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Avatar m tn A moving lump that can be pushed inside can be a bursa, a loose bone or cartilage or fluid in the joint bulging out through a bursa or membrane. A MRI of the joint is required for correct diagnosis. Please consult your orthopedic specialist regarding this. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar f tn Other than this it can be a slipped prosthesis, a Baker’s cyst (cyst in popliteal fossa at the back of the knee caused by fluid built up under pressure within the knee cavity in response to an inflammatory problem within the knee), an abscess, a lipoma or a muscle tumor. Try and consult a doctor and get the basic investigations done like X-ray of the joint and if this does not reveal anything then a MRI of the joint. For all you know, the problem may not be related to the prosthesis.
Avatar n tn hi I have had a lump on the side of my right knee now for two weeks its very painful to the point I can barely walk on my right leg and the lump has gotten bigger what should I do or what is it?
Avatar f tn I have a small lump about the size if a BB or small pea that sometime gets a bit bigger right on top if the joint in front of my ear. It is slightly movable. I and two other doctors thought this was preauricular node or partoid issue as I have had a series of issues involving systemic lymphatic swelling. I have been having ear pain, feeling of imflammation in temple and upper cheek area, dizziness and eye pain as well as visible swelling on the left side of my face.
Avatar m tn I can touch it and move it around without pain. I am not sure how long this lump has been there. I am not in so much pain that I feel i need to be seen by my Doctor, in fact I feel comfortable in treating my situation the way i have been. Or should I go and be seen. Is there potential reason to panic? After all I don't even recall the incident where I might have injured it.... Thank you!!
Avatar f tn Severe joint pain in the knee and later also in the fingers. The knee thing turned out to be ostenecrosis where the femur of my right leg was dying. now I think this was all caused by the Tamoxifen, but what matters is that my vit D was very, very low, and it is in many people with cancer and bc. After I found supplements that were effective, and the D normalized, my leg and knee went back to normal. it just started one day without any injury or provocation and it stopped the same way.
Avatar m tn I am 56 yrs. old and since last summer I have been waking up in the morning with joint pain. My elbow joints, hip, and knee joints are all painful. And I have this tired weak feeling so it takes me awhile to get out of bed. The meds I am taking are : Nexium 40mg. twice a day, Amlodipine Bensylate 5mg. once a day, Trilipix 135mg. once a day and Ibuprofen 600mg. when needed. Pravastatin Sodium 40mg. once a day and Alprazolam 1mg. twice a day.
Avatar n tn He routinely goes in to have his skin checked for squalmous and basel cell carcinoma and has had liquid nitrogen or minor surgery to deal with this over the past 20 years. My immediate concern is that lump in the inside fatty part roughly six inches above the knee (inside). Please let me know what you think this could be and if we should take immediate action of some sort. Thank you so much.
Avatar f tn This pain leads to the feeling of something being placed within my joint like a wooden block that restricts me from straightening my leg. As i straighten my knee i can feel the lump deep inside the joint. Along with this i have begun to experience strange episodes of my joint swelling, numbing, stinging and going extremely red and hot. This only last for minutes but it seems to happen on both joints regularly. I have been on Prednisilone (steroids) for over 15 years now.
Avatar f tn I am 18 and quite frankly I am scared out of my mind. I am waiting on results from a recent ultrasound, but I discovered a "lump" in my left inner thigh about 2 months ago. The lump is not visible when I flex or straighten my leg. Only when it is bent. I haven't felt any burning, but it feels like an extremely tight muscle that is pulling on the outside of my left knee. I don't know what to think as I don't remember having any trauma or recent injuries to my legs.
Avatar m tn Devote999 i think it looks like baker's cyst (consult a physician) A Baker's cyst is a pocket of fluid that forms a lump behind the knee. It is also called a popliteal cyst. See a picture of a Baker's cyst. Baker's cyst? A Baker's cyst is caused when excess joint fluid is pushed into one of the small sacs of tissue behind the knee. When this sac fills with fluid and bulges out, it is called a cyst.
Avatar n tn Hi! A lump above the knee cap or patella as it is called can be pre-patellar bursitis. A bursa is a small fluid filled sac around most mobile joints. This is lined by synovial membrane which secretes a slimy substance to lubricate these joints so that there is no friction during movement. The other possibility is that it is a cyst, a lipoma, or a soft tissue tumor. It is difficult to comment beyond this without examination. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
Avatar f tn My whole knee IS NOT swollen, just that lump where the fluid is. I did have a patella release 20yrs ago on that exact same spot my fluid is building up. Again,the fluid build up is not where the surgery holes were done. It starts out okay in the morning when I wake up, but by 2pm the kneee is sore & swollen (it is too be expected), but why the fluid build up in the one area only. If it was not for that I would be okay....
393942 tn?1315563752 Since the surgery I have developed a hugh lump on the outside part of my knee and my whole leg swelled. My doc said that the only thing that will help all the swelling would be a compression stocking. The stocking helped from my knee down but did nothing from my knee up. The lump is still as big as ever. I saw him today and he said that the lump will go down in time. What I was wondering is if there is any way to know how long this would take?
