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Avatar m tn I have this small lump behind my left jaw line and under ear for almost 1 years now, it does feel pain and uncomfortable, I went the 2 different ENT doctors and did 2 CT scan, one with ink one without both report come out nothing....... but the small pain and feeling it still there also feel pain infront of my ear and inside mouth around jaw join but open or close jaw doen't feel pain. So should I try a different ENT again?? or can this be cancer?? what should I do now??
Avatar n tn One thing to bear in mind - I had (actually still have) a pea-sized lump on my jaw and had it checked out last year. My doctor said as a rule of thumb, if the lump is soft and can be moved around, it is generally harmless, but if it is hard, it needs evaluation. So it's a good idea to have it looked at as soon as you can.
Avatar n tn i looked where it hurt and there is a hard bump/lump behind her ear on the bone part (not on the ear itself). i touched it and it hurts. it's about as big as an eraser on top of a pencil or a pea. it is not red or anything (skin color). i get very worried about these kind of things and will give her dr. a call but in the mean time i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what it may be? like i said, i am worried.
Avatar m tn I have this small lump behind my left jaw line and under ear for almost 1 years now, it does feel pain and uncomfortable, I went the 2 different ENT doctors and did 2 CT SCAN, one with ink one without both report come out nothing....... but the small pain and feeling it still there also feel pain infront of my ear and inside mouth around jaw join but open or close jaw doen't feel pain also feel there more Saliva behind my left side top wisdom teeth area?? can this be cancer??
Avatar f tn I have found a lump above my jaw line it's sore when I touch it,would be a size of a marble
Avatar n tn I have also discovered a lump in my neck right behind my ear and by my jaw line. It doesn't move and it isn't painful but I'm very concerned about it. I've been gaining weight and have been extremely fatigued. I just moved to Florida and don't have a doctor yet. Do you think I should have it checked at an urgent care or hospital? Does anyone know what it could possibly be?
Avatar n tn I have a lump behind my right ear that is rather larger than the normal one I have behind the left. I have been felling dizzy for about a week, and my balance is off. What should I do.
Avatar m tn All day yesterday when I would chew I felt a sharp pain around the the upper part of my jaw line , as if as if I was eating something sour. Now all day today I have a lump in the same area. What could this knot mean as well as the pain in my jaw?
1256509 tn?1269418423 about 3 years ago i noticed a lump behind my ear lobe it dose not hurt, then another showed up on my jaw line right below my jaw bone, then i noticed i had one on the side of my face thougth it was a pimple but it just wont go away. then another one popped up on my neck and again thought pimple and then it split into two and now both hurt and just wont go away. help if you can. i have alot of cancer in my family. great grandmother, grandfather, and my mother all died from cancer.
Avatar f tn Another cause for the pain you are experiencing could be temporomandibular (TMJ) joint arthritis. This is the jaw joint and inflammation of this joint can cause pain on opening the mouth and tenderness on palpating behind the ear. Check with your doctor to rule out this condition. Lymph nodes which are enlarged greater than one cm are significant. However, you can follow up to see how they are progressing. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn Hi all anyone any ideas ? I have this lump in my neck about 2-3 years behind my jaw bone and under my ear ..I brought to my gp years ago n he said probly a cyst never gave me any trouble ....but now ...I was admitted to hospital a few weeks back in horrific pain in my jaw n felt like this lump was exploding in my neck amount of pain relief would take it away I was practically unconscious from all of it ...anyways pain has subsided but still there ...
Avatar n tn I have a hard lump that is about an inch to 1.5 inches beneath my right ear right behind my jawline. It is also hard and presents with the same congestion/sinus issues that were described above. Has anyone received any answer's to what this is? My father passed from throat cancer that had spread throughout his lymph nodes and throat at the age of 48. My IM has brushed it off as sinus/allergy issues due to my age.
Avatar n tn i m 26 years old, i have a hard feeling on my right side of neck, right below the jaw line. it is not visible to anyone else, only if i press my left side of neck then it can be felt by pressing the area. almost 7 years ago i had root canal of my main big tooth, but i coulnt eat from that side because i thought its not correctly done, anyhow the problem occured 4 months back from today when i ate chocolate, which i think is not good for my teeth.
Avatar n tn When I push in the small cavity right below my hear, and behind the most vertical part of my jaw line, i hear a shwishing noise and I feel a sensation as if someone punched me in the jaw the day before. I am also feeling unilateral pressure in my temporal region that sometimes spreads to the other side. I also feel as if I am constantly changing elevation, because everytime I swollow I hear popping noises. This may be of importance, but my wisdom teeth are starting to tear through.
