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Avatar f tn An armpit lump can be felt enlarged due to shaving, waxing, using a deodarant and other infectious causes. The throat lumps you mention could be due to some throat infection. You could wait for a few days, and see if the lymph nodees decrease in size. If not, you would need to consult your doctor and you may need to take an antibiotic course. For the pain in the neck region, it would be best to take OTC pain relief medications and apply some local analgesic gel.
Avatar n tn Also, a sudden painful lump in the armpit is more likely to be infection or some other type of inflammation. You do not state what type of x-ray is ordered. X-ray is useful for identifying some problems but not all. You may want to discuss the type of x-ray with your doctor to find out what he is looking for. If, in your doctor’s opinion, this is most likely infection, it may be reasonable to “watch” it for a week or so to see if it improves.
Avatar m tn I noticed the irregularity in my skin soon afterwards. The lump hasnt increased in size but it wont go away either. Any thoughts??....thanks.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I noticed a small lump under my left armpit, lower down though where I can feel it when my arm is down if I check for it so it is not directly under my armpit. I noticed it when I had an itch. I checked the right side and again I have a lump in the same exact spot, mirror images of eachother. I do not have any clue how long these lumps have been there. Whenever I checked for lumps I only did it right in my breasts, not near the armpits.
Avatar n tn I am a 23 year old woman who has developed a lump and swelling under my right armpit. The swelling is quite sore to touch, my breasts are also tender. I am very worried!! Has anyone had similar symptoms before?? This discussion is related to <a href=''>lump first pain under armpit now aswell</a>.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I experienced some discomfort in my armpit region. I felt around, and it felt as though there was a pea stuck under my skin. I looked in the mirror, but you couldn't see the lump, just a red sore. After a few hours, after poking and prodding it quite a bit, it hurt a lot more. It was painful to stretch. I couldn't sleep properly, as I couldn't lie on my side. The lump is stationary, and can't be moved.
9850020 tn?1406253685 Hi , I would like to share my story about armpit pain I'm 23 years old , and I felt a lump under my left armpit 2 years ago, it was movable , painless, not inflamed , with a size of big olive, it was increasing in size during period , I have no family history of breast cancer , I discover it when I was examining my breast ( as am a medical student ) and I just ignore till it increase in size and appear in the my other right armpit , it is discomforting and annoying and sometime it cause
Avatar n tn Although the pain isn't in my entire left breast, it is in the upper part of it, but more in my chest then in my breast. The pain feels like it is just under the surface of my skin. There are no physical changes to my breast or my skin. Has anyone had these symptoms before?
Avatar n tn Do you notice any abnormal features on breast self examination like a lump, nipple discharge or skin changes etc? Do you notice any lumps in the underarm region? The pain could be due to trauma, injury, tight clothes, bad posture, lifting heavy weights, infections of the lymph nodes etc. Is the breast tenderness related to your menstrual cycles? You could try some warm compresses and oral pain relief medications and see if it helps with your symptoms.
Avatar n tn , no pain swallowing, but an irregular feeling like a lump or abrasion) WITH what seemed to be salivary gland pain, two (first tender, then hard) lymph glands in neck, and pain/throb in armpit, groin, and femoral region (no noticed lumps except swollen pain in groin while on Augmentin) and ear pain. I will say that I have chewed tobacco or smoked cigarettes for approx. 14 years.
Avatar f tn I am female and 25. A month ago I felt a painful bump in my armpit. I have moderate acne and often get razor bump acne in my armpit so I did not think much of the bump at first. Since then I have had 5 more and it seems like the bump is moving! Maybe I am just paranoid and it is different ones coming up, but it really seems like as soon as one goes down another one is there 3mm away. Always the same pea sized bump just traveling in my armpit.
Avatar n tn I noticed a while ago a painful lump in my left armpit and went to the doctor to get it checked out. she didn't see or feel anything, but it had kinda gone away by the time i got in to see her. it's back again, but there are a couple bumps this time and they are like under the skin, but this time they are red and sore. i tried not using deodarent and not shaving, but nothing seems to work. it's not really a rash and it's not itchy, and i haven't used any new cosmetics or anything.
