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Avatar f tn Just a day ago I got a very painful lump in my underarm. It's not a pimple and it's very sore to the touch. I've had lymph nodes in my neck before but was told they were nothing to worry about. I don't know what to do as I'm on vacation in a foreign country...
Avatar f tn An armpit lump can be felt enlarged due to shaving, waxing, using a deodarant and other infectious causes. The throat lumps you mention could be due to some throat infection. You could wait for a few days, and see if the lymph nodees decrease in size. If not, you would need to consult your doctor and you may need to take an antibiotic course. For the pain in the neck region, it would be best to take OTC pain relief medications and apply some local analgesic gel.
Avatar n tn Hi I have recently found a lump in my right armpit and on the left side of my neck. They are hard lumps and do not hurt. Any idea what it could be?
Avatar m tn Hello, My wife has detected a lump below the skin in the armpit. She is 40 and has a mamogram 2 months ago. the test was clean, but because of th location of the lump i doubt that it was scanned. My wifes parents have both passed from cancer one from lung and the other from pancreas. The lump has been there for about three weeks and has recently become painfull the sensation that she has described is a burning when she lifts her arm.
Avatar f tn I woke up this morning and my armpit was swollen and i have a lump there. This has happened before and i always goes away. It is sore. I am really scared and i am unsure of what to do. I work a demanding job as a police officer and it is impossible to get into a dr for a few days. It hurts into the right side of my neck. That is the same arm that is swollen.
Avatar f tn I have a small lump in my armpit and it feels like its bruised.. any ideas what it is??? Its pretty small and tender.
Avatar f tn hi im 41yr old female. i found a lump 3 weeks ago in my armpit it doesnt hurt, been to the doctors who has refered me to hospital for test as she doesnt know if its cancer or not just by feeing it. i go next wednesday. iv convinced myself that it is bad news, iv got no lumps anywhere else, doctor checked my breasts, im worried to death. my neck and shoulders are aching aswell but hopefully i think thats just tension and stress from worrying, iv got no history of breast cancer in the family.
Avatar n tn When this happens to me, it's usually one in one arm pit or one in my neck and it lasts for a couple of months after illness. It's common. I had this when ill and I also had this when I got a vaccination recently. I would tell your mom and yes, see your doctor to make sure all is well.
Avatar f tn For the past year know, I have had a lump under my armpit, and causes no pain, or discomfort, and had a doc. look at it four months ago. He said looked like lymphnoids, did a follow up ultrasound today, the techs and docs. at the hospital comfirmed today that it is a swollen muscle in my armpit. I am not sure that sounds right, concidering that just four months ago, my Surgeon says that it was lymphnoids, and that we will make sure it does not grow.
Avatar f tn HI, I'm a 23 year old female. I have had a small pea-sized lump in my left armpit for... a long time. I really can't remember for how long I've had it now, it could be as much as a year, or as little as 4 months. At first I though it was just an ingrown hair from shaving/waxing and as I do for other bumps of this kind, I've been waiting for a sign of the hair to surface or a 'whitehead' so to speak, to form so that I could clear it out with a needle if it didn't go on it's own.
Avatar n tn Was off the antibiotics for approximately 10 days when low and behold, 3 more popped up (1 in the armpit, 1 in the groin and another have mercy was in my privates). Back to the Dr., he said now I have to be on the antibiotic for 30 days and that he felt it was a staph infection. In addition, I've got to put bacitracin in my nose at bedtime for 3 weeks. He advised that staph is a common bacteria that everyone has on their body. It actually lives in the nose.
Avatar m tn My 11 yr old son received 4 shots on Friday afternoon (Td/Tdap, Hep A, Varicella, Meningitis). After a shower 24 hours later he had a painful lump and swelling in his armpit. It is now just over 48 hours after getting the shot and it is not getting any better. I just want to check to see if this allergic reaction or pain and swelling is a common side effect of at least one of these shots. Because of the timing of the soreness my husband and I feel it is related but not sure if it needs a dr.
Avatar n tn Then it finally opened a little and pus started to come out, so it leaked out and i thought it was done but it came back again and swelled again like 2 months later, now, i released most of the pus but now there is a small hole in my armpit and there is a small piece/lump of tissue it looks like that is sticking out of my armpit, approx 1mm in diameter is the hole and I don't know what I should do, will it heal by itself , is the skin going to grow over it? Do i need stitches?
Avatar n tn Since I have been off the medication for the past 2 weeks, I now have the same enlarged lymph node on the side of my neck which aches constantly. I have had various issues with swollen lymph nodes in the groin and armpit and base of neck. They ache inparticular when I am tired and deal with this more lately. It used to be once or twice a week they would ache, I would nap, and they would feel almost daily.
