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2133874 tn?1335815939 I just thought it was from my glasses but Friday morning I had a big lump behind my ear. it was about 2 inches long and kind of bean shaped. At the base of it, it was softer but sore if i rubbed it and the top of it was harder but didn't hurt at all. It also was a little itchy. We had a big function at our church this weekend that we were very involved in so i couldn't get it checked out. Saturday it was maybe slightly worse and Sunday I thought the swelling was less.
Avatar n tn i looked where it hurt and there is a hard bump/lump behind her ear on the bone part (not on the ear itself). i touched it and it hurts. it's about as big as an eraser on top of a pencil or a pea. it is not red or anything (skin color). i get very worried about these kind of things and will give her dr. a call but in the mean time i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what it may be? like i said, i am worried.
Avatar f tn I have a hard non-movable lump behind my left ear. It is not sensitive to the touch, but it does hurt. I haven't felt well in about a month. I feel extremely tired and ill feeling with a slight sore throat. I do have stuffy sinuses. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Hi All, I am a 23 year old female and about 3 months ago I found a hard, immovable lump behind my right ear. There is one behind my left ear too but it is much smaller. I went to my Dr and he said it was just part of my normal anatomy. I wasn't convinced. I went to see another Dr who said the same but done a blood test anyway. The results came back clear.
Avatar m tn I read somewhere that anxiety causes ear fullness. I'm constantly anxious for no reason and tired. It sucks when you get that feeling there's something more than anxiety because it feels like it. (Not that I don't trust the docs,) What you getting for the anxiety? Do you take meds with it or CBT?
Avatar n tn There is one particular swelling just behind and between my ear lobe/jaw which is causing my a lot of worry. The pain seems to travel down into my neck muscles and the back of my neck, more recently my shoulders, and seems to radiate around on both sides. my neck doesn't look swollen particularly when i look in the mirror, but it feels it.
Avatar n tn i just now started getting these pains behind my ear too. im a 19 years old college student. i get a sharp pain behind my left ear. i counted it 12 times yesterday. its not an unbarable pain but its really wierd. if anyone has found out what it is please let me know.
Avatar f tn I also have a hard one behind my right ear that's been there for years also. I found a hard lump on the inside of my right hip (kinda where my ovaries would be) about a year ago. Just thought I'd get some insight. I am 22 female and lack energy so much I've been to the doctor for it. Anyways, can anyone give me any info? I'm calling the doc tomorrow for an appointment!
Avatar f tn Took son, 15 years old ,to Dr yesterday for his check up and he he has a one painless lump behind ear bone left side about 1" maybe slight less, they said it was lymph node, his blood pressure was 85/55 and his pulse was 83. Said his blood pressure was normal He has lost weight , 4lbs and is complaining of being chronic tired. Sleeping 8 hours a day, trying to gain weight but can't, eating healthy.
Avatar n tn I'm 23, and I just discovered a small lump on my neck below my ear, behind my jaw. It's only on the left side, and it's very hard. At the end of October, I went to the health center at my law school for an on and off fever, weight loss, and other miscellaneous symptoms. They did the mono blood test and I was positive. I seemed to get through it pretty easily, though my throat was miserable for 2 weeks or so and I was exhausted for those two weeks as well.
Avatar n tn I have recently come across a small lump in the right side of my neck located just past the halfway point of my neck and slightly towards the back (behind my ear as opposed to in front of it). The lump is not painful, hard, and I can move it slightly up and down, and it's not round more of and oval shape. I don't smoke or drink, I am however tired all the time.
Avatar f tn For almost 3 weeks now I've been experiencing symptoms of blurry vision, imbalance (when I walk or turn my head I feel like I'm on a boat, things in my vision are rocky, and move more than they should), and pressure behind my right eye, on the inside corner especially. From time to time I have neck pain on the right side, especially at the base of the skull, but unlike the other symptoms this neck pain is not constant.
Avatar f tn I'm 16 years old and I have a lump right behind my ear on the bone i think I've had it for a while maybe a year or more I barely noticed it the other day when I was rubbing behind my ear it's hard maybe a little bit squishy I don't know what it is and it causes me extreme anxiety not knowing what it is could it be something very bad or something harmless I don't feel sick I don't have headaches I don't feel tired I feel fine it doesn't hurt when I touch it and it moves a little bit it's the size
Avatar n tn After that I found another one a couple more years later on my upper left leg, just above the knee cap. Most recently (6 months ago)I discoverd a hard lump form right behind my right ear followed by a smaller one forming behind my left ear. I also have been wakeing up with soaked hair line and sweaty body, not too bad but night sweats altogether. Then I noticed another lump form on my scalp above my face on my hairline, small but hard and present.
