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Avatar m tn Hi im 18 years old i dont masterbate much at all ( like once a week) and everytime i get a erection i find a lettle lump on the end of my penis right below my head to the right side. It doesnt hurt,itch or bother me at all and its been there for a year now. I was wondering what is it and if its a big deal and if it is what should i do!?
Avatar n tn I have about 4 swollen lump in my head. It makes my head feels really funny.I get headace but not very often.also my both ears scrach alot inside and there are no wax only scrab.My eyes feel really blurred at times.sometimes i fell like my nerve is moving in my head and face.The front,frontside and forid really feel tigh at times.lately am really tired.sometimes i feel like water is in my head.when the lump started going the doctor to it off and test it,nothing was there.after it grew back.
Avatar n tn My 10 day old baby has a small lump the size of a small pea in the back of his head near his neck. He hasnt bumped his head so im not sure what it could be?
331673 tn?1199357885 I get a lump in the back of my head...feels like a lymph...that gets a little sore...its in like with my ear and nose but on the rear left side of my head, 2-3 inches behind my ear. it always goes away...and more or less feels like a little swollen, dime sized lypmp. When I touch is sensitive..and a little sore...but no othe rpain associated with it. is this something I need to be concerned about? please advise....
Avatar n tn I am a male in mid thirties and on self examination i am feeilng a small lump in the head of my penis. I am experiencing pain when urinating as the urine flow is dimished upon exiting. I think the lump is the possible cause. I have visited the doctor twice and he has prescribed anti-biotics on both visits. Please help, I am very concerned and troubled. ----------Thank you.
Avatar n tn They had scheduled out of hospital day surgery and it ended up that they had to call in a pediatric neurosurgeon because the lump (tumor) had invaded the skull and cerebral-spinal fluid had leaked into his head. Watch the lump. If it increases in size rapidly, demand to see a specialist.
Avatar f tn I have a hard mass fixed to my head right behind my ear that has been growing in size for over 6 months. I also noticed the lymph node that's located right beneath it is a bit hard, I also get swelling of the area at times too but the hard fixed lumped hasn't gone away and has also been growing in size. I also feel pressure on that side of my head and also get shooting pains sometimes. What could this be?
Avatar n tn Hi.. Two nights ago i noticed a small lump on the right side of my head, it wasn't sore or painful,, only when i mess with it and squeeze at it has it become a little tender. I just wondered what it is and if it is serious. I really would rather not visit the doctor.
Avatar n tn Hi, im 19 from UK. I've had a pea sized lump on the top of my scalp now for about 6 or so months, though it could be longer because that is when I first noticed it. I went to my doctor and he said it could be a pimple, but it is nothing to worry about. Also, aside from that, I have several small spots all across my scalp, probably at least 10 that I can find. Are these related? In the past 12 months I have had headlice too, maybe this is connected.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have a 2 month old baby girl that has a fluid like sac at the crown of her head. Her soft-spot in the back of the head has closed over however the one on the very top is still there. It is noticable to the eye and when touched it will move around. She has been to the doctor and they do not seem to know what it is, blood tests and x-rays have been taken however test results have not came in yet. any suggestions or comments would be great!
Avatar n tn i have a small lump on the back of my head it is the size of a pea and has grown. it is now bwcoming tender and i have experienced shooting pains around my head.
Avatar f tn I just noticed a lump where my leg and genital area meets. it has one white head in the middle of it. it's pretty hard I guess. I don't really know what I'm looking for... I have no idea what it is and I'm freaking out. I've never have had sex so I don't think it's an STD but idk. could it be a tumor?
Avatar n tn one is on the top of my head closer to my forehead. the other is in the middle top part of the back of my head. the one on the top of my head is very tender. no color changes. the one on the back of my head doesnt hurt and is the same color of my skin. they are about the size of a skittle and as tall as a skittle is this something i should worry about?
Avatar n tn I was laying in bed and all of a sudden I had a sharp pain in the back of my head that brought me to tears. When i put my fingers on the spot that was hurting, there was a knot/lump on the right side of the back of my head. Right about the neck. There is a natural lump on the left side and the right was was originally like the left but now its swollen with a lump. What do i do? I Didn't hit my head and nothing came into contact with my head. What is this lump and what do i do?
