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Avatar n tn I am premenstrual, and I know breasts can become lumpy in this period of time, but I have a lump in my left breast which I noticed around a week ago, and I have been experiencing pain in this area for 2 weeks now. I am also very stressed as I have exams very soon, and wonder if this could possibly be Da Costa's syndrome? I'm really worried, but know if I see my GP, he will say to wait until my period comes. Please could you give me some advice. Thank you.
Avatar m tn If you had previous breast injuries, fat cells in the breast tissue may be damaged and produce a firm, painful lump in the breast. If lumps are accompanied by breast tenderness and redness, it may suggest an infection. Similarly, breast cysts can also produce firm, tender lumps in the breast that change in size and seem to appear and disappear as your monthly hormone levels change. They often cause pain before your period is due and improve when the period starts.
Avatar m tn This could very well be a cyst related to the increasing hormonal fluctuation,it will generally increase in size before the menstrual period and decrease afterwards. I strongly doubt that the lump in your breast is serious,since you have had it for so long,but you should be aware that it is an abnormality and I would advise not to let this go on any longer.
Avatar f tn I'm 19 years old. I have big lump in my left breast and a small one on my right I have been having it for about 4-5 years that I can remember. I can feel it there a little but when my period is about to come it always harden and I know its definitely there and that when i know my period is on the way, is this normal? I'm scarred that it might be something serious but at the same time I'm not sure since it only happens when my period about to come. Should I be worried? Please help.
Avatar n tn I have a lump on my right breast and it has grow from a pea to the size of a quarter in the past 3-4 months. My gym checked it out when I found it but she said that my breat was just thick. I am getting a sonogram mam. next week but I was wondering if anyone can help before hand. I feel like there is a pattern when I can feel my lump. When I am on my period I can not feel it.
Avatar f tn I have a lump in my breast. It's been there since I was a teen and I'm 25 now. Around my period it tends to feel prickly and sort of sore. My back tends to feel prickly too. I don't know if the lump hit a nerve because my upper back feels prickly all the time and seems to get worse around my period. I also think that its affecting my leg because my leg feels pinched too.sometime my arm feels the same way. I want to get it checked out but I'm scared.
Avatar n tn I don't have a history of any breast cancer in my family, but I do have a family history full of the fibroids in the breast. I have always had knots and bumps, but never like this before, it is very prominent, and very painful. Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn I don't have a history of any breast cancer in my family, but I do have a family history full of the fibroids in the breast. I have always had knots and bumps, but never like this before, it is very prominent, and very painful. Should I be concerned?
Avatar m tn im 23 and I have a lump in 1 of my breast..its been there for maybe 5 years or more and it hurts sometimes only in the spot where the lump is..around my period it seems to feel like pins and needles I guess and it feels a bit tender and my breast in general seem more tender. the lump hasn't gotten bigger and its seems to be moveable and hurts w/e spot it moves..could this be a cyst? also the arm where my breast is at seems to feel prickly like pins and needles sometimes..
Avatar n tn I have a painful bump on my left breast. It's moveable. Is it ok to go have an ultrasound now at this time in my cycle to ease my fears?
Avatar m tn hello forum members, I have a friend who is 48 year old, she complained of redness and pain in the left side of her left breast 3 days ago and when she touched her breast she found a lump, now after 3 days the redness has subsided and still there is a minimal pain on touching and the lump is still there, she is expecting to have her period these days what it could be?? do u think it is not a serious condition bcoz it is a painful lump??
Avatar f tn Recently I noticed a lump in my breast and I wasn't too concerned because I have had lumps before and I am told I am very dense. However, this lump didn't seem like the perfect little lump I usually get, so I was due for a yearly check up anyway, I decided I would just wait until that appt. to talk to the doctor about it. Well, it has been about 1 1/2 months and my appt. is still a month away. The lump has gotten quite a bit larger and I am getting nervous.
Avatar f tn i got this lump on the left breast a few weeks ago i got it cheaked out by my doc and she said it is nothing now today i have another one on the other breast same spot and everything as the other.... why are these popping up? how do i fix it? should i see a specilist to fix this? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/260288'>update on swollen gland underarm</a>.
Avatar n tn 37 y old female- hx of breast implants and removal within 3 months in 1999....lump appeared in January in left breast (most effected by implants-nerve damage scar tissue etc.) Had mammogram and ultrasound- only revealed seroma in left breast where implant used to sit. Again large lump reappeared in May same spot- had ultrasound at different imaging place and with a radiologist who spent 1/2 on the breast. He found seroma and dense breasts but that is all.
