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Avatar n tn I forgot about it until yesterday when I was showering washing behind the ears with soap when I felt two more lumps (that are not painful) behind the ear on the neck area. I am Hypothyroid and last year I was experiencing throbbing in the ear. They ran tests and found I have a very small lump on my thyroid not to be alarmed too small for biopsy. For the past 8 months or so I have been experiencing pain in the ear when I sleep on that side.
Avatar f tn It starte two nights ago with acute pain. The size of the lump has grown as has the pain. It is also showing bruising.
Avatar n tn recently I went to the doc. because I have notice a marble sice lump behind my ear and I also have pain that starts at the neck and ends at the lump please help wiith any info pertaining my situation.
Avatar n tn Worried about this lump behind my ear
Avatar n tn sore neck and have lump behind one ear neck is stiff have been to doctor 5 times - had xray - ok had blood - ok now awaiting results of scan am worried because motor nureone desease runs in the family
Avatar m tn hi i have a lump behind my ear and is starting to hurt...know i feeling a little pain on the right side of my neck.. could any doc help me plzzzzzz......
Avatar f tn About a year ago i woke up with a burning lump behind my left ear found a lump. Now let me add that i had wore some cheap earrings. But it has been almost a year since. The burning pain would shoot down my neck and into my breast that happened off and on for months and finally quite. i had itching all over and mostly on the lump. now the itching on the lump doesn't happen as often. Now the lump Burns like every 3/4 days. When i push on it it seems to flatten out but returns within hours.
Avatar n tn The back of my left ear throbs down to the middle of my neck and the bottom of my ear kills also. I think that there is a lump behind my ear too. I don't know what to do! Please help.
1748247 tn?1311799602 My take on this is that what ever this lump or knot is behind my ear has nothing to do w/any salivatery gland, because the lump is behind the ear and not in my mouth. As to the swelling I feel that its to the lump behind my hear that is causing my jaw muscle and neck muscle to swell, as a defense to the lump behind my ear. I am also feeling numbness in my L. side of my face, lip and arm which she said is a nuero issue.
Avatar f tn So much pressure and now a migraine with neck and shoulder pain? This pineal cyst is crazy. My ears feel covered up and I am very jerky. Not shakes but jerks or tremors. Who knows.
Avatar n tn Hi, A lump behind the ear could be due to throat infection, insect bite, accidental trauma to the site, ear infection , etc. Lymph nodes in the region are known as post auricular lymph nodes and can enlarge secondary to infection, inflammation, etc. You could try some warm compresses at the site, warm saline gargles for his sore throat and some oral antihistamine medications for the swelling. This could be mastoiditis, cervical lymphadenopathy or parotitis.
Avatar m tn I woke up this morning and found a lump behind my left ear on the bone. it is not sore to the touch but my neck and that area is sore. What could it be i think i have had this before.
Avatar n tn I have a small lump growing behind my ear. I have to say Im a bit concerned. Its bigger than a pea and smaller than a walnut, maybe the size of a small marble. Its feels rather sore and warm which makes me think its some type of pus filled internal skin infection. Well, I hope its not a tumor. The problem here is I have no health insurance and practically no money. So Im not really sure what to do.
Avatar f tn It is probable that the fluid in the ear is infected, this could cause a middle ear infection. This can spread causing a painful lump behind the ear. This could be a lymph node or sometimes the infection can spread to the mastoid bone. The condition needs proper evaluation. You will need to consult your primary care physician for further evaluation, who may then refer you to an ENT specialist. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn m afraid it is pain radiating to the ear from my throat/neck lump. However, I also clinch my teeth everyday. My daughter recently had a dystonic reaction to Reglan, therefore I have been under EXTREME stress the past three months worrying if the Reglan permantly damanged her dopamine receptors. Sorry for the long post- but is it possible that this lump is benign and caused by stress? Please advise.
524172 tn?1212297566 my sister, whos 8, showed me this lump behind the ear a couple weeks ago, little couldnt see it, could only feel it to know it was there. i said it was nothing, but to just watch it to see if it does anything. 3 weeks later its gotten so big its popping out of her head not by inches but a 1/8 of a cm. im thinking cancer but i don't no exactly. i have been looking online and then i found this web site and thought i would try it. can you please help.
Avatar f tn About a week ago my ear was really bothering me It almost felt like I had swimmers ear. A day after my ear started hurting I found a hard pea size lump in the crease of my ear on my neck. I thought maybe it was a pimple or something to that nature and wrote if off until a couple days ago. The pain has gotten so bad in both my ear and the actual lump itself that its affecting my sleep and and I havent been able to chew food without pain.
Avatar f tn HI, I have recently noticed that i have a lump behind my right ear, it hurts to touch and is giving me pain down my neck and in my wrist. I am also having ear pain. can anyone help? thank you.
Avatar f tn Hi. A few weeks ago I discovered a hard lump behind my ear. It's hard and immovable. I usually have those lymph nodes on my neck and behind my ears, but this one is hard and larger. I have another one behind my other ear but it's just the swollen gland. Should I go see a doctor about the hard lump behind my ear?
Avatar f tn My son had a lump behind his ear (he's 30 ) but it still scared me. After taking all the meds from a Dr and still there he finally went to a Dentist and lump was caused from a tooth. Dentist gave him more meds treated the tooth and lump went away. You might want to get it checked out just to be sure it not from a tooth.
Avatar m tn The last few days that area also feels like it is getting a hard lump under my skin, but this lump is not sore,warm like the boil behind my ear. My right side upper shoulder/neck is also sore. When I turn my head right it is sore. I'm not really sure what this all means. Do you think I should go to the doctor?