Lump in armpit getting smaller

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Avatar f tn It’s a good sign that the lumps are getting smaller, but you should be aware that suspicious lymph nodes also present in this area and because of this possibility, it would be best to consult your doctor for proper evaluation. Best wishes and I hope there is nothing there to worry about.
Avatar m tn I recently discovered when i raise my right arm, there is a 'lump'. However, i cannot tell whether it is normal as in a muscle or bone from my shoulder area or indeed a lump. I can see it when i raise my arm straight up, and it is kinda in the area where the arm meets the center of the armpit. It is rather large, around a golf ball size. On my left arm there is a very similar 'lump' but just a slight bit smaller.
Avatar f tn I have had this thing for more than a year, and is not getting smaller. I do get pain in my ribs, as well as my back and neck, also for the past month, I have been nautious, and get very dizzy. Every time I go to the doc. office, they say the dizziness is Vertigo, and they gave me Antivert. The back pain they are saying is related to a previous injery(herniated disk) and I had surgery to fix that in 2003. Can any one point me in the direction pertaining to a swollen muscle.
Avatar n tn Was off the antibiotics for approximately 10 days when low and behold, 3 more popped up (1 in the armpit, 1 in the groin and another have mercy was in my privates). Back to the Dr., he said now I have to be on the antibiotic for 30 days and that he felt it was a staph infection. In addition, I've got to put bacitracin in my nose at bedtime for 3 weeks. He advised that staph is a common bacteria that everyone has on their body. It actually lives in the nose.
Avatar n tn I have a question and was hoping someone might be able to give me some good feedback. Today I noticed a pea sized lump under the skin in my right armpit. It is not noticeable to the eye, or felt by simply rubbing a finger over it. I randomly found it, but you have to press down in order to feel it. It's towards the inner part of my armpit and there is nothing matching this under the left armpit. I'm not sure how long it's been there, or if there is anything wrong with it.
Avatar n tn i've got a lump on my armpit right it not so pain fall but i can't see the lump i use Deodorant stick when i get in my room i have one and then after the bath i use different Deodorant stick and the spray it hurt's when i touch it i also have a cold my brother said it also can be a cold doing it
Avatar n tn Hi, Alright, well, I have a few questions about this lump I have in my armpit. I am a female, almost 27, and I have been to the doctor (but he didn't really spend any time checking it out, just said don't worry about it, it's my imagination type thing). Anyway, it is in my left armpit and it isn't a small lump like I've read about before. It feels like it is about the size of a golf ball..maybe a little smaller. It doesn't hurt unless I push on it and it's been there for over a year now.
Avatar n tn hi i am 25 yrs old unmarried girl.. i have an armpit lump in my right hand since childhood..m gettin married in few do i get rid of the lump.. if it is something of serious concern then i dont want to get married and spoil the guys life.
Avatar f tn hi, about a year ago I noticed a lump in my right armpit, also before I noticed it , I had a clumsy little fall & had a big cut on my ankle & got a abscess near it. I admit I didn't treat the area well. I went to check it out at the doctor ( the armpit boil ) , and he said it was a boil & put me on antibiotics. It didn't really help, I don't think I followed the guidelines right. that one drained soon after.
Avatar n tn I have had this lump under my armpit for 6 months now and i dont think it has got an bigger in size. The lump isnt red and doesnt feel rock hard. They are painless and only ache slightly when i start touching them, think im just irritating them. Ive had what feels like the same thing behind my ear for 5 years. If i had lymphoma would i have noticed at this stage? I have no other symptoms and feel fine.
Avatar n tn Got blood drawn and he said to come back in two weeks after thanksgiving.When I returned he examed the lymphnoid in the armpit and said it felt more defined and larger, I thought it felt a bit smaller and had noticed less pain.He went over blood test results and said I was neg for mono and my white blood was alittle elevated (possibly due to small area on hand or cold poss?
Avatar f tn I have had this thing for more than a year, and is not getting smaller. I do get pain in my ribs, as well as my back and neck, also for the past month, I have been nautious, and get very dizzy. Every time I go to the doc. office, they say the dizziness is Vertigo, and they gave me Antivert. The back pain they are saying is related to a previous injery(herniated disk) and I had surgery to fix that in 2003. Can any one point me in the direction pertaining to a swollen muscle.
Avatar n tn i began having this lump under my pit after using my bros. deodorant for about4 weeks. i stopped using his and bought a new one but same brand. still i began to get another lump. i completely stopped using deodorant for about 8 weeks and used baby powder but still i kept getting bumps. i never got two at the same time. one will come up and go away then another will rise. they are not really visable but if u feel the pit u can touch em'. one wont last more than a week. i have gotten 5 already.
Avatar f tn I already have a dcis and idc diagnosis. My right breast has always been a little smaller than the left. I always attributed it to uneven nursing. Lately tho my right has appeared MUCH smaller. I can even tell thru clothing wearing a bra. I had an excisional biopsy recently but it was on the side near my armpit and there is no dimple from the surgery. The breast just seems "emtier" in the cleavage area if you know what I mean.
