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Avatar n tn I am a 23-year-old male with a small, hard lump, about 1cm in diameter, to the right of my scrotum, directly where my groin and right leg meet. It is not inside the scrotum or on the leg, but between the two. It seems to be attached to the skin. There is no redness or other discoloration, and does not hurt when touched.
Avatar m tn Hi went to docs with a lump in my groin where groin meets top of leg are and my doc was 99% sure it was a femoral hernia so had to see specialist at my local hospital, he checked me over and wasn't sure it was a hernia at all and has sent me for an ultrasound scan. The lump itself is soft and seems to fill up or vibrate when I feel it when walking and when i exert myself(lifting etc) it gives me occasional pain...
Avatar n tn About two to three months ago I spotted a lump in the left side of my groin. Thought nothing of it, but about a month later I found some ridges under both sides of my ribcage (quite big) and recently had lumps appear in my neck (which are actually going). Most recently I have had some stomach pains. A bit freaked but would just like to have some advice,as I plan to the see doctor soon and would like to know what I am entering. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I do know the lump in my groin is a lymphnode because every now and then it causes dull aches and pains and sometimes a shooting pain through my leg on the same side! Is it possible that this is a swelling due to HIV? Please help me I know I need to get this checked out. I have a girlfriend for the last ten years and neither of us have been sick other than the common cold .Would i have gotten sick within the 10 years if it werer HIV?
Avatar m tn I am a 26 y/o male and about 4 nights ago, I was sleeping in bed and was leaning sideways in a way that my body is facing right. Then after sometime I tried to change position so that I would be leaning towards left. While I was trying to do that, I experienced a sudden sharp pain in my groin in what appears to be my right vas deferens (I'm not really sure, it's just based from internet image search).
Avatar m tn My mom suffered from cysts in that general area through the years. She always used hot tea bags to draw out the fluid. Not sure how it worked or whether she eventually saw the doctor about it and had it drained. Could this be it?
Avatar n tn I have an identical kind of lump/spot in my groin area. Both these lumps/spots appeared today and they are both sore/tender. I looked online and it seems it could be something related to my lymph nodes -- but I don't feel ill or like I have a cold/am fighting an infection (yet, anyway). This may be weird and mean nothing, but I had a hot jacuzzi bath a couple nights ago so not sure if that could have caused this? Is this something I should be majorly concerned about?
Avatar m tn It has since has moved to a little area in the middle of my groin and seems to be going away, i'm 3 weeks from getting health insurance and i just wonder if this these could be something serous i've kinda assumed the rash could be HPV, but of course i'm unsure, i hope its just some fungus.
Avatar f tn Lymph nodes in the groin enlarge as a consequence of infection, trauma, or other inflammatory changes in the lower limbs or groin. Persistent lymphadenopathy, even though it is not generalized, can indicate a recurrent causative factor limited to the area drained by the lymph node. The site of the node indicates that it is part of the inguinal lymph node complex.
Avatar f tn Hello, A clinical examination is very important for determining the exact cause of your lump. The shape and appearance of a groin lump depends on the cause of the lump. Any groin lump should be assessed by a doctor .Swollen glands, cysts, hernia and saphena varix are few possibilities. Any infection or illness can cause a groin lump. A hernia can feel like a soft lump.
Avatar m tn Hello So i am 22 years old male and i noticed that i have 1 little lump at the right and left side of my groin(where the leg joins with the pubic area) and i also noticed that my left lump is a little larger that then right one.It's painless and i am fairly healthy .I have checked at the web and i freaked out because a lot of pp say that painless swollen lymph are dangerous! i cant even sleep now! P.
Avatar m tn Hello So i am 22 years old male and i noticed that i have 1 little lump at the right and left side of my groin(where the leg joins with the pubic area) and i also noticed that my left lump is a little larger that then right one.It's painless and i am fairly healthy .I have checked at the web and i freaked out because a lot of pp say that painless swollen lymph are dangerous! i cant even sleep now! P.
