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Avatar n tn I forgot about it until yesterday when I was showering washing behind the ears with soap when I felt two more lumps (that are not painful) behind the ear on the neck area. I am Hypothyroid and last year I was experiencing throbbing in the ear. They ran tests and found I have a very small lump on my thyroid not to be alarmed too small for biopsy. For the past 8 months or so I have been experiencing pain in the ear when I sleep on that side.
Avatar n tn I have a small lump growing behind my ear. I have to say Im a bit concerned. Its bigger than a pea and smaller than a walnut, maybe the size of a small marble. Its feels rather sore and warm which makes me think its some type of pus filled internal skin infection. Well, I hope its not a tumor. The problem here is I have no health insurance and practically no money. So Im not really sure what to do.
Avatar f tn About a year ago i woke up with a burning lump behind my left ear found a lump. Now let me add that i had wore some cheap earrings. But it has been almost a year since. The burning pain would shoot down my neck and into my breast that happened off and on for months and finally quite. i had itching all over and mostly on the lump. now the itching on the lump doesn't happen as often. Now the lump Burns like every 3/4 days. When i push on it it seems to flatten out but returns within hours.
Avatar n tn Two days ago she experienced a sharp pain in her neck and felt another lump near the jugular area . They are not painful but they're worrying her. Could someone tell me if it may be something serious like cancer??
804382 tn?1237994213 About a year ago I noticed a small hard unmoveable lump behind my right ear.. (between my ear and my hair line of my neck) I wasn't to worried about it until about two weeks ago when my wife was able to SEE IT. I haven't been touching it a whole lot cause I figured it was probably a lymph node, and I didn't want to irratate it. It doesn't hurt and it is now about the size of a nickel.... can someone please give me an idea what is going on?
795097 tn?1237220795 I have had this lump behind my right ear for the last 2-3 weeks. It doesn't seem like it is really hard nor soft. But my worry is that...ever since I had this lump,I also have been getting a striking pain in the right side of my head. It last up to about 3 secs...just long enough to go through that side of my head. This worries me cause I have never had this problems before. Can someone help me...please?!?!?
Avatar f tn Is the lump in the bony area behind the ear or in the soft tissue behind the ear as if it is a lymph node? If it is a swollen lymph node then yes it could be from an infection. But do you have any other symptoms? When a lymph node is hard it may not be a lymph node or it could be a problem. So you should see a doctor about this. You probably should see an ear nose and throat doctor if you can go straight to one. They can feel it and decide the next course of action.
Avatar n tn I found a lump behind my ear. It is hard and doesnt hurt at all. Its strange in shape and not irratated at all. its been almost a month. I am concerned especially because I am a smoker and its close to my neck.
Avatar n tn i looked where it hurt and there is a hard bump/lump behind her ear on the bone part (not on the ear itself). i touched it and it hurts. it's about as big as an eraser on top of a pencil or a pea. it is not red or anything (skin color). i get very worried about these kind of things and will give her dr. a call but in the mean time i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what it may be? like i said, i am worried.
Avatar n tn I also had laparoscopic surgery on 11/22 to remove a dermoid if that has anything to do with the situation. I noticed today that I had a dull pain/pressure behind my left ear that seems to be fanning to my left sinus area. When I went to rub back there I noticed a small, yet noticable lump an index fingers width away from the back of my ear just before where my hair line starts.
Avatar m tn I woke up this morning and found a lump behind my left ear on the bone. it is not sore to the touch but my neck and that area is sore. What could it be i think i have had this before.
Avatar f tn HI, I have recently noticed that i have a lump behind my right ear, it hurts to touch and is giving me pain down my neck and in my wrist. I am also having ear pain. can anyone help? thank you.
Avatar m tn Hi I noticed a lump behind my ear a few years ago and went to see a doctor about it who said it was a cyst and not to worry. On Sunday I noticed it had got really big (visible, about pea sized) and then found another one at the top of my neck too. The one behind my ear is hard and painless and the one on my neck feels bigger and softer and is a bit tender.
Avatar f tn Also When I was a baby I had really bad ezcema until I was around five years old. I've had a lump behind my ear for as long as I can remember, could this of swelled up when I was a child and never gone down? The doctors just tell me not to worry but they've never done any tests on it. I also have a few lumps on my head at the back near the hairline.
