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Avatar n tn I have a firmed hard lump in the back of my neck behind the ear under the skull bone. I can feel that it is starting to affect my left ear. The doctors thought it was a sweelling gland but is not. The lump is very firm. What could possibly be? One of the doctor's think is a bone grown.
Avatar m tn Noticed lump in neck august 2016. No change in size since then. I smoke around half a pack a day. I have (according to my dentist) poor dental hygiene. I had a root canal November last week for an abscess tooth (however it was on the left side of my mouth. I had a cyst removed right beneath my chin (size of a quarter) in 2011, which turned out to be non-cancerous.
Avatar m tn hi, i have a lump in the neck 2 cm in diameter under my left area near the jaw. From image in the internet found here : the lump seems to be located in the Jugulodigastric Deep Cervical Lymph Nodes. I detected it 5 years ago and went to 3 general doctor and an ENT specialist. all of them said it is ok. The ent specialist use ultrasound to check the lymph node and he said not to worry.
Avatar n tn Hi, can anyone help me with some advice on a lump in my neck. For the past 18months I've had a lump on my neck, just below my jawline about an inch from my ear. I have been to the doctors on 3 separate occasions to ask them what it can be and have been told it's "probably" my tonsil. Now, I understand that your tonsils swell when your ill but I've never been ill - no flu, coughs or colds.
Avatar n tn after that, a hell lot of pain occured in that tooth and after 2 days or so, this hard feeling in my neck occured, and it is still as it is, no change in size i think, i have no pain in the area of neck. but if i work late on computer i get a streched feeling in that area rising to the ear. also if i dont eat for a long time same feeling occurs, how ever i feel a little normal after i eat or sleep.
198703 tn?1207713828 Hi I'm not sure this is the right place to post... but I have a question about a lump in teh right side of my neck.. it is right next to my adams apple.. I have to press back a little but can definitely feel it .. the size of a marble or larger.. at least the part I can feel.. I also feel a pulse through it.. Is this my carotid artery, or could it be a lump in front of it.. it is very hard for me to tell ..
155639 tn?1251742203 Phoned vet and since he was eating and not lathargic it was not an emergency. Now it is Sunday and his neck area still is enlarged, it has not increased in size and not sure if it has gone down, maybe a little. He is still acting well and eating. Any ideas on what this is. Am I looking at the possibility of lymphoma? Thank you so much I am very worried about my dog and will be bringing him to the doctor tomorrow evening.
Avatar n tn I have had a painless lump in my neck for several years. It is on the left side in the same area where my lymph nodes typically swell up when I have a cold. It is behind the upper part of my jaw, below my ear. It is hard, painless (unless I press it rather hard), immovable and about an inch in size. I have had two doctors who have been aware of it, but dismissed it. The first one put me on antibiotics to make it go down, but they did not do anything.
Avatar n tn Supraclavicular lymph node can enlarge if there is any infection or inflammation in the surrounding area. Does the lump move? Is it hard or soft?
Avatar n tn Is it normal to have small, hard, just slightly smaller than pea sized bumps in this area of the neck? Or is it a good chance of being cancer? I will ask my Dr this week, but I am hoping to get some peace of mind until then. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I quit taking it Dec 07 and due to the fact that my ovary is still functioning I could not go on the the next medicine that I would have taken. I just found a lump in my neck which had been diagnosed as Breast Cancer recourrance. I still have one ovary which is still functioning. It was dicsucced that is should have been removed but they never did do it.
14178828 tn?1433263772 It is located on the right side maybe 1/2 an inch or more above my collarbone - kind of where the neck meets the shoulder area. The lump is movable as I'm able to move it around and it feels kinda soft. Like not totally hard but not super squishy/soft either. You can't really see it when looking unless lean my head to the left and it very slightly pokes out. I've tried ibuprofen and a heating pad but nothing is helping.
Avatar f tn Can acid reflux cause a swelling in neck area were thryroid gland is. Do have nodules on thryroid.Lump is very noticiable.Told it was muscle?
Avatar f tn I made an appointment with our family doctor and they said he had an infection in his salivary gland. The pain is better now, but he has a lump in his neck area around his throat. Should I make an appointment with a gland specialist or wait to see if the lump goes away? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Not in the thyroid area? Thyroid is closer toward the base of your neck. I suggest getting an ultrasound of the area.
143952 tn?1237868141 Hi - I've had a very small lump in the back of my neck for a few months now, since about July I think. It's about two inches from the base of the ear towards the middle of the neck and about 1/2 to 1 inch down from the hairline. Does anyone know which nodes those are - I've seen conflicting info from websites. And, how likely is it to be something serious? I don't think it's gotten much bigger than from I first discovered it, but the area seems more irritated now.
Avatar n tn Two months ago I noticed a lump on the right side of my neck. It seems bigger than the other lymph nodes in my neck. I have been to three doctors, one was my GP and the other two were ENT specialists. All of them have said they "think" that it is a normal size lymph node, but I cannot seem to be convinced. It doesn't hurt when I touch it, but of course, that makes me worried because non tender lumps in neck are more likely to be cancerous than tender nodes.
Avatar n tn The elbows does not sound like lymphoma and neither does the change in bowel movements. In fact unless you had cancer in your bowel area I have never heard or read of this being a symptom. I am curious as to where you heard this.
4352631 tn?1369683361 They are usually only palpable in our neck, arm pit and groin areas. If you are just noticing this lump, and it does not go away in the next week or so you might want to mention it to your doctor. It is possible that you are fighting of an infection of some kind and it will go away on its own. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn But today I ate some chicken and it seem to not go down the right way, I thought that I had threw all of it up, but I have this lump in my throat, that hurts when I cough or try to drink. It is not enough to choke me, but enough pain to make me aware. I have tried to throw up, but nothing is moving this lump. I am scared what do you suggest?
Avatar n tn Dr. R My son has developed a dime size lumps in the neck area in the area of the external jugular vein at the middle of that prospected area. He's had a sore throat since the start of this. The lump is painful, but only to palpation. The lump feels more so hard that at a soft nature. Could you elaborate on what this could ppossibly be.
Avatar m tn I forgot to attach the pic, but the lump is in the Semispinalis Capitis area. If i hold my head straight up, i can barely feel it, but it sticks out more if i tilt my head down to the front or right side.
Avatar f tn Dear All, i have a movable lump at the left side of my neck area like below my tonsils area. I tested HIV negative with oraquick after waiting out the 3 months window period. What could be the cause then? Thank You.
Avatar n tn the only one in the area is the mastoid of the skull but it is below it. I noticed it about 8 months ago...does not seem to have gotten any bigger. It can not be seen by the naked eye and when the muscle is contracted deeper pressure is needed to feel it so it feels like it is either attached to or below the muscle. I have had 3 different collegues feel it and they all say it does not feel like a hardened node, but everything I read say if its hard, nonmobile, its bad.
Avatar n tn Hello all... I have a lump on the back of my neck where my neck and back meet. When I'm laying down and relaxing, the lump can't be felt...but when I stand or sit upright, I can feel it when I probe my neck with me finger. It doesn't hurt at all...and doesn't move when I touch it. It seems to me this is probably a muscle knot, but I'm a little paranoid that it's something more.