Lump behind sternocleidomastoid

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Avatar n tn I would be anything from schoolwork, to internet browsing, to watching tv, to eating, to even just laying down in the dark and I would get these intense sharp pains on the back of my head behind my right ear. This pain only occurs in this location and it comes and goes. At first the pains were simply a nuesance as they would come and go and weren't that bad, but lately they're getting worse causing me to stop what I'm doing until they go away.
Avatar m tn Both doctors said it was not a lymph node which is positive but there is still a lump and I guess any unexplained lump is a worry. No other symptoms though.
Avatar n tn A few days later I felt the left side of my neck and found a 'lump' that is fairly deep (can't be felt or seen superficially and requires some pressure to feel), long (about 2.5 cm long x 1.5 cm wide) and runs roughly parallel to and near the sternocleidomastoid within the occipital triangle. Thought it might be a knot in the levator scapulae or other nearby muscle, or maybe just the way I'm 'built' but I can't feel anything like it on the other (right) side and that concerns me.
Avatar n tn The SCM (Sternocleidomastoid) muscles and the Trapezius muscles. Both groups of muscles can cause the following symptoms: Heaviness and or pain in the back of the skull (occipital area) pins and needles along the face and down the arm pain deep in the ears and behind the eyes chest pain/rib discomfort (especially at the serratus) upper diaphragm fullness/ problems with digestion sensation of a lump in the throat and others.....
Avatar n tn I can feel it from the outside, and it is about the width of my index and middle finger when feeling it. It's swollen between the sternocleidomastoid muscle and the jawline. I am not sure if it's a thyroid gland or an infection or just a thing that'll go away. I do use qtips everyday to wipe the ear and dad always says I do go a bit furthur in than I should, so is it some kind of infection. And i do use earphones while sleeping so is it just a swelling caused by the ear phones.
Avatar n tn Would the nurse have seen it looking at my eardrum or could she have overlooked it like that? I do not have any lump or swelling around my ear or neck at all. Thanks for your advice. It is very reassuring to have access to someone knowledgeable.
Avatar n tn you need to look up breathing patterns and start self releasing sternocleidomastoid bilaterally. a tight sternocleidomastoid is also chief cause of frontal lobe headaches. hope this helps.
Avatar m tn In late early July 2013 i was diagnosed with Epididymitis. I te4sted negative for major bacterial causes. The doctor suspects a viral infection of some sort. I was told to wait it out. I went to walk in clinic three weeks later as i began getting a pain in my goin on the right side. It seemed to stick out a little more than the left. The doctor said it could be hernia or a swollen lymph node which would make more sense with a genital infection present.
149081 tn?1242401432 I have postnasal drip and a swollen lymph node behind my sternocleidomastoid muscle for years. The lymph node could also cause my jaw-ear-temple pain. The pain was intermittent and lasted for four months in spring 2013. Since then I have had only once hints of it.
Avatar n tn I also would suggest finding a massage therapist who knows about trigger points. For TMJ, neck pain, headaches, etc. you want to focus on your sternocleidomastoid, scalenes, levator scapulae, trapezius, masseters, and temporalis muscles to start. The book has great pictures and direction. Or, any anatomy book or google these muscles and feel them out for any lumps or knots that produce pain.
Avatar n tn About six months ago my left neck began to hurt and I noticed what I thought was a lump there. I went to a head and neck specialist and he said that I had inflammtion of my Carotid artery(Carotidynia). The lump, I guess, was just the bifurcation of my artery that was swollen. The doctor told me to take an anti-inflammatory(ibuprophen) for 2 weeks. The pain finally diminished, but about a month later it started in my right neck.
Avatar n tn Bloodshot eyes Blurring of vision Eye pain above, below and behind eye Pressure behind eyes Light sensitivity Watering of the eyes Head Pain, Headache Problems, Facial Pain: Migraines Forehead pain Cluster headaches "Sinus Type" headache Hair and/or scalp painful or sensitive to touch Headaches at the back of the head, with or without shooting pain
Avatar n tn The pain I have mostly started 3-5 weeks ago as an odd feeling under and behind my right eye. I was just getting back into my contacts and dealing with dry eyes, so I thought that's what the discomfort was. When it got worse and was there I took out contacts, I went to the docs. I have been to an ENT and eye doc. My eyes are ok, desprite the pressure pain and eye strain (trouble focusing sometimes and more feeling like I'm cross eyed).
Avatar n tn He told me to take the sudafed that you get behind the counter because he also had the same feelings years ago and after going from doctor to doctor and then finally almost being thrown out I guess maybe he found that it was his sinus'. I recently was sent to have allergy testing done. I have severe allergies to dust mites and I am now getting allergy shots. Also the doctor had a CT scan done which showed maybe chronic sinusitus. I have started taking three-lac.
Avatar n tn When I get drive-thru McDonalds and eat whilst driving, this has almost caused me to black-out behind the wheel before - so a tip - do not eat and drive if you have this condition! Wish I knew what caused it - I've lived with it for years and years. By the way, I'm a healthy, active 33-year-old female with no history of any medical problems.
Avatar n tn History of my problem: For as long as I can remember, I have had a problem with my hyoid bone popping out and causing excrutiating pain. It is always the same - the right side of my neck. At about the age of 8 I talked to my pediatrician about it and he promptly told me it was not possible. That I was having anything "pop out" in my neck. He contended that there wasn't anything there that could pop out. So I just continued to push it back into place whenever it popped out.
Avatar n tn Wow, you can add me too. The tingling, stabbing and itching which I know is a knot behind my shoulder blade drives me nuts. When I get a massage, I am pain free for a bit, but then it just creeps back. One thing a massage therapist told me to do was stand straight with feet slightly apart, put your arms to the side and when you squeeze your arms back in front of you, keep the shoulder blades back.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, after suffering for nearly 2 years with a mysterious neurological-like condition, I have almost given up all hope of living a normal life again. After a whole lot of research on the net, I have run into several postings with people describing my condition almost down to the exact letter. However, many of these posts are on some obscure website with the postings being months or years old.
Avatar n tn I have been to many doctors and they say the lump is not tongue cancer because it would show on the outside. The lump hasn't grown. It has been the same size for 2 months. I don't know if the lump and the sensation are related. The doctors and dentists don't know what's wrong and told me to live with it. The sensation bugs me and the lump scares me. Any ideas or suggestions?
Avatar n tn It has been over 5 months and the dissection is only down to 20% with a clot still behind the blockage, as of the CTA last week. I am on aspirin now, thank goodness. As far as exercise, before this happened I was an A league soccer player and competitive ballroom dancer. Taking it easy is not in my lifestyle, especially with two teenage daughters. Unfortunately since this happened I have been unable to continue playing soccer or dancing. Currently I live my life around this pain.
Avatar n tn Oh boy since january I have been sick in and out of the ER three times with one over night stay. Dizziness, face pressure behind eye or over to ear sometimes down to my front teeth . blood culture fine cbc had ultrasound of complete organs did ct scan with nuclear IV all came back fine. Had head Ct scan Late feb 2008 said I had acute sinusitis went threw three types of antibiotics.