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Avatar m tn it appear as if there is water in it but it also feel like there is a small lump in it . I notice that there is one more on my other ankle on the other foot. I been going to the gym also and been lifting weights i do not know if that have anything to do with it. Am a bit concern now because they are not moving, is there any advice or do you have any idea what it can be ..I am 29 years old am at average weight and in good health condition.
Avatar f tn Can anyone help - I have a small lump appeared on the back of my leg by my ankle and in the mornings my feet and legs really ache and it is diffcult to walk straight away? The main one is on my left leg and a smaller on on my right. IF you push the one on my left there is a small pain?
280234 tn?1532989849 I found a small lump about 1 cm. in diameter under my ankle bone a few months ago. So I seen an orthopedic surgeon about it. She did an x-ray and said it was a peroneal tuberosity or possible ganglion cyst. She said the x-ray didn't show calcification. She did not biopsy it or order an MRI, & sent me home. She said nothing to worry about. I got a second opinion from a podiatrist.
Avatar m tn hi, I have a random lump just below my outer left ankle bone, its painful but the pain comes and goes. but when the pain does come its pretty massive, sometimes i'd rather not walk on it, iv have had this problem for about a year and however many months but I didn't put much thought into it till now, cause the bump has gone from very small and firm, and only noticeable when I bend it, to rather large and kind of mushy.. its only a little discolored, almost purple-ish.
Avatar f tn i have a small lump under skin near inner front has grown in size in the last couple of weeks. It doesn't itch and it is not breaking the skin.
13503998 tn?1430280382 On my left ankle, around a year ago, maybe a year and a half, i got a small, movable, painless lump about the size of a pea on my left ankle. over time, it had grown, it is now about 1" by 1.2", still i feel no pain, although now i can actually feel it, and it has come to my attention that it bleeds when i attempt to buff it down. I have purchased various compoundW products but i would like to have a more thorough understanding of this lump before taking any further actions..
Avatar n tn this friday will be 8 weeks since i tore a ligament in my ankle. i danced for two weeks which i always do when im injured because i figured it was nothing. i finally went to the the doctor after over two weeks and it was still swollen so he said give it another week then come back. i finally got an mri and he saw the ligament was torn. he said just no dancing or gym and it started getting worse even though i stopped dance and gym.
568603 tn?1240407635 The top of his foot was a lump the size of a tennis ball and his ankle was very much swollen as well. But on monday he seen that his whole leg was swollen and it still is swollen and he is also have these hot flashes where he just bust out in a sweat. Is this normal.
503651 tn?1223178201 You need to consult an orthopedic specialist at the earliest as you have also started feeling pain. A change in the size, texture, color, association of pain etc in a lump is a cause of concern. You will need to undergo X-ray of the concerned joint, maybe fine needle aspiration cytology to study the type of tissue and/or some blood tests. See your orthopedic specialist at the earliest. If you need more help, please feel free to contact. I’ll be happy to answer your queries.
Avatar m tn I have a large lump above my right ankle bone, it hurts to press down on it but doesnt hurt any other time. This is an issue for me as i am a figure skater and my boots press on it. do i need infrared to get rid of? is this tendonitis?
Avatar f tn I suffered a stress fracture on my ankle back in November. I immediately sought care and wore the "boot" for 6 weeks and did no running. I have since built my running back up. When the stress fracture occured I noticed a lump, cyst like, right next to where the fracture was on my ankle. It goes away when I don't run and immediately pops back up when I do.
Avatar n tn I have a small lump just above my ankle on my left foot on the outside under the skin. If I bend over it feels as if a string is pulling it tight and the pain only at a certain angle is almost unbearable. There is no sign of bruise or bite and it gets much worse after I have been walking or try walking up stairs. It feels like it is radiating up my leg in to my calf and knee area and up into my thigh area on the outside only and all under the skin.
Avatar f tn Possibly the lump is a bursa sac. I sprained my ankle in May and got a puffy, spongy lump under the ankle bone. I saw an orthopod and started physical therapy.
