Lump in neck area

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Avatar n tn stiffness/tension between neck & shoulder area, posterior ribs, left s.i. .
Avatar f tn My neck has been hurting today and I wasn't sure why or what it was. I felt my neck and it's hurting on the right side around the top of where my thyroid is. I'm not sure if the pain is associated w/ my thyroid or not. But it hurts pretty bad. I think the medicine is helping some. Not too sure though. I can still feel the "lump" in my throat when I swallow. I go to the doctor on 7/6/09 for a follow-up from the ultrasound I had done.
Avatar f tn my left armpit is sore in one area
Avatar f tn I am concerned about a growing lump at the base of my ear on the jawline. It starte two nights ago with acute pain. The size of the lump has grown as has the pain. It is also showing bruising.
Avatar f tn Injections performed 12/16. Neck is achy and sore with lump in upper L area. Headache level 5 from lying on stomach during injections. Reduced down to 3-4 in the afternoon after taking Maxalt.
1605505 tn?1297863098 i found this lump in my vaginal area, its beside my vagina and the inside of my thigh. i noticed it about a year ago.. and it wasnt, very big then... but it slowly got bigger and bigger. its about the size of a quarter.. and its worrying me. and now its starting to hurt.. im scared its cancer or something.. i went to my obgyn about a month ago and he looked at it and said it was a boile. but, ive had alot of them before, and its nothing like that.. so could anyone help me?
Avatar f tn feel like a hard lump/ painful in area and going down inside of leg.
Avatar f tn Can acid reflux cause a swelling in neck area were thryroid gland is. Do have nodules on thryroid.Lump is very noticiable.Told it was muscle?
Avatar f tn Headache, neck ache, diarrhea, feeling of lump in throat, neck feels fat, tiered, voice change, dificalty breathing, dificalty eating,
Avatar n tn My daughter has a lump under the skin, just under the groin area. No known trauma to this area and no known bites either. There hasn't been any fever thus far. This area has been enlarged for about a week but has not been getting any bigger, nor any smaller. My child has also complained of headache and neck pain, however, my son just got rid of the "bug.
Avatar n tn I have a lump on the back of my neck right around the area of my Hairline, I just noticed it and it doesn't cause me any pain unless I poke it incessantly. Its about the size of a marble, and stationary. Any thoughts? Or is it probably just a swollen lymph node?
Avatar f tn before that i experienced neck pain and only discovered a lump when my mum was massaging my neck. it has been a month now and the lump is still there and has grown slightly bigger. sometimes i feel a slight pain on the right side of my head and on the lump itself. sometimes i could feel warm sensation around that area too. also early this month, i've been having frequent white patches in my mouth even till now. i also have frequent on and off flu.
Avatar n tn ulta sound on lump in right arm, showed as normal extreme lathargy and burning pain in neck
Avatar m tn Few months back i found a pea sized lump below my jaw close to my neck, It is pain less. But i feel that area to be a bit swollen. I hav a slight pain in the back part of my neck, sore throught, I can hear a sound on that side of my ear when i drink something. I usually have had head aches on my left side. And also a slight pain in my left year... A pain below my left feet.. connected to the second small finger. and also when i sneeze i have a pain below by right abdomen.
Avatar n tn Went to Dr. today to see what she had to say about lump in my neck. She feels its a swollen gland but doesn't know why it's so swollen. She did a chest xray to check lymphnoid action...seemed to be clear she said. They also drew blood. We'll see what that has to say in a few days. If it continues or gets bigger in 2 weeks I need to give her a call and may do a catscan at that time.
Avatar f tn pain in neck on both sides near gland area - not sure if glandular or muscular
822438 tn?1238518573 I have had a lump in the left side of my neck for about 2 or so weeks. It seems to be changing....kind of seems like it is elongating. It is located in middle of throat sort of by or on my carotid artery area. There is no pain associated, nor have I been ill. I was seen yesterday and then sent to have a CT scan done. The CT came back normal, but that is all I got out of the doctor's office...a call that said it was normal. So what I want to know is what this is.
Avatar n tn after that, a hell lot of pain occured in that tooth and after 2 days or so, this hard feeling in my neck occured, and it is still as it is, no change in size i think, i have no pain in the area of neck. but if i work late on computer i get a streched feeling in that area rising to the ear. also if i dont eat for a long time same feeling occurs, how ever i feel a little normal after i eat or sleep.
Avatar f tn Whole throat area hurts especially when tilting head back.
Avatar f tn there's a lump in the back of my neck. it hurts. and it's driving me a little nuts.
Avatar m tn I forgot to attach the pic, but the lump is in the Semispinalis Capitis area. If i hold my head straight up, i can barely feel it, but it sticks out more if i tilt my head down to the front or right side.
1550654 tn?1294747554 What is this damn lump in my throat and my does my face hurt!!!!