and woke up at 4 this morning to a sharp, sharp pain that turned into cramps and felt my stomach buldging out a little bit in one area. I ran my hand down my lower abdomen and felt a very hard lump in the middle of my lower abdomen a little bit under my belly button and it got sharper and sharper. It wasn't a gas bubble, what would it have been?
Avatar m tn When was the last time you had a consult with regards to the lump? How is the first lump? Is there any change in its character? Any pain or swelling in the area? Lumps and bumps in the scrotum requires further evaluation.They may be normal structures within the scrotal sac however other conditions like a spermatocele or hydrocele have to be ruled out.
Avatar m tn one surgery a year ago for two hernias one in groan area and one in lower stomach. I thought my low sex drive was due to my age and work stress, married for 20 years. now Im worried it could be cancer. anyone have similar issues. with lump in penis or sex drive etc?
Avatar m tn For the past year I've been getting on and off stitch like pain in my upper abdominal area...and just below/under my right rib cage near the stomach...also tends to move around to the right. The pain is worse when I'm sitting and sometime when I'm lying on my side. It's now starting to come on when I walk. There also appears to be a lump on the edge of the rib cage...which when pressed is very tender. Whenever I went to the doctor, she was unable to find the lump...very annoying.
Avatar n tn Food upsets his stomach some and he feels pain in his upper stomach every once in a while. He pressed everywhere on his stomach area an it doesn't hurt. He said that when he has a bowel movement it burns and his stool is very light colored almost white. I told him that he should try to go to an urgent care, but haven't heard back from him. Does anyone know what could be wrong and should he go to the doctor right away or wait until he gets home (on thursday night)?
Avatar f tn Hello everyone. Has anyone experienced sudden onset of "lump in throat" symptoms? About 2 weeks ago I had a feeling of something stuck on the right side of my throat. Sometimes it is more noticable then other times but it has not gone away. I ahve been having a lot of belching along with this. I figure I must be swallowing a lot of air trying to get rid of the lump feeling. I have not had any heartburn. Should I make an appt. with a ENT or GI Dr.
Avatar n tn Usually a hernia will be to the left or right of the abdomen area. It may appear as a golf ball or tennis ball in shape. From what you are describing (I have it myself) is called, "diastasis recti." Go to and type in "diastasis recti in men" in the search box. This is very common and should not be a cause for concern. If the lump is there constantly and not just when excersing then you should consult your Doctor.
Avatar n tn Ive got a lump that moves around the stomach area and when im sick the kump feels uncomfortable and under my rib a lil the hospital said its basically poo movin riund my body but im not convinced plz help the best way to decribe it it feels likebtheres a baby miving and turning feels realky tight