552173 tn?1282606890 I'm 20 years old and about a week ago I noticed a lump on the side of my left breast. When I touch it, it hurts. My right breast hurts also but theres no lump on the side. My left breast is getting bigger and the right one is too but not as big as the left. My nipples are darker and bigger and the area around the nipple has these little bumps on them. I also have noticed more veins on my nipples and breast. Can the lump and everything be b/c I could be pregnant or Breast Cancer??
Avatar n tn Hi, I too am suffering from a lump left over from mastitis. Was in hospital for 3 days a week after having my third child. Needless to say the mastitis was bad enough but a year and a half later i still have a lump under my right nipple. The lump itself is always there and the nipple is always inverted. When my period is close to arriving the lump gets tender and I get shooting pains through it.
Avatar n tn Dr told me that water is in the lump in my left breast. What is the best way to correct this ?? Thanks This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/260958'>Lump in breast</a>.
Avatar f tn I had a lump in my right breast, then I went to a surgeon he felt the lump and drained some fluids from the lump,then told me he was going to remove it that day which was in mar 2010 now its may 2010 and the same lump is back and in the same spot. the only thing the surgeon said was the biopsy did not show cancer. so my question is how could this return again and the same spot. I am 35 years old.
Avatar n tn You don't mess with a lump in your breast! don't know if you have read Lee Child's books, but he has a character called Jack Reacher, an ex Army military policeman, and his favourite phrase was: "You don't mess with the Special services", and I believe you don't mess around with lumps in your breast You need to get it properly diagnosed, just for peace of mind. If it is a problem you can then go on to address it and get appropriate treatment. Take care - and go see a doctor!
Avatar f tn Hi, Many women ,when they stop breastfeeding,they notice a lump in their breast and often times it could just be a clogged milk duct or maybe a cyst. It's really hard to say what this lump could be,but as your doctor suggested keep applying warm compresses and see how it goes. I hope that your upcoming ultrasound, will show a benign finding. Best wishes....
Avatar f tn Is it possible that this breast lump can be hitting a nerve in my back causing discomfort in my leg? I think that it's all related. I have an appointment in a few weeks.
Avatar f tn Now I found a lump over the aureola and I squeezed hard and a liquid that looks like milf and some transparent came out and after dry it was yellow came out and my breast started to hurt. What that could be? It is in the left side and sometimes I had some pain and I thought, but now is coming and going, I put a bra and feels better, I dont know if I should squeeze more? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Clear discharge</a>.
Avatar f tn Surely if I had one just a year ago and breast reduction 9 months prior I am fine. I found a lump in June. Thought nothing of it...scar tissue it must be, Then in August I thought, I really should make sure this really is scar tissue and I consulted with my PCP. He said he felt it was too but wanted me to get my yearly mammo (2 months late) and an ultrasound.
Avatar f tn im so sorry to here about the lump in your breast it must be a real worry for you my daughter found a lump last year but thank god it turned out to be a cyst i know its easy to say dont worry but im sure you will be fine please let me know how you get on take care.
Avatar f tn i started noticing over a period of time that my right breast was getting much bigger than the left one, i didnt pay much attention to it until about 7 days ago, i noticed a fairly big lump in my right breast. it's not painful at all but my right breast has further enlarged and the lump is about a third of my breast, its also very hard and fixed. i had an ultrasound done but the doctor only said that i have one breast bigger than the other.
Avatar n tn This is usually a symptom of breast cancer. While benign breast lumps -- sacks of fluid or lumps of fat, move with the breast, cancers defy gravity. Thickened or dimpled skin is a sign of a lump that's unmoveable -- and a cause for concern. What to do: First, remember that 90 percent of women who catch breast cancer early survive. But to be one of them, you must get a proper diagnosis and treatment. See your doctor. She will examine you thoroughly, then follow up with a mammogram.
Avatar n tn I scheduled my appointment for october 7th since I think that it should be removed as soon as possible but I have another question. my breast is hurting me a lot these days and I feel like my breast that has the lump in it is growing. both the breasts are not the same size. the one with the lump is bigger. what can that be?
Avatar f tn Normally I get a lump in my breast 3 days before my period for a few months now it stayed there for the whole month it gets bigger some days before and hurts some times what could it be ?