Avatar f tn i hope sombody can share some light on this for me because i really don't know where i stand with my doctor. i have a lump under the skin on the inner side of my right ankle which is very painful to the touch. it also sends a very sharp shooting pain to the lower part of my leg, i have had this lump for almost a year. i was referred to a specialist who initially thought it was a ganglion and he tried to drain some fluid from this lump with no success - very painful process.
Avatar f tn My legs have been swollen from the knee's down for a little while, maybe a month. I also have a lump that seems like a vein jetting out of the outside of my leg above the ankle. It isn't discolored, and is soft to touch. I watch my diet very closely because I have a recurring SIBO infection, but I have noticed a little weight gain.
Avatar n tn I broke my ankle 3 months ago now I have a hard lump that forms in my calf. sometimes it fomrs on the side of my leg other times in the back of my calf. My foot is swollen and when the lump appears the part under the lump sinks and turns red as thought is blood is under my skin. It is painful.
Avatar n tn About a week after spraining my right ankle, my left ankle developed a red, painful lump under my skin. I didn't think anything of it. Now, a couple weeks later, I have 4 lumps on my left ankle (about a cm in diameter) that are all painful to the touch and my ankle is now swollen. I can walk on it just fine. It only hurts when you touch the specific bumps. I feel rediculous because I just got the right one healed and now this one is acting up. Any idea what this is and how to fix them?
Avatar f tn I have a lump in my lower leg its on the side just above my ankle, I have had it checked out and the doctor that seen me just said it was tissue, but now i have burning in my leg and and one of my veins just above the lump as risen on my leg and it is now giving my terrible pain. I am flying abroad in the next two weeks and im am now really worrying about this lump because i have a toothache feeling in my leg and burning. Can anyone relate to this or has anyone heard about something like this?
Avatar n tn Yesterday I noticed a small lump under my left armpit, lower down though where I can feel it when my arm is down if I check for it so it is not directly under my armpit. I noticed it when I had an itch. I checked the right side and again I have a lump in the same exact spot, mirror images of eachother. I do not have any clue how long these lumps have been there. Whenever I checked for lumps I only did it right in my breasts, not near the armpits.
Avatar m tn A couple days ago I noticed it had grown in size (almost tripled in size). The bump doesn't hurt but my ankle is tender in surrounding area. Should I be concerned?
Avatar m tn I have not sprained my ankle in maybe 8-10 years, and that was extremely minor. The lump is about 1.5 inches tall and 1.75 inches wide, size has not changed since I first noticed the lump. I am 20 years old and very healthy. It is not a hindrance, but I worry that some time in the future it will become a problem. I would like to know what it is and what I should do about it.
Avatar n tn i rolled my ankle while playing basketball immediately had large lump just below my ankle on the outside of my foot. I went to a urgent care clinic after about an hour of icing 20 on and 20 off with the swelling not going down. the doc at the clinic took xrays and said she didnt see any obvious damage but was sending it to a radiologist because it looked so swollen. She put me in a brace and said no walking for a week.
Avatar f tn My daughter, 14, has a knot on the outside of her ankle just above the knobby bone and on the top of her foot. She hurt these two areas at separate times while running. She is a softball player and runs track. We had both areas x-rayed and the x-rays did not show a fracture in either area. We have applied ice and heat and also given her anti-inflamatory medicine for 8 weeks. She tried jogging again and it is hurting again and seems to be worse. I have made an appointment with a podiatrist.
744962 tn?1270945638 When I was hypo, I had swelling in the fleshy part of my ankle, inside between the ankle bone and the achilles tendon. It was painless. Most of the time, it remained fairly small, but once, after a few days in 100+ degree weather, my ankles turned into something that looked like they belonged on an elephant...not pretty. Until I was diagnosed and got on adequate meds, the ankles undulated between just slightly swollen and huge.
Avatar n tn For as long as I can recall I have had this soft lump in my right shin about 6" above my ankle just to the right about 1" of my shin bone. It doesn't bother me much and it seems to swell up and then go back to not noticeable at all when looking at my leg. I've been doing light jogging for about 3 months 45 min for about 4-6 days a week.