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Avatar n tn Hi, i've been dragging this for the last three months. I've got a lump in groin, on the right side, right next to the penis. It's not visible, but i can feel it by hand. It's not round like a ball, rather it feels like a long piece of something, about an inch long and a third of an inch wide (though sometimes it feels smaller than that). It's painful, not all the time, but on a daily basis. The pain is not too strong though, but noticeable. I also have back and muscle pain.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone. About 8 months ago I first found a small hard lump in my neck under my jaw. I can't see it through my skin I can just feel it. I didn't think anything of it until about 2 months ago when I randomly was feeling my neck and felt that same lump again. Now due to my hypochondria, I am obsessed with this lump. It hasn't grown, at least not to my knowledge, since first finding it 8 months ago. I have been to two doctors within the past 2 months to ask them about it.
Avatar m tn Hopefully I will get some here. About 8 months ago I first found a small hard lump in my neck under my jaw. I can't see it through my skin I can just feel it. I didn't think anything of it until about 2 months ago when I randomly was feeling my neck and felt that same lump again. Now due to my hypochondria, I am obsessed with this lump. It hasn't grown, at least not to my knowledge, since first finding it 8 months ago. I have been to two doctors within the past 2 months to ask them about it.
317787 tn?1473362051 Hello, I discovered a lump in my neck above the thyroid about 5 weeks ago. Thinking it would go away I waited til two weeks ago to tell my doctor about it. She ordered a CT Scan with contrast. I was hesitant to put any more chemicals in my body so did not want to get the contrast. As always, Hector was very helpful; he assured me it would be ok. I had the scan done yesterday and should be getting results this week.
Avatar m tn It's not hard , I can't feel anything in his neck, it just pops up in the middle of the vein. I have taken pictures of it but I can't find anywhere that I can post them.
Avatar m tn A lymph is probably the most likely cause, but oral problems don't drain to this group of nodes. Obviously this doesn't help you much, but I would advise to see an ENT doc for a possible biopsy.
Avatar m tn Hello. About 6 months ago I noticed a small lump, about 1 cm in diameter, around where the submandibular lymph nodes are supposed to be, just under my jaw line, halfway between my chin and ear on the left side. It is firm, smooth, non-tender, and most interestingly, fixed into the muscle. Note that it is not technically enlarged according to most standards I've read about. I found something "similar" on the other side, so I did not think much of it, just watched it closely.
192055 tn?1263559137 I'm not a dummy or anything but doesn't xray's only show pictures of bone? I have had a lump in my neck, they think on my spine (near my hairline, under the skull) so they took an xray. I was thinking it was some sort of mass, maybe tissue or muscle.... what could an xray possibly show? Thank you!
Avatar n tn Hi, thyroid cancer runs in my family. I've had symptoms of feeling tired, hair falling so they checked my blood count & thyroid blood test & it all can out fine. My question is, any way these tests can come out fine & still have thyroid or neck cancer? My neck has shown some thickening the last few months but didn't think of anything. And doctor never checked or felt my neck. But yesterday I noticed a soft lumpy looking spot. Nothing hard. My husband thinks it looks like extra fat.
Avatar m tn I was given this old leather stringed necklace from the 60's or 70's and the knot which tied it together rested about halfway down my neck. I took it off this last summer and a week or two later I felt like I was getting a pimple on the back of my neck. I popped it and a milky white puss came out. A couple days later I had to pop it again. This happened a couple more times. A few months later another spot came up right above it. Same thing except now there were two.
Avatar n tn I did not know at the time that my cat was a carrier and he scratched me on my forehead when he jumped on me well I was laying down. About a day later. I got a fever, swollen glands in my neck, and Pain in my head where I thought my head was coming off. I finally got a antibiotic for the infection and it cleared up. I hope all goes well for you.
1116823 tn?1303076444 I have uploaded the pictures of the lump on my penis; it is in my profile. Can you please take a look at the pictures and tell me what my options are? I would like to have the lump surgically removed, but is this possible or do I have to live with this wart infected lump on my penis for the rest of my life?
138239 tn?1239928524 I would also take her and get another Top ENT or (Head and Neck Surgeon which I went to) that specializes in throats, vocal cords and nerves in that area to check out her vocal cords and make sure of no ulcers/polyps on vocal cords.. How long was she on the Prednisone? How long has she had this? I hope your next appt is soon and you get some answers.. Keep in touch..
375103 tn?1199227274 Thank you for the follow up as my 12 year old beagle has just developed 1 in the last 2 days. She just had a large lump removed from her neck in October. I love her death and would like to have her around to get into my garbage a few more years. I'm happy your pup is doing fine.
