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Avatar m tn To answer your question, most swollen lymph nodes are due from infection and will go away on its own, however I would have the lump looked at by your doctor if it doesn't go away in a couple of weeks (just to be on the safe side). They may want to watch it for a while or try antibiotics. They may also want to draw blood and do a CBC. Good luck and I wish you well.
Avatar n tn I was pregnant at the time (17wks), all went well, no pain and stayed in hospital 4 days. Had my baby boy in the November everything fine. One problem the cyst grew back 18mths later, they said that they could'nt remove all the original cyst because being pregnant they could'nt scan me and see where the cyst was and they were'nt sure whether they had got it all.
Avatar n tn I was told my the doctor 2 years ago that it was probably just a lymph node and not to worry about it, however with the onset of this strange neck pain that is more towards the back of the neck I wonder if it is getting in the way of something. I talked with my Dr. and they sent me for a carotid doppler that came out normal but nothing to look at the lump. I have a PPO and wondered what type of doctor I should go to see that would maybe do a more thorough examination of this type of stuff.
210459 tn?1197085792 I am 13, and I have had a lump, which is most likely a cyst, in the side of my neck for about 3 years. I had it ever since I was choked by this retarded kid over something stupid. It was nothing serious. But... Ever since that day, I have had lumps in my neck. I used to be scared to death it was cancer, but I would've died or something at this point if it was. I'm too scared to ask the doctor. I also have it on the other side of my neck, and in the vaginal area. Im not so much worried.
Avatar n tn I have a pea size lump on my left back side of my neck in my lymph node and on the right side feels like 2 peas one in front of the other and I found a pea size lump on the right backside of my head when the right side happened it was very painfull but now doesnt hurt at all Im at a lost and my doctor is never in when i am available so I dont know what to do.. or maybe Im scared and opinions?....
Avatar n tn I just noticed that my 8 month old baby girl as a lump on the back of her neck. It is very hard and doesn't move, it doesn't seem to bother her. She is happy and seems normal, should i be worried or take her into the doctor?
Avatar n tn i had a baby girl 11 weeks today, 3 weeks ago a lump appeared infront of her right ear and has started to grow on her left too since then it has gotten alot bigger.
Avatar n tn My 10 day old baby has a small lump the size of a small pea in the back of his head near his neck. He hasnt bumped his head so im not sure what it could be?
Avatar n tn Also, since it's right in the middle of my boobs, any scar would show in a v-neck or bathingsuit. I'm just about entirely flat chested so I don't see how removing a lump wouldn't cause an indention or hole since there is hardly any breast there to begin with. If anyone has been referred from ob to radiology and on to surgeon and it turned out to be nothing, would you let me know? Also, both drs said it could be related to breastfeeding or hormonal changes.
Avatar n tn Im 16 years old and I have found a lump under my arm pit, I lost both grandparents to cancer so in the back of my mind im worried it could be some sort of cancer. It hasn't been there for long but it's quite sore, I looked it up on the interent and a possibility is that it is a swolen gland, its larger that a pea size. Im just worried it could be something!
Avatar f tn I never had lump in my throat before I was pregnant ( at least that I knew of), my doctor noticed it during my first check up. He had to do tests for my thyroid and they both came back normal. I went for an ultrasound on my neck last week and now they want to do a biopsy. Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this? I'm scared of what this could mean for me and my baby!
Avatar n tn For the last 7 months I have experienced an ache in my left forearm whilst holding my baby. About 4 days ago I noticed a pea size seemingly unmovable lump along the outside of the left forearm bone (2 1/2 inches from wrist). Since then my whole arm has began to ache, and the area surrounding the lump has swollen and harderend to 2 50c pieces and is inreasing in its tenderness. There is no redness to the external skin.
Avatar m tn It can also make you feel like you have a lump in your throat--i think they call it globus sensation--or something similar. You can take a PPI while you are nursing a baby. It should make alot of the symptoms go away--but you may still feel some of them.
Avatar n tn I always have and was wondering if anyone else out there that has these swollen nodes in neck also have problems with their teeth and also wondering if problems with teeth (infections and such) could cause the nodes in the back of the neck swell up. Also, the glands in the front of my neck have always been large... these problems I've experienced have gone on for years... So, I'm hoping its nothing serious because, if it is, and I have it for years.... what chance would I have?
