Lump at zyphoid process

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Avatar n tn For the last 3 days, I have been awakened about 1 hr after going to bed with severe pinpoint pain in the center right under my zyphoid process. The pain increases in intensity until I finally vomit and then it seems to subside. It's a spasmodic type of acute pain-very much like when I had gall bladder attacks 9 yrs ago. I had my gall bladder/stones removed. Can stones re-occur anyway in the duct? Or do you have any other suggestions?
Avatar f tn ve been having stomach issues for 3 or 4 years now. A few months ago I noticed a small lump at the base of my sternum that I had never noticed before. I told my doctor about it, and he said it was my Zyphoid and told me it is harmless. I have concerns that it may be something else because of my persistent stomach issues for 3 years now, and the fact I've never noticed it before.
Avatar f tn I recently started having this feeling of a lump in my throat, but I can tell it is really down just under my zyphoid process. (sp). Anyway, i have some fullness there and have a lot of indigestion. This has not been a problem until just very recently (in the last two weeks). If I take an antiacid, it seems to help some. I just normally do not have stomach trouble. THis all started after a couple of weeks where I'd have what felt like an intestinal bug, with a rousting case of diarrhea.
Avatar f tn In my third trimester with each pregnancy I always get burning on the Surface of my skin on the right side of my rib cage just to the right of my zyphoid process. My midwife said as long as it's not coming from under my rib cage where my liver is than it's ok. Because I get this with each pregnancy and my blood pressure is fine, I'm not worried.
Avatar m tn The vet took some x-rays and blood samples and the xray showed no shadow in the area of the lump. However; it did show a fractured xiphoid process, which deviated outwards and stood apart from the rest of the septum (but not separated-so the tissue connecting it to the main bone is still intact) The vet said there was no need for any treatment in my cat's situation but I am a little wary still.
Avatar n tn Dear niki: In most cases, the surgical intervention is done prior to any other testing. Depending on the size of the tumor, lymph node status and presence of symptoms, scans or x-rays would be ordered if necessary. If the disease was determined to have spread prior to surgery, the specifics of the situation would determine the type and order of treatment. Surgery would not, necessarily, be ruled out.
559847 tn?1216078180 As soon as I begin the movement a severe pain takes hold in the top of my abdomine just beneath my zyphoid process. It feels as if I am being stabbed and then the vomiting begins as quickly as the pain began. But the only thing that will stop the attack is scalding hot water and even that only gives me about 20 minutes before it comes over me again. I have four to eight B.M.'s daily and they are very loose. I have been tested for everything from h.
Avatar n tn After several years, I am still being evaluated for multiple sclerosis. I have a remarkable family history on my maternal side (including mother and grandmother) and have signs and symptoms of MS. However, along with the other usual tests which came back negative, my MRIs show no lesions. The most recent MRI states "increased T2 signal identified in the periventricular and subcortical white matter" and also the phrase "zones of terminal myelination".
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with "Left breast mass at 12 o'clock, needle core biopsy: Cancerization of lobules, reare singe cells suspicios for invasive tumor probable lymphatic invastion" What does that mean? The lump is approx. 2 cm large (and growing quickly). The doc wants to do a mastectomy within the next 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn Recently Ive been having intense spasms just below the xyphoid process and they radiate more to the right quadrant but I do feel them slightly in the left. They seem to be along the ribcage. I have had abdominal CT with contrast and abdominal ultrasound within the last 6 months and all were negative. However, I find them very bothersome, not painful, but very irritating. They are worse after exercise, I am an avid lifter, and after eating.
Avatar m tn ). I had a mammogram, got the all clear, but because I had felt a lump, they did an ultrasound. Dr. doing the ultrasound found the lump, but said she "wasn't concerned" - again - all clear. Go on vacation for a bit, come home to a phone message (and played phone tag, etc.) w/ a different dr. who - according to what I can gather (and that's not much yet) - was contacted by the radiologist after I left, asking her to get me into my local clinic. I have an appt.