Avatar n tn There are few possible causes of lump in armpit like cysts and infections. Lymph node enlargement can cause a lump in the armpit. They occur due to bacterial, viral infections or cancer. Abscesses in the lump can also cause a painful lump in the armpit. Small boils, pustules can also be the possible causes. Get it seen. Do keep us posted. Best of luck and kind regards!
Avatar n tn I have had a lump on the back of my scalp since i was about 14, i am now 24. I've never had it checked out because i'm a little scared. At first when it appeared, there was actually 2 lumps and a couple of years ago one of them got really infected. I went to my mom to see what she would have to say about it, and the thing just exploded. The one that is still on my head, isn't painful or anything, but i'm just a little concerned about it as i get older....
Avatar n tn Hi i have a hard lump under my skin on the back of my neck almost where my head and neck meet. Its hard and about the size of a marble. can some one help me. it hads been here a while but seems to have gotten a little bigger. i do not smoke.
Avatar n tn i have small lump on top of my head had its for a very long time but now its getting bigger
Avatar f tn Wonderin if anyone can help in the head of my penis near the rim I have a little lump that is hardly noticable when soft but feels hard and prob just smaller than a pea has anyone any idea what it could be
Avatar f tn I have a 2 yrs old son and he has lump on his head big one. But it don't hurt him or anything . He didn't fall down or hit anything. But I'm concern and worry so if anyone knows what it is please help me find the answer. One more question should u take him to the ER or wait for his appointment in two days.
Avatar n tn Hello, The lump behind the ear on the head may be due to the trauma inflicted to the ears.What is the size and constituency of the lump (soft, fleshy, firm, rubbery, or matted).Is it movable or fixed? Most lumps in that site are due to infections or benign tumors of soft tissue origin. Behind the ear there is skin, fat, cartilage, bone, nerves, blood vessels, lymph nodes, and salivary gland tissue (a portion of the parotid salivary gland extends behind the ear).
Avatar m tn I have a knot on the left side of my head right above my ear. It feels like when you get hit or you bumo into something and you get a knot. It is very hard and I think it moved forward.
Avatar n tn i have just discovered i have a lump on the lower part of my testicles its not on either one its more in the middle of the sac at the bottom and its like a hard pea. it is not attached to any testicle only hurts if you squeeze it, has no head on it . please advise????????? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/912282'>Cyst on testicle</a>.
Avatar f tn hello i have this lump above my vagina and at first it's just a little bump now it's red and looks like a boil. i think it showed up sometime after I shave. I usually shave before I get my period. Could the lump result from the shaving? how could i get rid of it? it's starting to like swell and it's a bit stingy when touched. HELP ME PLEASE!
Avatar n tn I woke up this morning with a lump at the base of my skull! It is also sore to tough the right side of my head! What could this be???
Avatar f tn iv got an small hard lump on the right side of my head just above my ear. I do get qiute alot of headaches especially on my right side?
Avatar n tn i have had a lump on the left side of my vagina for about 5 days. it is extremelyyyyyyy sore and you cannot see it. like it does not have a head or anything for a sign for it to be popped. i can feel it when i touch it. it is about pea size. it hurts like crazy. and the day i got it my boyfriend was fingering me extremely hard like he was literally like punchin my vagina it felt like so i was thinking it could be a swollen gland. cause his knuckle was going into me hard on the spot its at.
Avatar n tn Hello, A week ago I found a lump under my left clavicle, It is right in the middle about hald an inch below my clavicle. It is hard and not tender ot painful. I thought it could be a swollen lymph node, but it doesn't move. It almost feels like it is attached to the top of my rib cage. (I am a 20 year old female, normal general health) I went to the doctor and got a blood test, urine test, and chest x-ray. Everything came back normal.
Avatar m tn I have an odd shaped lump on the top of my head that has grown longer in shape and bigger over the past 2 years. There is no pain and the lump is hard, not soft in any way. I do not have any other symptoms. What could this be?