1748247 tn?1311803202 For the past 3 days now I have been having a pain radiating from behind my left ear down to my left side of my neck. It is swollen and hot to the touch. I have taken some Advil for the pain, and that does not seem to be doing anything for it. I have i ced it and the pain is still there. I have discovered that there is a lump right under the ear where the jaw connects. That whole side of my face is swollen, hot and painful.
Avatar n tn Either accompanied with radiating pain on the right or straight through to my forehead. Last week I noticed a lump behind my right ear (like a pea cut in half on the lower part of the skull behind the ear). Doc says it is a cyst - hard as bone and painless. Last night I was massaging my neck and noticed another lump where the spine meets the skull (egg sized and shaped - soft) but when I pressed on it to determine if it is soft or hard I set off a headache that won't stop.
Avatar m tn The last three days I have had a pee sized lump behind my ear. It is very painfull and its causing my neck to cramp up and the pain stretches to the back of my head. It is worst when Im lying down. If I toutch it the pain is extrem. There is no skin visible change in color other than a very small lump. If the pain was not so bad I would not be soo worried, but it really hurts. Anyone have an idea of what it is.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 14 years old and I'm kinda worryed about a small lump behind my right ear lobe... I've already had the lump in the exact same place about 3-4 months ago.. (The lump was pea size) and my sister noticed that my neck was a bit swollen and it was hard for me to swallow food and drinks .. So I phoned my doctor and the doctor said use normal tablets (like the ones for head aches and stuff) and if it got bigger to them back . So I took the tablets and in about 2 weeks time it went..
999062 tn?1250043156 My daughter has a lump behind her ear that has slowly grown too lately and has gotten harder. She doesn't have the headaches though. We just got referred to a dermatologist to have it taken out. The doctor said it was just a benign cyst and fairly common. I'm not sure if that's what you've got or not but I'd guess it is. I hope you find out soon so you won't worry! Take care.
1341861 tn?1276201692 hi my name is linzi i am 24yrs old i hav discovered a very painful lump behind my left ear and i hav a migrain for the last 12hrs and am finding it very difficult to turn my head to look to my left side i am very worried abou this as i never experienced tis before, if you could take the time to reply to this i would be very greatful thanks guys :))
Avatar f tn Hi - I wrote in about my son's lump behind his ear. The doctor was not concerned at all - said it was probably inflammation - he went on Augmentin for two weeks and it went down, however, he got a ton of mosquito bites on his head, neck and face this past weekend, and I noticed another swollen lymph node - pea sized above the original one. Do bug bites harbor cause lymph nodes to swell? He has no other symptoms - like fever or lethargy or weight loss.
Avatar n tn Doctor, For the past 5 months or so I have noticed a small lump behind my left ear. This bump is on the bonde behind the ear (NOT the front of the face). The lump is hard, fixed, and not movable. It causes me no pain, and is about the size of a small pea. I have been playing with it lately, and do not think it has changed it size, and if it has it has been very minimal. About 2 months ago I had a doctor check it out, and the GP said that he didn't think it was anything to be concerned about.
Avatar f tn But, aside from that I have had a bump behind my hear for about a year. (its not on the ear itself, its on the bone behind the ear.) And they said it was a cyst and gave me antibiotics, and they made it worse. And the doctor said it wasn't my lymps. It will swell up and i will get dizzy and light headed and have alot of severe pain, and then the next day it will be fine. so... I have no idea whats going on.
Avatar n tn Hi All, I am a 23 year old female and about 3 months ago I found a hard, immovable lump behind my right ear. There is one behind my left ear too but it is much smaller. I went to my Dr and he said it was just part of my normal anatomy. I wasn't convinced. I went to see another Dr who said the same but done a blood test anyway. The results came back clear.
Avatar f tn It is probable that the fluid in the ear is infected, this could cause a middle ear infection. This can spread causing a painful lump behind the ear. This could be a lymph node or sometimes the infection can spread to the mastoid bone. The condition needs proper evaluation. You will need to consult your primary care physician for further evaluation, who may then refer you to an ENT specialist. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.