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Avatar m tn The reason why there's a lump in your armpit because you use too much deodorant, when you se too much deodorant your armpit will start to itch and then a small little lump will appear but the lump is really called a raisin just put a cold nickel on it for 15 minutes but make sure you set the nickel in the freezer for 20 minutes and if the lump doesn't disappear you might want to keep check on it!
Avatar f tn I have a small lump in my armpit and it feels like its bruised.. any ideas what it is??? Its pretty small and tender.
Avatar f tn The first time i found it was months ago and that time it burst and kinda gone but sometimes it would appear again in my armpit (but not on the same spot), sometimes in my left armpit. I've been using ichthyol cream and doesn't seem to make it all gone. as for my breasts, I never felt any pain on my breast or find a lump. should i be worried? thankyou so much.
Avatar f tn HI, I'm a 23 year old female. I have had a small pea-sized lump in my left armpit for... a long time. I really can't remember for how long I've had it now, it could be as much as a year, or as little as 4 months. At first I though it was just an ingrown hair from shaving/waxing and as I do for other bumps of this kind, I've been waiting for a sign of the hair to surface or a 'whitehead' so to speak, to form so that I could clear it out with a needle if it didn't go on it's own.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if anyone could tell me what eles beside a infection or cancer could cause a lump in your armpit? I had a sergeon tell me it was a tendon or a ligiment, But I know whatever it is, Its definitly pinching a nerve cause I have shooting pains in my shoulder I cant lift any thing heavy with that arm and some time it throbs with a weird kind of pain that I know is not a muscle. The other day at work my pinky and ring fingers went numb for a long time.
Avatar n tn Was off the antibiotics for approximately 10 days when low and behold, 3 more popped up (1 in the armpit, 1 in the groin and another have mercy was in my privates). Back to the Dr., he said now I have to be on the antibiotic for 30 days and that he felt it was a staph infection. In addition, I've got to put bacitracin in my nose at bedtime for 3 weeks. He advised that staph is a common bacteria that everyone has on their body. It actually lives in the nose.
Avatar m tn Didnt think to much of it at first since I used to always get painful lumps in that area in the past from the old deodorant i used to use and from sweating from alot of activity. But this lump was PAINLESS. The day of me noticing it, it was MARBLE SIZE! Now, almost a month and a half later, its still there but alot smaller. My question is, if this was cancer would it have shrunk the way I described? The lump is also movable if that means anything.
Avatar n tn i've got a lump on my armpit right it not so pain fall but i can't see the lump i use Deodorant stick when i get in my room i have one and then after the bath i use different Deodorant stick and the spray it hurt's when i touch it i also have a cold my brother said it also can be a cold doing it
Avatar n tn I am a 16 years old female and i am in good health, for the past year i have changed the deodorant that i use and the soap. About a month ago i noticed a small tender lump under my arm, i though it was because i have changed the soap and the deodorants that i have been using so i stopped using the same soap and it got better, then i put a warm towel on the armpit three times a day for two days and for about three weeks it was gone but now it is back.
Avatar f tn He fussed at me saying that this is poisonous and I shouldn't have waited so long to come in. It was from the deodorant and I have tried different brands, different kinds and they all have the same effect. I am 40 now and still dealing with this because I can not go without deodorant. I use very little everyday, so the lump doesn't come but every so often now. And the times I don't have to go anywhere I won't use deodorant at all.
Avatar n tn Then it finally opened a little and pus started to come out, so it leaked out and i thought it was done but it came back again and swelled again like 2 months later, now, i released most of the pus but now there is a small hole in my armpit and there is a small piece/lump of tissue it looks like that is sticking out of my armpit, approx 1mm in diameter is the hole and I don't know what I should do, will it heal by itself , is the skin going to grow over it? Do i need stitches?
550509 tn?1214925164 I woke up this morning and noticed that i have a lump in my, i've never had this happen to me, i'm now 24 years old. This is rather startling, i'm not sure if it's caused by stress or what the deal is, but is it this something i need to be concered about?
Avatar f tn I have a painful lump in my armpit..I had an ultrasound that was negative and my PMD is happy with that but I am not. I am still having pain and sometimes it feels like the pain goes down my arm...please ease my mind.
Avatar f tn I have a lump under my armpit, i was told about 6 years ago in the er that it was a assist, and they wanted to cut it out in the er, well i wouldnt do it, because i was afraid, so for years it would come and go, but now its back, and its slightly bigger and sore, so could anyone tell me if assist can turn into cancer?
Avatar n tn i was giving my self an exam and found a small lump under my armpit . this lump feels close to the skin and is very sore to the touch and feels every close to touching the lump nodes that fallow into the breast its about an inch around. Could this be cancer , an ingrown hair from shaving more, or is this just my body not liking this attention that its getting in that area?
Avatar f tn hi, about a year ago I noticed a lump in my right armpit, also before I noticed it , I had a clumsy little fall & had a big cut on my ankle & got a abscess near it. I admit I didn't treat the area well. I went to check it out at the doctor ( the armpit boil ) , and he said it was a boil & put me on antibiotics. It didn't really help, I don't think I followed the guidelines right. that one drained soon after.
Avatar m tn Anyway i have had a history with PAINFUL LUMPS in the armpit area for a while that come and go within a few days. All caused by the deodorant i used to use. And in the past i remember randomly getting hard marble size painless lumps in my groin area that i would ignore and eventually dissapear without me realizing within a few days. The only sign that i think is good is that at the beginning of the week the lump was HARD MARBLE SIZE and now its more of a HARD PEA SIZE.
Avatar m tn Using a deodorant instead of an antiperspirant can help to prevent an infection in the future.Fatty tissue (lipoma) is another growth that can appear in the axilla area as well as boils and abscesses. Sometimes the lymph nodes can become swollen as a result of a virus, vaccination or bacterial infection.
Avatar n tn 2 days ago I woke up with a large lump under my left armpit which is very painful. What should I do? I'm very scared...Could this be Cancer???? I had Ovarian Cancer 18 years ago.
1261294 tn?1274546093 There are so many reasons for this type of pain. One can be from just pulling a muscle in the area. There are muscles in the upper arm from which pain can radiate down into the axillary. Even pain from the pectoral muscle or rib cage can find its way into the armpit area. There are some serious causes for this type of pain also. In my opinion if you are still having this pain you should consult your PCP. Please let us know how you are doing. I wish you the very best.
Avatar f tn The inflamed skin may lead to secondary infection of the hair follicles in the armpit, resulting in folliculitis, which manifests as lumps under the arm. Lymph nodes around the area may also become swollen because of the infection. This also may appear as lumps.
Avatar f tn Also look at you deodorant ingredients. Aluminum in deodorant can cause breast cancer. If the percent is high then that is really bad. If it doesn't say aluminum free then it is an ingredient. In that case buy a aluminum free deodorant. They cost about the same and are much better for you.
Avatar m tn Hi i have a lump about 1 inch in diameter and it is not very big i found it this morning when i woke up. It is under my skin. It is on my armpit. it is smooth and sore when i touch it there is no bite so i know it didn't come from a bug. it is not even red. Help should i go to the doctor. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Breast-Cancer/lump-under-my-armpit/show/404693">lump under my armpit</a>.
441182 tn?1204777614 For the first time in my 44 years of life, i have developed under my left armpit some bumps that are like raised moles and colored blackish purple. They don't itch and I actually almost got rid of them when I washed my armpit with head and shoulders shampoo. After not paying attention to them for about 3 weeks while I recovered from the flu, they were back and had spread even more under my armpit! Could it be fungus, or cancer or what? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.