887907 tn?1243590147 I had second opinions on these films with the same results. After the lymph node in my neck was removed three weeks ago the pain in my neck has increased. This led me to looking on Google to match MRI images that looked like mine. I came across ACM material for the first time a few days ago and most of the symptoms match. I am also have Hypothyroidism and have been taking 1.37 mcg of Levothyroxine and Lovastation 40 mg since the onset of my problems.
Avatar n tn // The pictures are a little hard to look or at least a few of them are but it may give you some idea of what you can identify your issue with. Your idea of pharyngocele could also be accurate. An Ear, Nose and Throat doctor would be a great specialist to see for help with this. We wish you the best.
Avatar f tn just curious what it is. it is almost similur to these but most them have neck pain and i don't have pain in my neck just the lump in back of my tongue not sure if it is a lump or not and the earache....
1243543 tn?1269127622 I have this knot in the back of my neck it pretty small.Been diaganosed with anxiety by my gp and therepist.I get a lot of neck pain,upper shoulder pain sometimes it feels like burningmuscle and mild pressure headaches towards the back of my head.
Avatar n tn do you think the lump could be a cystocyle or rectocyle? not sure about the spelling but i saw a lumpy thing in there as well and did a lot of looking up online. that's what my "lump" seemed to match the most. i went to my obgyn and it was neither. she told me its "rugae" which is natural in the vagina. kind of a corregated cardboard appearance.
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks ago, I noticed a small sore lump half way down my neck, on the side just behind the right ear. After a few days it stopped hurting, but the hard immovable lump stayed (about the width of 2 fingertips). Then, a couple of days ago, I woke up at 3-4am and felt another sore spot, this time more on the front and a little closer to the collarbone, but still on the right side. This is still sore to touch.
748543 tn?1463449675 One of the most difficult concepts to get across to my TMD patients and other doctors is the connectivity of the Jaw and the Neck. In fact, it is my strong belief that TMD/TMJ should really be classified as a Craniocervical Disease and hence fall under the umbrella of medical coverage rather than treated strictly as a dental problem. To the Neuromuscular-minded dentist, "Occlusion" is an extension of general Postural Consideration.
Avatar n tn like leg painssss groin pains, arm pains just over all pains and a tight neck? I ripped a mucle in back and chest when i was 13... and for the past 3 months ive had the WORST posture in the world.. seriously, i think a chiropractor would just stare at me if he knew how bad it was. like.. lying down in a pushed forward office chair with my legs raised up past my head for 6 hours.
Avatar n tn , I would think of cat scratch (bartonella), which can give painful swelling in neck nodes. If weeks go by with no improvement and antibiotics don't help, you can think about an ultrasound of those nodes. Also, when an infection invades a node the inflammatory reaction can produce scarring which might last a very long time - but which usually wouldn't be painful so think of that if the pain goes away but the nodes don't go back to normal size.
Avatar f tn I just noticed that there is a small lump on my vagina, in the fold between my left labia minora and labia majora (in other words not actually inside my vagina, but in the fold), it's firm/hard and maybe 1/3 or 1/4 the size of a pea, a little bit sensitive/sore to the touch (kinda the way a pimple fees if you touch it before it's ready to pop) i noticed it last night before i was going to bed, and at that point it was red, mildly sore, and a bit raised.
Avatar f tn Everything I find is almost always related to cancer of the lymphatic system but I had a look at the lymph nodes in the neck and there isn't actually one located in this very spot in my neck, iv looked at a tone of pictures just to be sure but theyre more further down the neck, to be honest I haven't found a single thing located in this spot I just find pictures of neck muscle D: not very reassuring.
Avatar n tn I have had 2 cervical fushions and believe that my ear pain comes from my neck injury. I hurt in my ear behind my ear and in my face....I also have severe head aches that are one sided....Good luck to you...
Avatar n tn The abscess can become larger than a ping pong ball. Boils occur in areas where there is hair chafting. the face, neck, armpit, breast, groin, and buttocks are common sites.....then it goes on to treatment with cloth. doesn't mention any serious outcomes like surgery. Thankyou for your information also because now I think i will phone my doctor and ask her if its serious enough for surgery, or just a big pimple?
Avatar n tn For about five months I have had a lump under my arm the size of an olive and a lump on my upper thigh, same size. They have no color just tender. My Doctor doesn't know what it is. He said maybe erythema nodosum, yet I looked it up online and the pictures and description don't match what I have by a long shot. I have a biopsy on 7/11, but now I am beginning to to get headaches that I would describe as a migraine.
Avatar n tn im 27 y/o and the past several months ive had a lump in my rt breast. it is tender to the touch and would be very tender right before my period. recently, the lymph nodes in my armpit and neck have become large and tender(although they seem to come and go)and my shoulder,upper back on rt side and arm have been achy and sore like ive over used them, but i havent. i just found out that im pregnant and now the achiness seems constant.