Avatar n tn I sincerely hope and pray that this is NOT cancer, but hopefully if it is that it has been caught in time.I first began to notice this in Jan of this year, and the pain has become a lot worse. The area feels like its burning sometimes.
Avatar f tn Every once in a while I also would get mild chest pain and pain in my sternum. I also get this feeling that there is a lump in my throat but have tested negative for thyrhoids. My red and white blood cell has come back normal. Ultrasound if stomach is normal. X-rays of chest and stomach are normal. Ct scan came back normal also. Ive been to it could be due to acid reflex and heart burn but I don't get the burning sensations or the acid reflex coming up my throat. Anyone have a clue?
Avatar n tn I am a recovering alocoholic with bulimia ( which went on for about 8ys). In 2001 I had my gallbladder removed .Got sober.. had a baby in apr '04. Whole time I was having bloodwork approx. every 3 months, checking my thyroid. My doc at the time said that they were just a little off each time, but nothing of concern. Bouts of iritis beagan in feb '05, becoming more persistant each time & still present. Last sep'05, I began to have difficulty "taking a deep breath or yawning".
Avatar n tn I think it might be a normal vertebrae sticking out due to the curve of your neck. I have a bone sticking out in the same place and had several MRIs of my neck after an injury years ago. No one said anything about it and I've always assumed it was normal. If you're concerned, you should ask, though--especially if you think it's new. Since you say you're pregnant, your posture could be different and it could be sticking out because your back is swaying.
Avatar n tn My hair already grows really fast. My right hand side of the back of my neck has plenty of in-grown hairs. Once the hair is growing, it meets with pressure and a block (pillow) per say. It does not help that my skin is already oily. This combination has caused hairs to turn back in to my skin and become in-grown. The only solution for me at this point is to grab a mirror and pick these out with a needle. Then pluck them out with tweezers.
Avatar n tn I also get occasional pain in the back of the neck. I get a lot of inflamation now...under my right cheek even down to my entrie right side inflamation increases depending on what I eat. I am currently taking Omega 3 supplements, magnesium, and vit B and am feeling better w/the inflamation subsiding. I have had such a long road..with this with it. I've had tried many RX and couldn't handle the stuff....the Omega's are really working well....
Avatar f tn Hello newborn 19days age he had a lump on left side neck.when im touching or press he not he at hospital just give antibiotic. ..doctors not deciced what is not blame they but im sad looking my baby being like mice lab u me please.
Avatar f tn Whilst applying cream tonight I have noticed a lump on his lower right rib. It is about the size of a pea and is hard. I have 3 other children who have had chicken pox and it is definitely not a chicken pox spot. It doesn't appear to hurt him. For the last week he has had a very high temperature and tonsilitus. He has been given antibiotics for this and seems to be better in himself. Should I be worried about this lump?
Avatar f tn These lumps and enlarged breasts in the baby may be quite noticeable at birth. They might even continue to grow after birth for a while. If you were to pinch them, some real breast milk may be expressed. Over weeks, or sometimes even months, when there is no more exposure to the hormones, the breast tissue begins to shrink and eventually becomes quite flat. Occasionally a normal, small amount of tissue remains, but it doesn't grow or cause discomfort.
Avatar n tn I got it in my 3rd trimester of being pregnant. when I was in the hospital to have my baby and when I told by OBGYN prior, they all said just to watch it. I had about 3 doctors tell me that. after my c-section, about 2 days later, my blood pressure went up, and the ball got bigger. Finally a doctor told me to see a rhumetologist and they sent one in plus a neurologist.
Avatar f tn 5 inches from my ear towards the center of the back of my head but more on the right side above my neck. It is hard, unmovable and is sensitive to touch. I have had issues with my thyroid and was diagnosed with Graves disease 3 years ago, but that has seemed to be in control. My last test I was more on the scale for Hashimotos. My tests for the thyroid do fluctuate but for the most part have been in the more normal range. I have not been sick other than the migraines..
475472 tn?1210037633 Hi, A breast lump is caused due to various causes - fibroadenoma, cyst, lipoma, lymph node being the most common causes. You could be having either of these. In rare cases is the lump malignant or cancerous. Have you noticed any abnormal features on breast self examination like skin changes or nipple discharge? Does the lump increase or decrease in size, pain and tenderness in relation to your menstrual periods?