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Avatar n tn Hi, 32 year old married male here. Non-smoking, social drinker. I have a lump behind my right ear in the postauricular area around 1 cm across, more flat than raised, and most prounounced when I turn my head to the left. It's not painful, not moveable, and when I hold my finger to it I can feel my pulse. I first noticed it around 11 months ago when I had a very itchy, red rash covering my ears, and there has been no discernable change in size or shape since then.
Avatar n tn i looked where it hurt and there is a hard bump/lump behind her ear on the bone part (not on the ear itself). i touched it and it hurts. it's about as big as an eraser on top of a pencil or a pea. it is not red or anything (skin color). i get very worried about these kind of things and will give her dr. a call but in the mean time i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what it may be? like i said, i am worried.
Avatar f tn I found a large lump on my dggs ribs today, sure it was not there before as I give her a massage around her shoulders and neck every night..
Avatar n tn Im now 7 and a half months pregnant and have now found a lump in my breast on the same side, its quite big, proberly 2 finger ends, kind of big, it wasnt there when i went for ultra sound but it is now, ive been to the doctor and have an app at the breast clinic in 2 weeks, the lump is quite prominent and dosnt hurt like the one in my armpit, i do have discharge but it milk and its coming from both breast, so im not worried about that, i do have an achy feeling in my ribs behind my breast and
Avatar f tn i have had this lump for almost a year, my doctor i saw in march, requested i go for an she was concerned as to what it is. i have been to scared to go for this x ray, but the lump has got bigger and is painful at times , not always. i suffer with acid reflux, and its bad no matter what i eat. i had serious thyroid problems 5 years [ago it started]. i developed graves disease and had to have orbital decompression surgery. than eye muscle surgery to both eyes.
Avatar n tn in the lower esophagus, just behind the lower ribs. It is extremely painful - enough to make me not want to eat anything. I only get this pain when I swallow something, but I also feel like I might have to burp or a lump in my throat...perhaps like a heartburn as well (not sure what this feels like as I have never had it before), which is worse when I take a deep breath. Med history, I'm pretty healthy. A little overweight, but still active.
Avatar n tn Left side right under my ribs. If I lean forward I feel the lump behind too more towards my back.I often get soreness there like I worked out my abs extremly. I had er visits. Xrays. St scans. Ultra sounds n they said nothing seems abnormal. When I strech to the right my left side feels tight like streching a rubber band. If I lay on my stomach I literally feel a buldge pressing onto whatever I'm laying on. Every dr I go to wastes my time. I'm lost!
Avatar n tn I have muscle spasm in or around the ribs on both sides (in the front under the breast and sometimes in the back at the same horizontal position), it feels like a ball rolling, in that it switches sides. It occurs even at night during sleep, painful enough to wake me. I only know that when I relax and stretch (the side where the knot is) using several positions I have to wait till it goes away, in many cases to have it return in other places described above.
Avatar n tn I also have this right side pain problem that most of you are talking about in your posts. Mine is situated behind the rib cage and often the bottom ribs feel sore. The pain radiates to the back and sometimes feels like it generates heat in the back. Sometimes the center of the pain feels a little bit lower -- at about the mid-abdomen on the right side. It can be both dull or sharp. Sometimes I even feel pain much lower, just above the hip.
Avatar n tn I would be anything from schoolwork, to internet browsing, to watching tv, to eating, to even just laying down in the dark and I would get these intense sharp pains on the back of my head behind my right ear. This pain only occurs in this location and it comes and goes. At first the pains were simply a nuesance as they would come and go and weren't that bad, but lately they're getting worse causing me to stop what I'm doing until they go away.
Avatar n tn Even right down to the swallowing, the mildly achy back pain on the back exactly behind the lump. Weird!!!!! Thanks again!
Avatar f tn 3 days ago she developed a lump on her left ribs. We thought maybe she had taken a hard hit while catching at a game the night before. Today her doctor did x-rays and said she had stools behind her ribs and for her to take metimucil and if it is not better in 2 days to return and he will do a CT scan. Is it normal to have a lump on the external rib area that is visible to the naked eye?
132217 tn?1217152617 (I dont mean feel it kick or anything, just know that that lump was your baby?) I am 9w3d with my first viable pregnancy and am a little scared to poke around too much but was wondering when some might be able to be felt by your hands?
Avatar n tn Hi, I too have upper right quad pain just below my ribs. I am a male, 46yrs old 6ft and weigh 175 lbs. My pain comes and goes and has for about 6 months. It is not severe pain, but at times is more annoying than anything. It feels like there is something in there pinching me. I went to an internal med MD in July. He ran blood tests that all came back fine. He sent me to have an abdominal ultrasound which showed only "healthy" organs.
