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Avatar m tn My 7 year old dog has a lump on her eyeball in the white of her eye. We noticed it as we put eye drops in. She had conjunctivitis 6 weeks ago. Now, the whites of the eye are clear, but, the lump is bigger and pink/reddish in color. I took her to the vet again today and was told to go to an Opthalmologist. The vet said it could be nothing, a cyst or at the worst cancer. Oh my! I can't get anOpthalmologist appointment for 6 weeks. Any idea what this may be?
Avatar m tn Hi My 2 year old son has developed a white lump on his eyeball (maybe could have been caused by one of his toy cars). I took him to the paediatrician who said it was conjunctivitis and gave him some eye drops. But a week later and the redness and lump are still there and I'm not convinced that it is (just) conjunctivitis.
Avatar m tn im feeling a hard small bump on top of me left eyeball ( very sure is on the eyeball not on the eyelid ) it feels a bit sored i dont know if i had this for a long time, im worried this could be cancer or something serious any advices?. please help im worried.
Avatar f tn Last week I had puffy eyelids and had heard that applying hemmorhoid cream on the eyelids helps reduce puffiness. I did so, and ever since I have had a small lump on my right eyeball. It's too far back for me to see in the mirror, and it isn't painful. Is this just an allergic reaction or could it be something serious? It's been about a week so how long should I wait for it to be looked at by a doctor? Advice or insight please - thanks!
Avatar n tn I imagine it's similar to what pimples would look like in translucent skin. I'm not 100% sure but I think the eyeball itself shows a lump where the spots are. Until I saw them, I figured I scratched my eye with all the rubbing. I have some alergy relief eye drops that helps for about 5 mins, then it feels like a scratched eye again. Any ideas? I'm sure with the holidays I will not be able to ge an appointment with an opto for a couple weeks.
391686 tn?1225171608 It its located in the middle of the eyeball and can be felt on the eye lid. I can't see any pimple there. What can this be? It does not hurt.
Avatar f tn Then my eye got really red so i put eye drops. When i looked in my mirror i saw that on the left side of my eye was like a lump. I could feel it when i blink. Has this ever happened to anyone? It stopped itching already but the bump is still there. I have times when one of my eyes cant stop crying and i always get these stringy eye boogers, like all the time.
Avatar m tn So basically, there's this small bump on my eyeBALL(at least I'm pretty sure it's on my eyeball, not eyelid), and does anyone know what's happening? I think I might be overreacting, but I feel like I'm in denial that anything could be wrong, so unless it's still there a week from now, or I start feeling pain or something, I won't say anything to my parents. Please help me!! Thank you for any help!!
Avatar f tn On Sunday I got something in my eye and when I woke up i had a little lump in my eye right by my cornia and my eye was all blood shot is this due to the fact that I had something in it or is there something else going on it almost looks like a zit but on my eyeball it is on the white part of my eye right next to my cornia
Avatar n tn Dr told me that water is in the lump in my left breast. What is the best way to correct this ?? Thanks This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/260958'>Lump in breast</a>.
Avatar f tn I developed a lump in my right eye in the corner. I regularly have severe headaches on the right side of my head and above my right eye. I found a Ophthalmology/Eye Care Services specializing in Oculoplastics, Thyroid eye disease and Eye cancers. Am I going down the right path? Should I be worried??
Avatar n tn Thanks for the post. In most instances the problem will be in the eyelid and not the eyeball.
Avatar f tn my eyes been itchy for a while now and if i rub it ti goes red but all of a sudden a fairly big clear squishy lump has just appeared on my eyeball. im kinda freaked out. i know i probably shouldnt have but i poked it and its like its attached to the underneath of a clear film going round my coloured bit please help?
Avatar m tn Just to let anyone know who stumbles across this thread in the future, i will publish the conclusion to current events. Tomorrow marks 2 weeks since the discovery of the 'lump'. In that time, i have seen a dentist, a GP, an oral surgeon, an ENT specialist, a doctor, and a student doctor, and had an MRI scan. All of the above, on inspection, stated that there was nothing sinister, and nothing to worry about. The results of my MRI showed a HUGE nasal polyp above the 'lump'.
446896 tn?1237806342 For awhile now---months, maybe even a year or two--I have had a lump on the side of my iris in both eyes (the side closest to the corner of the eye/nose). It is a tad smaller than the tip of a match, and it is not a different color or anything...but it's a rather significant lump on the white part of the eyeball. OK..sometimes there is a yellow tinge, but that is very faint and not the norm. It is very prominent on my right eye, but not so on my left.
Avatar n tn About 7 weeks ago a little lump appeared on the left side of my pennis just below the glans, this was a week after i had intercourse with my girlfriend, however I never have sex without protection and this time was no exception to that rule. The lump appears to be just underneath the dermis, there is no pain at all even if i press it, there is no skin damage or change in colour or texture, no rash or any other sign or simptom.