Avatar f tn I do not think this fits the signs and symptoms of prostate or testicular cancer. Dampness in the groin area is sometimes expected since these areas of the body (eg armpits, groin and in women beneath the breasts) are usually covered. The warmth , sweat and moisture may cause the sensation of dampness. Prostate and testicular cancer may present with changes in urinary patterns and sexual responses. Do you perform regular testicular examinations ?
Avatar m tn Hi. Is that lump in your testicle tender? The urgency to urinate, as well as the dull groin pain, may mean an infection or inflammation in the male reproductive tract (either in the testicles or the epididymis, which may account for the lump). Going for that ultrasound is the right thing to do, as it will help differentiate a true mass from other conditions like an hernia (a condition where abdominal organs go down into the scrotal sac) or a varicocoele (a clump of dilated blood vessels).
Avatar m tn Hi, i am 18 years old male living in asia. i have quite a special case here. about 2 months ago i had epididymitis at the left testis. along with epididymitis came a lump at the right side of my genitals. it is at the place where the groin and the scrotum meet, about the size of a pea and it causes mild pain. i asked the doc about the lump when i went for epididymitis treatment and he said its just infection without even looking at it.
Avatar m tn Or sometimes it feels like the eraser end of a pencil poking right behind the left testicle in the groin and perineum region. I also feel the ache when I squeeze the muscles in the perineum. There seems to be no problem with urinating such as burning or pain. Ever since this weird ache started I stopped masturbating. Three weeks ago I did have protected sex with a random girl I met at a club.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am a 23 year old male in fairly good physical condition. I'm about 6'1" tall and weigh 180 lbs. I am concerned about a large lump that I noticed this morning while showering. It is located on the right side of my groin underneath my pubic hair. It is almost 2 inches long and 1 inch across. I don't think that a lump this large would have gone unnoticed for very long so I believe it appeared rather quickly. There is no irritation to the skin.
Avatar m tn hello every one I am a 39 yo male, have a painless almost firm left groin lump in a size of may be 2-3cm .I found it accidentally 1 wk before.It doesnt dissapear with lying or resting. I checked other lymph nodes,didnt find any other one.I didnt have any risky intercourse recently just in months or yrs back,some french kiss or rubbing sexual organs but no penetration.I had no STD history.
Avatar m tn Hey Doc, I am a 27 year old male in good health, in a monogomas relationship for over 7 years. This past weekend, I noticed a small pea sized lump in the crease of my groin. Thinking it was a cyst that was buried under my skin, I tried to squeeze it. A little pus came out - not much. The area around it did not get inflamed or red over the next few days & the 'cyst' is now shirking and almost gone.
Avatar m tn I have a question about some rather unsettling symptoms I've been experiencing. I've been having pain in the area between my leg and groin, basically at the joint on my left side. The pain is pretty severe and stops me from doing anything significant and also wakes me up at night. I find sleeping on my stomach helps a lot but leaves me with a stiff back the next morning.
Avatar n tn The lymph nodes in the groin (femoral or inguinal lymph nodes) may swell from an injury or infection in the foot, leg, groin, or genitals. In rare cases, testicular cancer, lymphoma, or melanoma may cause a lump in this area" By altered stool, do you mean that bowel movement still leaves you feeling as if you are still not done? When was your last IVIg treatment?
Avatar m tn I'm a 30 year old male, relatively healthy, who 18 months ago noticed a soft squishy lump (feels a bit like a grape although slightly smaller) in my upper front thigh (about 3 inches below the groin). The reason I noticed it was through having treatment for a pulled thigh muscle (same leg).
Avatar m tn Hi Everyone! I am a 21 5'8 male who just recently found a small lump in my groin. I am very active, I run marathons, workout, played football for 10 yrs. I just had a full pyshical done with blood work 3 months ago and everything came back normal. The lump litteraly just came out of no where. My question to anyone is what could this lump be? The lump is about 1/4 of an inch or less and it does hurt every once in a while not all the time though. Its more like a sharp pain when I do get it.