Avatar m tn I am a 34 year old male. About 3 months ago I noticed a lump in my left armpit, it was only noticeable to the touch, not visible. At that time, it was round, about the size of a nickle, and hard, but did not hurt. I ignored it because my family had been sick, and I figured swollen lymph node. I also have dropped about 30 lbs without any significant effort in the last 6 months, not sure if this is related, but a data point. I saw my PCP about 2 weeks ago.
223520 tn?1221443883 I am 20 years old, and I have found a small lump under my armpit. It is hard, and is rather small. Im not sure what to think but I am scared. I have a dr. appointment on Friday, but I wanted to get some opinions first. Thank you!
Avatar n tn Hi - I was dx with a non palpable invasive ductal tumour in Jan 2003, result of a normal 3 yrly mammo. I had no lump in either the breast or axilla (armpit) that could be felt by me or my GP - it just showed up on the mammo and ultrasound. When I look back now I realise that the shooting pains I use to get down my arm were perhaps due to the cancer in my armpit, but of course at that time had no reason to think it was serious.
1261294 tn?1274546093 When I was in highschool I had pain in my armpit (just one of them, can't remember witch...). I went to the doctor and they told me to switch deodorant. I did and it went away. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn I am a 34 year old male. About 3 months ago I noticed a lump in my left armpit, it was only noticeable to the touch, not visible. At that time, it was round, about the size of a nickle, and hard, but did not hurt. I ignored it because my family had been sick, and I figured swollen lymph node. I also have dropped about 30 lbs without any significant effort in the last 6 months, not sure if this is related, but a data point. I saw my PCP about 2 weeks ago.
Avatar n tn Hello, About a week ago after working out my chest and arms, during the period of being sore, I noticed a lump in my right armpit. At first I thought it was my lymph node but further examination revealed that it was higher than where the lymph node is normally located. It's located where the armpit meets the pectoralis major (could possibly be in the coracobrachialsis or latissmus region). The lump maybe a diameter of 2 cm and moves slightly near the region.
Avatar n tn I have had ongoing severe achy pain completely around my right shoulder blade and around to my armpit region for a very long time now. This pain is so severe most of the time, that all I want to do is cry. I have trouble with daily functions, and sleeping is uncomfortable most nights. I have had surgery in this area for the removal of a sebaceous cyst last year, I thought that this was the cause of some of my pain.
Avatar n tn i too have a pea size lump under my left arm in my armpit. but with mine it's leaking it fills up kinda like a pimple does and i have to pop it cause it hurts does your do that?
Avatar n tn Hi, The lump in the armpit is a benign swelling. This should not really concern you. This swelling may be a small fibroadenoma in the tail of the breast tissue, lipoma, or a lymph node.
Avatar m tn i absolutely have no itching whatsoever anymore in my genital region. my dizzi spells have gone away also. only things left are the weird armpit discomfort.. still a very light bothersome like discomfort inside my urethra, but its very minimal sometimes i forget its even there comes after peeing or ejaculating. What is worrying me is my epididimytis still on and off giving testicular dulling discomfort right side that i will get looked at this Tuesday.
Avatar f tn If you are sexually active then get tested for STDs like gonorrhea, herpes simplex virus, syphilis, chancroid, granuloma inguinale, lymphogranuloma venereum. Other than that check and see if you have swollen nodes in neck and armpit. In which case, it can even be lymphoma. Please consult your gynecologist regarding this. You will need a STD panel and vaginal swab tests for fungal infection. Take care!
Avatar f tn I found one lump under my left armpit a week ago and today discovered that there are now 2 lumps. They are the size of peas hard and sore to touch. I also have another lump the same on the back of my neck. Iam 39 years old. What do you think the cause of this could be.
Avatar m tn 37 year old male. Discovered a lump (or swollen gland) in my right armpit (approx. 1 inch X 1/4 inch) about one year ago (late 2007). Upon examination, the doctor could not feel lump (he said it can sometimes be difficult to palpate, what the patient can easily feel.) To be safe he ordered a chest X-ray. Chest X-ray negative. Since that time, I have been having some pain/pressure around my armpit.
Avatar n tn Hi, Yes cancer can spread to the lymph nodes on the opposite side. You should not jump at the conclusion that this is malignant without a confirmed diagnosis. Even using a deodarant in the under arm region could lead to lymph node swelling as can procedures like tattoing/ waxing etc. So just wait for your appointment and relax till your doctor can give you some answers. Goodluck.