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1389878 tn?1279854755 this is actually for my husband, he has recently noticed a hard lump behind his ear and has grown to be very worried about it. He actually has lumps on both sides behind his ears but his left side has grown enough for him to take notice in it, it is hard and does not move around, is not tender to the touch nor is it red or irritated in any way on the outside. He says that it doesn't cause him any constant pain but every once in awhile he will get little sharp pains where the lump is.
Avatar f tn Is the lump in the bony area behind the ear or in the soft tissue behind the ear as if it is a lymph node? If it is a swollen lymph node then yes it could be from an infection. But do you have any other symptoms? When a lymph node is hard it may not be a lymph node or it could be a problem. So you should see a doctor about this. You probably should see an ear nose and throat doctor if you can go straight to one. They can feel it and decide the next course of action.
Avatar n tn i looked where it hurt and there is a hard bump/lump behind her ear on the bone part (not on the ear itself). i touched it and it hurts. it's about as big as an eraser on top of a pencil or a pea. it is not red or anything (skin color). i get very worried about these kind of things and will give her dr. a call but in the mean time i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what it may be? like i said, i am worried.
1748247 tn?1311803202 As to the swelling I feel that its to the lump behind my hear that is causing my jaw muscle and neck muscle to swell, as a defense to the lump behind my ear. I am also feeling numbness in my L. side of my face, lip and arm which she said is a nuero issue. She ordered a CT of my neck to check what she diagnosed me with to see what is the cause of my swollen shoulder. P.S.
Avatar n tn hello okay so i had this hard lump behind my ear that was painless and movable. I had it for a couple months but since i had just gotten my ear pierced and it got infected i thought maybe it was a swollen gland due to the infection in the piercing, so I took it out. It went down almost completely for about a week. and then i got like a zit inside my ear, and the lump is back. its really hard but its movable. I have a Dr. appt. this thursday but im just looking for some guidance.
Avatar n tn Hello, The lump behind the ear on the head may be due to the trauma inflicted by the studs because it came up the following day when you forgot to take your studs off. What is the size and constituency of the lump (soft, fleshy, firm, rubbery, or matted).Is it movable or fixed? Most lumps in that site are due to infections or benign tumors of soft tissue origin.
Avatar n tn I have a bump behind my ear about the size of a pea, its not hard and is easily movable.
Avatar f tn But, aside from that I have had a bump behind my hear for about a year. (its not on the ear itself, its on the bone behind the ear.) And they said it was a cyst and gave me antibiotics, and they made it worse. And the doctor said it wasn't my lymps. It will swell up and i will get dizzy and light headed and have alot of severe pain, and then the next day it will be fine. so... I have no idea whats going on.
Avatar n tn My father from some years ago have a lump behind the neck and now he had another behind the ear . This lump gives to him headache . It moves and it is intense . Please tell me what to do !
Avatar f tn 3 months ago i noticed a lump on side of my left wrist, and gets painful sometimes on certain hand movements. And just yesterday, i found out that I have a lump behind my left ear. I've been having severe headaches as well as toothaches on the left side also. it seems that all these are happening on the left side of my body. additional info: i gave birth last april, preterm (30-31 weeks).
Avatar n tn i have a large hard lump on the bone behind the ear, i feel light headed, this lump is not painfull but getting bigger does anyone know what this could be, and should i call a doctor.could you please help with this question...
Avatar f tn I don't know if other people may have larger lump nodes on one side behind the ear than th other ear or what... I just really don't know if I should be concerned.. does anyone have any thoughts?
Avatar n tn Either accompanied with radiating pain on the right or straight through to my forehead. Last week I noticed a lump behind my right ear (like a pea cut in half on the lower part of the skull behind the ear). Doc says it is a cyst - hard as bone and painless. Last night I was massaging my neck and noticed another lump where the spine meets the skull (egg sized and shaped - soft) but when I pressed on it to determine if it is soft or hard I set off a headache that won't stop.
Avatar n tn I have bumps behind my left ear and the left side of my head feels numb. What could this be?
Avatar m tn Hi all, I am a 23 year old female. About 3 months ago, I noticed a lump behind one of my ears. I believe it is my lymph node. The lymph node is not visible, but i can feel it with i press down on it. It is hard. It feels almost like a bone or muscle, but it is circular so I know it cannot be either one. It does not hurt. I roughly measured it and it is about 2-2.5 cm in diameter. I NEVER remember it being swollen out of my neck to the point it was visible to the eye.