Avatar n tn I am a 37 year old male and have had a recent bout of these intensely painful sensations behind the right ear, located about an inch behind the hair line in the hard, nobbly bit near the base of the skull (sorry, I don't know the technical term for this part of the head). The pain is a throbbing sensation, seems to come on for no apparent reason and usually lasts between five and thirty minutes. I teach in an adult education facility so spend a lot of time sat at a desk, marking papers etc.
Avatar f tn ) So - two weeks from tomorrow, after lunch, I felt a bump in my mouth. It is on my gums, about a 1/4 to 1/2 an inch below my gum line. It is on my lower jaw behind the tooth next to the bicuspid (closer to the middle of my mouth than the bicuspid). At first it didn't hurt. It just felt like a little rock hard pin sticking out of the back of my gums. I had a dentist appointment coming up so I figured I would talk to my dentist.
Avatar n tn I found a lump on my neck under my jaw line but near my ear about 3 months ago it is about little smaller than a inch. And a small lump about a finger tip from my ear just a little bigger than a pea they cause a little pain and I can shift them a little but they cause pain I wan't to know If that is serious, or nothing at all ?
Avatar n tn I have a 7 wk old baby girl and I discovered her pea size bump when she was 2 wks right behind her left ear ,right behind where her hair line starts. It feels hard and does not move. When i feel it, it doesn't seem to hurt or bother her at all. The doctor said not to worry. We just need to keep an eye on it and she thinks it's either a swollen lymph node or cyst . I can't help but to worry.
Avatar n tn My sister used to get bumps on her jaw line and a little below. I forget what they are called now but the doctor said they were normal. My son gets them behind his ears. Now I will be trying to think of the name all night now. O well, if I think of it I will post agian.
Avatar n tn The pain shoots from the back of the lower jaw right up the line to almost my ears. I usually have to let my jaw sag and not talk for 15-20 minutes to let it subside. After that, I can drink as much beer or wine as I needed pain free. I see above the "sulfides (preservative 220 - 228)" issues, and that's what I will reasearch further. I can drink all other types of alchol, with no problems. I like my Whisky, and have never gotten the pain from it.
210459 tn?1197085792 I have a smilar problem. For two years, I have had a small marble sized lump under the right side of my jaw. It is firm but not hard (maybe rubbery). It has not changed over the last two years and the are ocassionally feels a bit sore. The lump is high mobile..I can move it from under my jaw, around the other side, and up a bit. It is not in my is in the neck cavity, below the skin and tissue.
Avatar n tn I have a pea sized lump behind my right ear for a few months. It's starting to grow bigger. It hurts when I touch it. But mostly hurts after I shower, I feel like my head and ears are plugged with water. I get sore thoats off and on and sometimes runny nose like having a cold but it comes and goes. At night when I lie on my side I feel like theres fluid draining from my ear. Sometimes I feel my ear is plugged. Sometimes my left ear feels sore, and plugged but I have no lump on that ear.
Avatar n tn The pain starts at around the jaw line and goes to my ear and as for the circumvallate papillae I have been to an oral surgen 3 times all with no results. Anything on that?
Avatar f tn I have this hard lump that is located about an inch below my ear near my jaw line. I was having sharp pains and discomfort around my ear so I got it checked out but never mentioned the lump just said I was having pain near my ear. The doctor diagnosed me with TMJ and gave me muscle relaxer that did no help for the pain. The pain is on and off. My dad died from malignant sarcoma soft tissue type at 36 and his mom died at 24 from hodgkins lyphoma.
Avatar n tn I have a small lump behind my jaw line and infront of my earlobe on my left side of face it has grown a bit in the past few days. I have random headaches and sometimes stiffness in the neck. I am noticing I sleep too much also . Could this be dangerous? What could it be?
Avatar n tn About 4 months ago, while shaving, I noticed a lump on the right side of my neck, behind the hinge of the jaw under the ear. Not painful, no other symptoms. After 2 weeks I talked with a friend who is an MD, he said to watch it for another couple months. A week after that I had a cold for 2-3 days, which developed into a slightly productive cough which lingered for 3 weeks, then went away. The lump would fluctuate during the day, more noticeable in AM, much less so in PM.
Avatar n tn D surgery for abscess in my mouth and still not discharged due to still having a hard knot in my jaw line that is sore. Just wondering if migraines, lump, everything is tied in together since they have been worse in past few weeks? btw, the lump is not easy to feel, its only when turn head in certain, bent way and probe deeper. My migraines are mostly over left temple area but lately headaches are becoming stronger but not putting me to bed.
Avatar n tn My problem is that I constantly feel pressure under both my ears and running all the way under my jaw. I also have a small lump or mass under MY left jaw near my neck. Is this a salivary gland problem? Very irritating and uncomfortable and im not very sure how to pursue this problem. Thanks.