Avatar n tn Please can anyone offer any help on what is wrong with me. I am 28yrs old, female, white. I haven't felt well for ages but my symptoms are sporadic & random. Have been to the dr's several times but always feel rushed in there & that they feel I'm wasting their time. Symptoms include... Headaches, on/off for months, light headedness & sometimes I have eye pain & my vision goes abit blurred.
Avatar m tn Hello! There are 3 pairs of ligaments in your knee joint and you might have injured your menisci or cruciate ligaments. Grade I ligament tears take time to heal and you have to wear a brace for 4-6 weeks and follow up with physiotherapy. For a proper diagnosis you have to consider MRI and also a proper clinical examination near an orthopedician for diagnosis and for a proper recovery. Take care!
Avatar n tn I too have been feeling electric shocks in my left knee. It may have to do with the hernias I have in my spinal cord that off and on press the nerve and thus cause the shock. Is this is a possibility?
Avatar f tn My knee is stiff and painful today underneath the knee cap where the pes anserine tendon inserts and to the inside of the knee cap (medially). I also have pain in the middle of the back of the knee, is especially sharp if I push into it. In terms of comfort and daily activities, I am having no trouble walking except that my knee will get a little swollen (very slight) and stiff if I walk a lot.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a painless, relatively hard lump on the outside of my right knee. It only really caused me discomfort about three years ago after playing tennis for a long period---it throbbed for a day or two, I guess because of the pounding on the hard surface. Otherwise, I cycle, run on a trendmill and use the rowing machine fairly frequently with no problem. I've had this "bump" for five years or so. I used to do quite a bit of road running 10-15 years ago, maybe 20 miles a week.
Avatar f tn I can't trigger the pain by running or by moving the joint in any way although the area is slightly tender if I press it hard. There is no lump or indication of any foreign body under the skin. I'll post the diagnosis if I get any joy from the NHS. Kenny make sure to do the same if you find out what it is.
Avatar f tn My appetite is good. In before my poop most of the time is hard but in this 9 week sometimes its like not normal. 3. 3 week after exposure (sore throat & fever for 2 days then continue with flu 1 week). 3 boil appear at my arm. My neck feel uncomfortable until today. At that time my neck become tight. And until today not make me comfortable. Idk if effect from my action of brushing tongue too hard. I dont know if this is lump or swell. 4. 4 week after exposure.
Avatar m tn saying i had sinusidous as well as Vascular type headache disorder, A hemorrage of the Gastrointestinal Tract, Patellofemoral Syndrome, some more headaches, abdominal pain, and this was interesting.. In 2004 I was seen for a knee pain in my left knee/leg.. The notes state that I had a Sebaceous Cycst in my left knee.. Do NOT remember that.. These were all of my "After Dr. Visit Notes" that the Doctors had written.. Most of the visits were headaches and vision issues at first..
Avatar m tn In 2004 I was seen for a knee pain in my left knee/leg.. The notes state that I had a Sebaceous Cycst in my left knee.. Do NOT remember that.. These were all of my "After Dr. Visit Notes" that the Doctors had written.. Most of the visits were headaches and vision issues at first..I also had pleuciry and that was back in 2006... It was bad... I remember early last year i got very sick and they thought i caught mono but i tested neg.
Avatar n tn You had an inflammation of the soft tissue under your knee joint( bursa, tendon), which due to more stretching during the skatepark jump has inflammed and now you need rest, icepacks and anti inflammatory drugs. If it does not decrease you have to visit an orthopaedicain for an examination. Take care!
Avatar n tn Then had series of three steriod cocktail shots into the knee joint. Each time the found blood in the joint. Had surgery again on Dec 21 2009to remove the synovial capsule as it was obvious it was being pinched in the joint and bleeding internally. When they did the surgery they found that the synovial capsule was totally fibrotic. I had tons of scar tissue and adhesions. They had to remove a lot of tissue. Seven days after surgery had green discharge coming from incision.
Avatar n tn I also have the lump that has been growing in size over the last 4-5 years in the xyphoid area. Also have difficulty swallowing. Don't sleep on my stomach often - more of a side sleepr. Glad to hear that it is not serious.
Avatar n tn Hi, I male 21,UK had an encounter with a sexwoker on 9th July 07 [(with condom) vaginal penetration, kissing, sucking nipples and handjob without condom using lubricant after penetration]...I developed joint pains (knee,elbow, hand finger) 2-3 weeks after exposure (been on ibuprofen for 5 days..pain still there increasing in the knee) and recently developed(2days ago) abdominal pain and feeling to vomit... I had a HIV p24 after a month 8th Aug 07..result negative..
Avatar n tn This type of cancer is prevalent in children, and occurs 80% of the time around the knee joint. However, at this point, the doctors aren't sure yet, since there are other conditions which may mimic osteosarcoma. Examples of such conditions include bone tuberculosis, and osteoma, a non-cancerous bone tumor. These other conditions have to be "excluded" by means of additional tests, before a diagnosis of osteosarcoma is finally arrived at.
495748 tn?1209609559 2 days ago I had knee pain/finger pain in the morning and by teatime both knees were affected and most finger joints. Yesterday elbows were slightly painful as well. Today not only have these symptoms got slightly worse, my elbows and wrists are also becoming sore and my knees are really painful - it seems to be getting worse by the minute. Also my neck hurts and I have a small lump on the back of my neck which appeared this morning. I feel a weird pressure within my rib cage also.