Avatar m tn I felt under my arms and noticed that I had a medium-size lump (which I read that lymph nodes are found in the armpit area, too). I'm still not entirely sure if that has anything to do with the cysts in my ears. But basically, my armpit was sore for a day or two. Then the lumps basically disappeared.
Avatar f tn In October 2009 a lymph node in my neck was incredibly swollen and the swelling spread (only on one side of my face) and caused the right side of my face to double in size, I went to a doctor and they didn't know what it was so they just gave my antibiotics. The swelling then decreased, but I had noticed that one particular lymph node on my right side just under my jaw remained slightly swollen, but it didn't hurt and wasn't fixed so I wasn't concerned.
1298701 tn?1286990594 and couple days ago i notice the pea size hard lump under the left arm (armpit). i have nausea but not vomitting and some headache and i recently easily brusing. i didnt bump that hard and got purble blue bruise and its still there after a week later. i get bruise by just the simple inset bite too. mostly my leg. sometime i wake up and i have bruise on my leg that i dont even know where it came from.
Avatar m tn I'm a 16 year old male, and i've had a lump under my armpit for about a month now, and i was wondering if anyone could give me any insight as to what it is. It isn't very big, it doesn't hurt, although it can get a bit tender if i mess with it, it's pretty hard, and seems to be under the skin. I read somewhere that using an antiperspirant can cause bumps like this, and i use Mitchum Unscented roll on. Does anyone know if this has any type of connection?
Avatar n tn I have found a lump under my left armpit that i noticed about 3 months ago. It does not hurt and is deep in the hollow of my armpit. I have been the doctors and the first doctor said it was a swollen lymph gland and it was probably due to my hormonal changes as i am taking cilest birth control pill for polycystic ovarian syndrome. The doctor told me to come back in a week and i did and she said it had gone smaller however it just feels exactly the same to me, hasnt got any bigger.
Avatar f tn I found a lump/knot in my right armpit, it is tender to the touch? I also do not have health ins.?!? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/228124'>Very small but tender lump under left arm</a>.
Avatar f tn Hi, This kind of lump can be a swollen lymph node,a sebaceous cyst or a boil.If your Doctor has prescribed an antibiotic,then he/she thinks it's an infection of the hair follicle,or an infection somewhere in the body ( causing a swollen lymph node). Some Antibiotics don't work straight away and it might take several days to see an improvement.Also swollen lymph node could take a long time to disappear even when the infection has been treated.
Avatar f tn thumping pain in my right hand, arm, neck and jaws. Tingle and feel tight in my hand and fingers. Headache and fever.. feeling hot at nights... Please tell me if anyone got this similar systoms..I am seeing the doctor tomorrow. I am scared..
Avatar f tn I have had this lump bang in the middle of my armpit for a couple of months now, when you squeeze it between your thumb and finger it is a little uncomfortable and feels like a bit of grissly meat, i did go Drs who straight away said "nothing to worry about its probably just a bit of fatty tissue" why or how do you get fatty tissue, and i should i just accept that theres nothing to worry about as its not going away??
Avatar m tn My wife is an OR-RN and she told me I had developed skin breakdown under my arm and down my lat. We tried to wash my armpit but I had a lump about quarter size and super sore. I went to the doctor b/c I felt achy, but no fever. He put me on Clindimyacin 300mg TID on 2/23/12 along with Clotrimazole topical oint. to treat a secondary bacterial infection stemming from the initial fungal infection on my skin. The lump is down to a nickel size and barely tender.
Avatar n tn I have had 3 rounds of neoadjuvant chemo for breast cancer, i also have two 9mm lumps in my armpit. I have dull pain in my armpit, which goes slightly to my shoulder and neck. Is it possible that my cancer is being metastised??? or what is it????
Avatar f tn Hi, The lymph nodes, which are located in different parts of the body including the neck and armpit, are a part of the lymphatic system. When a lymph node becomes swollen, it usually indicates infection.The normal size of a lymph node can range from a couple of millimeters to about a centimeter. When there is infection or inflammation somewhere in the body, a lymph node may enlarge and could remain swollen,even after the infection is gone.
Avatar f tn Lipoma may appear in areas of the body rich in fat such as the abdomen and back. The lump is doughy in character and may be movable and slip through the fingers when you palpate this. Refrain from touching the area. My primary differential here is EBV or infectious mononucleosis.
Avatar n tn Well I woke up this am and the lump in my breast was almost gone. It was at least half the size it was. My neck no longer hurts and the glands appear nearly normal. my arm no longer hurts. Go figure. I had booked a gp appt to figure out what to do next and she is sending me to a surgeon for follow-up. I'm wondering if anyone has any idea of what they will do. Apparently the cysts are fluid filled but something must have opened or popped for it to go down so much.