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Avatar f tn I have never had cancer but a few years ago found a lump in my breast - I was 31 at the time. The doctor did an US and mammogram a week later which showed it to be a benign. It was very scary and of course I was worried about it being the c-word. I want to point out that the majority of lumps found are non-cancerous.
Avatar n tn She is only 7 and 1/2 and was shocked that she did have a lump on one of her breasts? I will call the Dr in the am but right now I am freaking out. It really felt like a little pea like lump? Can a 7 year old actually have breast cancer?
Avatar n tn proceed to give me a breast examination and confirmed what I found, I did have a lump in my left breast. He told me I had to go to a breast doctor to get examined there and then they can figure out what they needed to do. As you can imagine Im freaking out and depressed (a little :( ). While I was in the doctors office he did ask me did I have any breast cancer history in my family. My mother confirmed that I do indeed but not on my father's side.
Avatar n tn Dear Divergirl78717: Depending on what the lump might be, there can be changes in size and texture. Also, depending on the position of the breast, a lump can feel different. Without mammogram, ultrasound and examination, we cannot speculate on what this might be.
4203386 tn?1351014395 I recently found a lump about 2 months ago Ive been thru 2 periods with it. I did end up going to a breast surgeon he suggested waiting 3 more months to see if it will go away bc he believes it to be a clogged lobe/duct in the gland tissue(?), otherwise he will do a breast MRI. Can milk really linger that long in a lobe if I stopped awhile back? What can I do to make it go away?
Avatar f tn Now I found a lump over the aureola and I squeezed hard and a liquid that looks like milf and some transparent came out and after dry it was yellow came out and my breast started to hurt. What that could be? It is in the left side and sometimes I had some pain and I thought, but now is coming and going, I put a bra and feels better, I dont know if I should squeeze more? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Clear discharge</a>.
Avatar f tn but I have been done with all of that for a long time now. I recently found a breast lump on my left breast, I had my annual check up and my doctor told me that he wanted me to go get an ultrasound and a diagnostic mamogram. He actually made the appointment for me, it is in 2 days...only less than a week since I saw my Phys. So I decided to feel around a bit and I discovered another one on the other side, I called and they said that they would have the mamo and ultrasound on both sides...
Avatar n tn MY SON HAS THE SAME THING!!!! (A lump on his breast, under the nipple) When he was 2 I took him to the Dr.s for it, and they said it was hormones... I forgot about it until last night he said, "Mom, what is this bump? I don't have one on the other side?" So, that's why I am here...shouldn't have gone away by now? Should I be concerned? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/288888'> 7 year old girl</a>.
Avatar n tn ) Most breast lumps are benign.
Avatar f tn I recently discovered a lump in my breast which seems soft and it seems to move when pushed. It is also painful right before and during my period, but a few days after my period it is no longer painful it feels numb although I can feel it is still there. The pain is not severe, just fairly mild. Also, it tends to swell during my period and then gets smaller afterward. I am very concerned about this, but currently I do not have any health insurance.
Avatar n tn // I agree with our Community leader that it's not unusual to have all sorts of changes in the breast/breasts when a woman is pregnant.(Hormonal changes) I think you should stop pushing the painful area as you might cause even more pain.Applying warm compresses might help.
Avatar n tn I found a lump in my breast in July, had a mammo/US last week. Neither picked up anything but all techs and doc agreed there is a "speed bump" as the tech called it in m y breast. The tech was very "chill" about it, As she was telling me I was free to go the doc pulled her out. He wanted more mammo pics. As I was leaving the nurse said I need to come back in 6 mos to monitor the lump. She then pulled me aside AGAIN after I was checking out to tell me I needed to get a MRI.
Avatar n tn Hi there. I am a 26 year old female with 3 small children and i am currently 24 weeks pregnant with number 4. I had a mammo in october the month before i got pregnant for a hard lump (which after a mammo, US and visit with the surgeon turned out to be a RIB BONE!
Avatar n tn I am new to this forum. Recently I woke up with a large mass in my left breast; it appeared over night. I went to the doctor who told me he thought it was an injury; he sent me home with 800mg motrin and said to call back if it got worse. I called for the next two days due to the pain I was in. When I finally got through to him he sent me to the emergency room. The ER doctor checked me out and said he thought it might be some sort of cyst. He prescribed pain relievers and an antibiotic.