Avatar n tn i just now started getting these pains behind my ear too. im a 19 years old college student. i get a sharp pain behind my left ear. i counted it 12 times yesterday. its not an unbarable pain but its really wierd. if anyone has found out what it is please let me know.
Avatar n tn I have something that sounds like the same thing... deepish in the neck behind my ear... however it's about 3-4 finger widths behind my ear.... too far back to be lymph nodes I thought. It is very tender and hurts however (at first I thought it was just a neck ache) and it only just started this morning. It hurts when i touch it or turn my head.
Avatar f tn Hello recently i am having a pinching pain in the right side of the back of my neck so i kinda touched my neck and i found inside the muscle just below ear and behind jawline a hard like rock immovable lump. im having also kinda the same in the left side but this one seem more swollen. The lump is inside the muscle in the back of my neck so you kinda have to dig in to touch it.
Avatar f tn Also I got tiny swollen on right side rib and tiny lump behind my left ear.. I didnt notice before.. unitl 2 days ago!! I find my rib very uncomfortable and sore.. everyday I checked my temp its always around at 38c. So I guess its must be virus...The doctor said if the lump still there, come back in few weeks times.. I hope its only virus..
Avatar n tn Do you beleive the gram stain was imperative in treating an ear infection? She also recommended the aspiration of a lump I had noticed. My other dog, a 12 year old German Shepard, recently had surgery for mammary cancer by a different vet who believed that an aspiration biopsy was not accurate in this case. In doing research on mammary cancer I found many sites that felt this type of biopsy was quite inaccurate.
Avatar f tn Hey everyone, I am 22 years of age and having a serious problem and really needing some help desperately. I have extreme pain from a inner big lump behind my left ear, right above where my jaw bone and neck meet! I’ve had it for many years, and over the years it seems to be getting worst. I can't even touch behind my ear, when I throw up the bump causes numbness all over the left side of my face.
Avatar f tn Now the other day I found a hard small fixed lump on my mastoid muscle behind my right ear but I am not sure if I have had this always or if it just arised. I have been having slight ear pain for about a month now in my right ear and I went to an ENT and he said it was from allergies. Now after finding this lump I'm so scared it could be causing my pain and that it could be something serious. I would appreciate any advice or if someone has had this before let me know.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure if I believe him, but if we assume that he's right and the aneurysm is an incidental finding, then what could be causing these symptoms, and why haven't they gone away after 3 weeks? Do you guys think it could be muscle imbalance, muscle weakness, or muscle strain in my neck that is causing these symptoms? If so, could you elaborate how they would contribute? Has anyone experienced any of these symptoms for an extended period of time?
Avatar f tn the pain is intense and i cannot sleep with it. My left ear is sore and i get swelling behind my ear also, my sinuses are a problem, as the decompression surgery involved cutting away the sinus membrane on both sides. i have a cough as its due to nasal dripping irritating. i have today though had severe pain in the middle of my chest, quite sharp spasms of pain. could any of this be related.
Avatar n tn It's painful to yawn and to fully open my mouth. There is now a small bump located directly under my ear, behind my earlobe on my neck inbetween my jaw line and the large muscle on the right side of my neck, that little soft spot or pocket inbetween the skull and jaw.... The pain is moving into my ear and causing me to have headaches all through the day all on the right side of my head. Any ideas what this could be from? Is it worth going to the doctor for or should it go away?
Avatar n tn The pain has gradually gone away, but the lumps remain. They are hard, if you feel behind the ear where the skull ends and the muscle begins, they are right and the end of the boney part. This all started in my sleep (although if felt as if someone karate chopped me in the back of my head).
Avatar n tn of Otology and Neurotology who said I need surgery on my ear due to a retracted ear drum and mastoid problems. Would the lump at the back of my skull also be a mastoid issue that will be taken care of when he does the ear surgery, or could it be something else? Thanks.
Avatar n tn breast, underarm, neck, arm, and rib cage with severe pain in the upper pectoral muscle. I also found a lump in the one o'clock postion on the left breast three months ago, which I discovered while trying to determine why the pectoral muscle hurts so much. The MRI confirms intra and extra capsular rupture of left silcone implant with intracapsular rupture of the right implant.