Avatar f tn 37 yr old has mas on left side behind ribs, pain and some weight loss
Avatar m tn Both doctors said it was not a lymph node which is positive but there is still a lump and I guess any unexplained lump is a worry. No other symptoms though.
Avatar n tn I too have a lump that is growing larger and larger on my left number 5&6 ribs. It is under my left breast and is now becoming unbearable. I was just put on pain medicine and will be having a CT scan asap. Never feel intimidated by a dr about your health. It's your body and you know if something is wrong. I am beginning to feel like i have trouble taking deep breaths. I just cannot get my ribs to expand for a huge breath. I was asked if there was a history of cancer in the family .
1388972 tn?1280136169 My lovely little Siamese kitten has this weird lump in his belly. Its just below the middle of his rib’s & it pops back in so you can’t feel it. I have heard about “floating ribs” but just wanted to make sure that it is that. It doesn’t cause him any pain & has perfect health... Please someone let me know what they think?
Avatar n tn become a constant pain in the muscle or tissue right by the Ribs just below the Xyphoid process.]br{: My wife tends to think that it is just indigetion, but I think that it might be the indication]br{: of a hernia of some sorts.]p{ ]p{Dear Johnson,]br{Pain related to eating is unlikely to be the result of a hernia. People with esophageal reflux will complain of ]br{burning pains in the pit of the stomach and/or behind the breastbone.
Avatar f tn Where do i start? Still in the process of trying to figure out what this lump/mass/growth/alien is on my left rib cage. It drives me crazy, it hurts all the time and after years of just dealing with it, finally went to the dr again. Long history of upper left quadrant pain. Now it hurts continually in my back. History: Sharp pains in mid upper abdomen that sent me to emergency room. Believe this was in 95 or 96. I apparently had a few little gallstones in my gallbladder.
Avatar n tn Several months ago I was laying on my back and ran my fingers over my ribs and felt a lump on my bottom rib. It is the size and shape as an egg yoke. It doesn't hurt unless I press on it (which I tend to do). I never noticed it before, but that may just be because I can only feel it when I am laying on my back and slide my hand over from my abdomen outward which I don't regularly do.
Avatar f tn Mine was 90% two years ago, but Dr. said scan was normal. I sometimes do have pain behind right rib area, sometimes feels as if a lump is behind the ribs. I will sometimes feel soreness around to back and right shoulder will be sore but I've always attributed that to muscles. Fatty foods do not cause problems. Symptoms seem to be brought on more by food, just not a particular food. Do these symptoms resemble IBS more or GB? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Also lying on my left side causes problems and lying flat but once it starts no position is comfortable. It radiates out into my ribs. Just below and just behind the bottom of my left breast i have the feeling that something is popping threw my ribs i have to hold this in to laugh cough etc as its scary and painful. Also ive had stomach problems i get this feelin at the top of my stomach that almost feels like theres a brick sitting there i cant move because its so uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn i still have mt gallbladder. had an abdominal ultrasound because of upper right abdominal pain & in the upper back, directly behind. i can feel a small lump right below my ribs, gallbladder region, it really hurts to the touch. my scan said i have an enlarged bile duct???
Avatar m tn M internist told me I have pain in armpits both sides of the ribs and groin and thighs due to neuropathy. After two month a lump appeared on my front ribs 2 inches down my right breast. Two lumps behind my both arms one small lump near my epitrochlear area. got them checked and the doctor said its lipoma not lymph nodes. I have these small bumps all over now on my stomach and thighs where vertical inguinal lymph nodes are.but they are tiny barely more Than 1.5 Cm.
Avatar f tn I've had a lump in my breast for almost or more then six months. Thought it would go away on its own but is still here. It is not squishy, it is not round, it's probably 3 quarters of an inch long and half an inch for the width. Breast cancer does not run in my family, lung and other types do and heart conditions. Don't know if breathing problems relate to this topic either but i just got an inhaler for chronic bronchitis/COPD/ emphysema/asthsma. What do I do? Is this lump a concern?
Avatar n tn i have a lump behind my left ear its been here for about a month. my doctor said i could just be getting sick but i havent been sick yet. i have been geting head aches daily recently and sharp pains under my ribs and neck. when i searched online to see what i might have cancer came up as one of them. could it be?
Avatar f tn Also lying on my left side causes problems and lying flat but once it starts no position is comfortable. It radiates out into my ribs. Just below and just behind the bottom of my left breast i have the feeling that something is popping threw my ribs i have to hold this in to laugh cough etc as its scary and painful. Also ive had stomach problems i get this feelin at the top of my stomach that almost feels like theres a brick sitting there i cant move because its so uncomfortable.