Avatar f tn At the end of Feb, but I know for sure March 1st my right eye started to feel like something was in it. I kept wiping it which I believe caused a raw spot in the corner of my eye (opposite end of the nose corner) which lasted a couple days because I was putting vaseline to protect it when i rub. A couple of those days it did feel like my eye was a tab bit watery. From what i can tell my eye is not red, had very slight pain or it could be just irritation a couple times.
Avatar n tn I constantly imagine their being a piece of sleep being embedded in the eyelid or rolling around scraping against the eyeball. (sleep is that weird solid green stuff you rub away when waking from hours of being, no idea why it's called that) I also imagine it being an eyelash jammed under the lid scratching away at the eye.
Avatar n tn Posted By Doug Bank on November 23, 1998 at 12:43:54: In Reply to: Testicle pain and lump - HELP! posted by John on November 22, 1998 at 06:42:35: I'm 17 years old and I've been having a recurring pain in my left testicle. It seems to go away after some days but it returns after a month or so. I've found a lump on the tip of my left testicle that is slightly bigger from the tip of a pin.
Avatar n tn After awhile it adjusted fine to dark. This week, eyeball pressure, twitching in right eye. I have a history of neurological weirdness that Mayo clinic and others have not been able to pin point. Latest news from them is possible small fiber neuropathy since my sweat test was below normal in the autonomic nervous system test. ?? curious.
Avatar f tn Also I have blurry and double vision mainly in the same eye, but sometimes in both eyes. There is a lump above the same eye and when the pain starts my head feels like it is pulsating where the lump is. I went to a neurologist and he acted like this was no big deal. He sent me back to work before I even had an MRI done, although he is supposed to schedule one. Should I be worried about this lump and the eye pain?
Avatar f tn Couple of months ago I noticed a lump above my right eyelid in the crease (lacrimal gland). I keep an eye on it and became concerned when it became very visible. It is not infected or tender to the touch. However it is placing pressure on the eyeball and the area is heavy.
Avatar m tn There is a bump in my eye, its not visible its on the inside. I tried flipping my eyelid to look at it but i never flipped my eyelid before so i just did a little bit and couldn't see anything wrong with it. The lump is really small smaller than the size of a pea. It doesn't hurt or anything but may feel itchy at times. I had it for about a week now and i got it after i was rubbing my eyes. It is around the top of the actual eyeball a little lower.
Avatar f tn At the end of Feb, but I know for sure March 1st my right eye started to feel like something was in it. I kept wiping it which I believe caused a raw spot in the corner of my eye (opposite end of the nose corner) which lasted a couple days because I was putting vaseline to protect it when i rub. A couple of those days it did feel like my eye was a tab bit watery. From what i can tell my eye is not red, had very slight pain or it could be just irritation a couple times.
Avatar n tn I have a growth that is located in the tissue between my eyeball and eyelid at the outer corner of my eye. It is dark in color and yet its translucent. I went to the doctors and they barely looked at it and determined it was a sty and prescribed me anti biotic and an ointment. I've gotten headaches and pain behind my eye, and my eye and or eyes are sensitve to the sunlight at various times. The anti biotics have had little or no effect. What could this lump be?
Avatar f tn Hi all I had scleral buckle surgery 2 months ago which was successful except that now a part of the buckle is sticking out and is showing up as a big lump in my eyeball. It hasnt come through the eyeball but looks very close to the surface! It will be removed in a couple of months. I was just wonder if anyone has had this done and is so how does this compare to the original surgery? Is it as bad a recovery as usual retinal detachment surgery? Will I be put under general anaesthetic?
Avatar n tn it now feels like a soft lump under the lid, NOT inside the eyeball, so i wonder whu my docotr gave me gymycin eyedrops, and the eye doctor gave me eyuthmycin oitment. Please help me, or tell me what i can do with at home treatments. i also bathe it with warm compresses as i was told. NOTHIN helps. Is this cancer on my eye?
Avatar n tn But today it changed - I felt a pressure on my the top of my eye, between the socket and eyeball, like it was getting pressed down. I felt the lump, and it has divided and it's like I now have two lumps, and between them where I felt the pressure the skin no longer seems to have part of the lump. So it's like the lump divided and part of it went down towards my eye. I'm a little worried about it now.
Avatar f tn I have been through 3 years of bouts with lid infections,chalazia,styes,corneal wounds and a terrible corneal ulcer that left a scar(due to the rough texture of my lid rubbing eyeball).It all seems to have started with something i came in contact with while moving out of a very old house id lived in for a long time(mold maybe?