Avatar n tn A few days ago, I noticed a small lump under my right arm (on my right armpit). It wasn't painful at that time, but when I touched it while taking a bath, it started getting painful after that. Right now there are 2 lumps, one above the other on my right armpit, about 1.7cm by 1.3 cm, oval-shaped. The top one is slightly smaller than the bottom one. They are causing me pain whenever I move my arm, lean on my right side or lift my arm.
Avatar n tn I just found a lump in my right arm pit. Reading about theese it seems like it could be a swoolen glad or something, but what concerns me is mine sounds a bit diffrent then the others I have been reading about. I have no pain. Very minor discomfort when it is pressed on, but barely. Also it is big, really big. I noticed it streching this morning, for some reason I rubbed it with my left hand when my right was raised and there it was. I would say it is about the size of the palm of my hand.
Avatar n tn This morning when I woke up, the lump was dramatically smaller and softer than yesterday. My husband felt the lump and he agreed that it was significantly smaller this morning. Now (noon), the lump is again clearly visible, bigger, and harder. I have been on HRT since a hysterectetomy and oopherectomy (ovaries removed)a couple of years ago, so I don't think the changes are caused by hormone fluctation.
18801591 tn?1468171249 Please ask your Doctor to order an Ultrasound or even a mammogram to make sure that there is nothing serious going on. The lump in your armpit sounds like it could be something as simple as an infected cyst or inflamed hair follicle, and for this you would need antibiotics to clear it out. Please take my advice and don’t let these breast problems go unchecked.. Call your doctor for an appointment okay?
Avatar n tn Hi, Hope you can help. I have found a lump under my left armpit that i noticed about 3 months ago. It does not hurt and is deep in the hollow of my armpit. I have been the doctors and the first doctor said it was a swollen lymph gland and it was probably due to my hormonal changes as i am taking cilest birth control pill for polycystic ovarian syndrome.
Avatar n tn Hi, I also found a lump in my left armpit and went to get an ultrasound. They told me it's an enlarged lymph node and that it is benign. They also said that they usually don't worry about lumps smaller than the size of a marble ( mine was less than the pea size). Usually, breast cancer does NOT hurt- so if your lump hurts, that's a good thing. Also, you should notice whether it grew or not- since you had it for so long, did you notice it getting larger?
Avatar n tn Not untill cuple months ago, when I felt a lump in my right breast on the rigth side of it. When I knowtice, the lump was the size of a dime at that time. This really has me concern because everytime I take a shower, I check the lump and it is getting bigger, now it's the sizes of a quater, maybe a bit bigger. My breast, always feels sore and when I press the lump, it hurts. I don't have any medical insurance, my husband became unemployed on January of this year.
Avatar n tn It will get smaller on its own in time. Remember, the more it is touched the longer it will take to get to its normal size. I know it is scary to find any lump! Take care!
Avatar n tn My GP sent me to a surgeon for a biopsy consult. There is a lump in my left armpit that has steadily grown since November. It was the size of a medium-sized egg, but now it has spread out like an pancake. I also discovered a hard lump under my left jaw this past February (almost where the curve of jaw is). It's grown a little since I first discovered it (it was about the size of the tip of a fingernail at first), now it's about the size of a large pea, hard as bone, immoveable.
Avatar n tn I have a small pea sized or smaller, lump right to the top right of my clitoris, I had another one to the top left a month or two back but it went away when my period ended. It is not painful, and has no strange color, there is no discharge and it does not get larger. It feels solid. Ever heard of this? Should I be frightened?
Avatar f tn I have this big lump of flesh under my armpit(approx size of a lemon). It doesn't really pain or hurt me. I have had this for years now. Many times I have thought of showing to a Doctor but I never really did. I haven't ever been able to wear sleeveless shirts. I have done arm exerises to get rid of that extra flesh but hasn't really helped me. I am not really a fat person. I wear size 'S' clothes. Please anybody let me know if there is something I can do about it.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if the scanned the whole breast or not, I can't remember. Well, about 2 weeks ago, I started getting some pain in my right breast, but in a different spot. I couldn't feel a lump and since I stopped poking and prodding that area, the pain has 90% subsided and still there is no lump there. But, while I was poking around, I noticed a small, pea sized lump, just under my armpit. It is very round, and very mobile and kind of soft/squishy. maybe slightly firm.
Avatar n tn I have been getting these large bumps in my armpits for 4 years now. I have a LARGE one in my right armpit now. I am a normal house wife, mother of five great health... I don't get what the deal is... I don't take Tylenol or any other non natural pain killers, I am a healthy person. I only shop at healthy organic food stores. So ladies it is not what you are eating, It is so something else. My husband wants me to go to the doctor to get it drained! I want to let it go down by itself.