Avatar n tn Now 5 months after being told of the second growth I have developed a small pea size lump in my armpit. I hate to go back to the doctor ( as all they want to do is the surgery at this time). Can you give me your opion about.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I noticed a small lump under my left armpit, lower down though where I can feel it when my arm is down if I check for it so it is not directly under my armpit. I noticed it when I had an itch. I checked the right side and again I have a lump in the same exact spot, mirror images of eachother. I do not have any clue how long these lumps have been there. Whenever I checked for lumps I only did it right in my breasts, not near the armpits.
Avatar f tn At the age of 19, I found a lump in my breast. At that time I was told by my obgyn that it was a cyst that came with my menstrual period. For the next few years, it would come back on occasion. Not every time I had my period. It was always in the same breast and spot. And always tender. When I turned 23, I had my daughter. And the cyst came back about 2 months before I had her. It really started to hurt when I had two weeks left of my pregnancy.
341137 tn?1287308643 My follow up appointment was made for the 27th February and I have just received a letter saying I need to go in 20th (tomorrow), now I am in absolute frenzy as to why they are calling me back early (they have been late and seemed non concerned for the past four months), so what worries me now is the sudden urgency - does this mean that something is more wrong after having studied my lumpectomy? does it mean that the early DCIS has now progressed and is invasive?
Avatar n tn after my baby and again 1 week ago said she felt a lump in my right breast. I just went last week for a mammogram in both breasts and an ultrasound of the right one. The nurses and the radiologists could not find anything. I thought I was in the clear but then my doctor called today and said that I should go see a general surgeon to truly rule out anything bad and to possibly do a biopsy.
Avatar f tn And another just said we do all kinds of breast procedures come in... Will update when I know more. And it is called axillary breast tissue... Still wondering if my insurance wil cover any of this since it is painful...
Avatar f tn I'm sure that the determination about the lump in your breast will come in the report after you have your ultrasound exam. Should you have concerns or questions following your US please don't hesitate to return here and post using this same thread. Regards ....
Avatar n tn Hello, I am a 38 yr mom of 5, breast fed all my children, started my period at 12. Recently visited my Dr for a physical. I brought his attention to a lump in my r breast on just outside the areola towards the underarm side. I waited 3 weeks for a mam, then sent directly to the ultrasound room. Two days later my dr called to tell me I needed a biopsy, the radiologist was concerned about "irregular margins", the lump is solid, immovable and irregular shaped.
Avatar n tn Anytime you find a lump in the breast you should have it checked, just to be on the safe side. A mammogram at any age can serve as an easy, affordable, lifesaving tool. Soo , please go for an appt. to put your mind at ease. Good luck.
Avatar n tn suzi-q I'm going in for my 3rd biopsy of calcifications in 6 years (my 4th breast biopsy overall.) So far they've all been benign. I know a woman who had a stereotactic for calcifications 6 years ago and has not needed another biopsy since then, so it can go either way. Calcifications can be a normal part of aging. You may hear other women say they have them and never needed them biopsied. It's only when they form clusters of certain patterns that they need to be biopsied.
Avatar n tn It takes me a long time to locate it, and sometimes I'm unable to, at which point I begin to think I imagined it, until I locate it again a few days later (I'm sort of obsessively doing BSEs, as you can probably tell). I can't really find anything similar in the other breast or elsewhere in this breast. Again, I'm going to the doctor, and will request a mammogram/biopsy. For now, can you give me any sense of if this could be cancer, and if so, does its tiny size mean I've caught it early?
Avatar n tn I there. I am a 36 year old mother of two and a few months ago I noticed a hard lump in my left breast. It isn`t painful and only is noticable when I have my period. A few days after my period ends, the lump disappears almost completely. I know that it`s normal to get lumpy breasts before or during your period, but my concern is that it always appears in the same place. I must admit that I`ve been putting off going to the doctor because I guess I`m kind of scared.
Avatar f tn some months there's pain, some months none..I recently examined my breast and found a hard lump on that spot that period will start next week, and 2 days ago the lump started to be painful aches when I move my arm around or was not this painful before..there's no other changes on my breast and no discharge..have not experience any problem with breasts before this..I know I need to have this checked with a doctor but I'm terrified to go.
Avatar f tn You say you have the utmost confidence in the Breast Surgeon that you have seen and are seeing but that is not obvious in your post as you are not comfortable with the opinions you have received. Second opinions are for your peace of mind and don't mean that your Dr.s are less than capable. Do whatever you need to do to put your mind at ease.
Avatar n tn My 47 year old sister told me last night she has found a egg size lump in her breast, and it has been there for about a year. I was in shock that she has ignored it. Our step mother is dieing of breast cancer. I think my sister is in denial. With all the education regarding breast cancer, why would she ignore it? How do I convince her to see a doctor?