149081 tn?1242401432 Dx- Multi Nodular Goiter 2004 I haven't been feeling well for a few mths. Tired, achey, frequent urination, extreme coldness,dry skin,headaches, mental confusion, extreme vertigo (now gone). I thought finally those pesky goiters have interfered with my thyroid function.Because all other lab work normal;however, I've had tsh,Ft3,Ft4 tested 3 times in last few mths only to have my levels completely normal.( Have home copies and am amazed how normal they are.).
Avatar f tn I told him that I was very tired, had sore throats, trouble breathing, and an unusual lump behind my ear. He ran blood work that came back mostly normal if I remember correctly, sent me for lung function tests to see if I had asthma-which I did/do not, and sent me to an ENT to look at my lump/throat. The ENT ordered a CT scan which was fine other than two thyroid masses.
Avatar n tn Even right down to the swallowing, the mildly achy back pain on the back exactly behind the lump. Weird!!!!! Thanks again!
Avatar f tn My problem in the left side of my head has come back after being silent for a short time in summer. I have pain sometimes under the ear, sometimes in or behind the ear. Temple pain has not occurred recently. The pain comes most often in early morning hours. I had also some congestion up in my nose, when I was in bed. Very viscous postnasal drip has slightly increeased. I have had postnasal drip for more than ten years. In the autumn I have had red flecks in mouth mucosa and sticky saliva.
Avatar n tn For the last 2 yrs I have also been getting painful sharp pain in my right eye. Something strange is growing behind my right ear one is almost like a blister more oval, the other a little bigger and hard they feel sore if I press it. May Dr says I may be hypothyroid what really concerns me is cancer. Is there a chance I may have it or can these symptoms be normal? I appreciate your opinion.
Avatar n tn I have a pretty large lump on my neck right at my jawline right behind my ear. It gets bigger when I tilt my head to the side too. I have a lump on the other side...but not nearly as big. I went to my primary physician today and he did a blood work up...cbc count ect. and am getting a MRI done tomorrow. I am worried sick!!!!!!! I've also been really tired lately and my muscles seem weaker. Does anyone know about this type of thing????
Avatar f tn I have noticed a small pea-size lump on my neck about 2 inches below and 2 inches behind my left earlobe. it feels somewhat soft and slightly painful when I touch it. There is a mild throbbing --comes and goes -- on the opposite side of my head, above the ear, inside the cranium. These are very new symproms. I also felt tired and slightly noxious today (could be unrelated.
Avatar m tn I am a 49 year old male, currently under care for CRPS going on for 2 years, am disabled due to this. I have a mole behind left ear it is crusty bleeds and itches like mad sometimes. Also have a lump at the hairline aproxx 1 1/2 inches close to this mole it is hard and tender, has been there for a while now and is just now becoming tender to the touch, have lost weight about 24 lbs.
Avatar m tn Both doctors said it was not a lymph node which is positive but there is still a lump and I guess any unexplained lump is a worry. No other symptoms though.
Avatar n tn I have had a growth , hard lump behind right jaw, under right ear for over a year. When it was the size of a pea, my GP said there was nothing to make of it. The growth has grown and now I have other symptoms that have been happening , ringing in ear, chest ache all the time, pain sometimes with hard lump, problems swallowing,night sweats,sweating all the time, tired, irritable,moles are starting to grow, skin on arms feels rashy.
Avatar n tn the hard lump on the bottom of occipital could be due to swollen lymph nodes behind the ear and head due to different infections like scalp infection, allergies and cough / cold. Check for anemia, endocrinopathies, electrolyte abnormalities and dehydration, micronutrient deficiencies etc could cause dizziness, headaches, and achy legs. Consult a physician for detailed examination and relevant intervention. MRI brain should also be done to check for any tumors in the brain.
Avatar n tn Sometimes when the lump in my throat hurts the right side of my ear hurts as well. The gland behind my ear is swollen, but it's been like that since I was around 14. I feel like I can't lay on my right side because it feels like in going ton choke if I fall asleep. I have shortness of breath and sometimes painful chest pain randomly. It feels like someone is crunching my upper chest like it's going to explode.
Avatar f tn I have ear aches and bumps on my tongue. I am nervous because some sites said its cancer.
Avatar m tn I've had a lump in front of my ear since the summer (I think in the parotid gland), and I recently was reminded of it. The lump has had me on edge so I've been really critical about every sensation I feel in my body. I feel as if I may be blowing everything out of proportion because of health anxiety or something. About 5 years ago I'd get these same pinches behind my eye when playing baseball and I have gotten them ever since.
Avatar n tn I have a pea sized lump behind my right ear for a few months. It's starting to grow bigger. It hurts when I touch it. But mostly hurts after I shower, I feel like my head and ears are plugged with water. I get sore thoats off and on and sometimes runny nose like having a cold but it comes and goes. At night when I lie on my side I feel like theres fluid draining from my ear. Sometimes I feel my ear is plugged. Sometimes my left ear feels sore, and plugged but I have no lump on that ear.