Avatar n tn Alternative treatments include removing the lump with a needle and destroying the lump without removing it (such as by freezing, in a process called cryoablation). ref: Lumps that are not removed should be checked regularly by physical exams and imaging tests. It is better to get it out at this stage but if you decide not to then you need to keep it under observation.
Avatar n tn In October I had a lumpectomy on my right breast and was negative for breast cancer but I have a hard lump the size of a baseball in my right breast is this normal or should I have it checked by the surgeon? I have a appointment with the cancer doctor the end of Jan.
14056190 tn?1432699214 I have been having this lump around the xiphoid process for over 10 years now, when I press in that area in is painful, it is uncomfortable at night, I was once thrown with a snooker ball on my sternum could that be the cause or could it be from being a Fire Fighter for 24 years, I have been to numerous Doctors but never got any direct and conclusive diagnosis, the last time I had a sonar done on all the major organs including the gall bladder for stones and nothing came up, I still walk 10 km
Avatar n tn These sensations come and go for now reason throughout the day. However, they appear more often in the morning. Sometime I have discomfort at the bottom of the zyphoid process on both sides but this appears to be minimal. Now I might add that all this started to occur in Sept. 99 after both of my parents died in April and July of that year. I have had many tests of various kinds over the past three years. Stress echo 9/99, Stress Cardiolite 6/02, 21 day event monitor 3/00.
Avatar f tn followed with pain in the zyphoid area.i have sensation of being hooked to my back.I have had two endoscopies,a upper gi and a chest xray of my lungs, which the right one had a calcium deposit in it but they werent worried.I feel like im breathing in my back,constantly in pain and uncomfortable.the pain was on ne side and now is moving to left side.its like cement setting up .like my insides are hardening,and can not get my doctr to listen.
Avatar m tn Hi im 18 years old i dont masterbate much at all ( like once a week) and everytime i get a erection i find a lettle lump on the end of my penis right below my head to the right side. It doesnt hurt,itch or bother me at all and its been there for a year now. I was wondering what is it and if its a big deal and if it is what should i do!?
Avatar f tn Hi, im 15 and im non sexual and i have s lump at the bottom of my vagina near the bottom of my bum, its so sore!
Avatar m tn I have had some abdominal discomfort(and have had EGD,abdominal ultrasound which were negative, as well as CT scan 2 years ago which showed just a slightly enlarged spleen) for quite a while in the upper abdomen just to the left of the zyphoid process but my PCP does not think it is related. Another dipstick just a month ago was negative, and the doctor wants me to do one more culture, then cystoscopy. My questions are as follows: 1. What does the burning at the tip of the penis suggest?
Avatar n tn I have been in the process of having a lump checked out for the past several weeks. I have fibrocystic breasts, but this feels very different and is accompanied by non-cyclical pain. Nothing showed up on the ultrasound (it was done just weeks after weaning). A surgeon thinks it feels normal, but has ordered a mamogram just for peace of mind (he said we have a good shot at imaging my 'type of breasts'). Everyone else said I was too young for a mamogram.
Avatar f tn 5 years ago my 3 year old jumped on my chest and hit me with her knee right in the xiphoid process. My dr. did a diagnosis just on physical exam, no treatment. Have always had a lump from it and slight discomfort. For the past month I have had dramatic changes: constant moderate pain, the lump has tripled in size, great deal of pain when I wear a bra, nasuea all the time, accassional vomiting, I have had no other injury and I have not changed my routine in any way.
Avatar n tn Should one take synthroid as usual in the a.m. before having a TSH blood test later that morning, or wait until afterward? I've heard conflicting information about this. My last TSH test, I *didn't* take the synthroid before having blood drawn, and it came back close to 2 (down from 8). I've been feeling very good on this dose, for the most part (sometimes afraid of being almost hyperthyroid, but mainly I know because I've forgotten what it feels like to actually be alert! lol!
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Avatar n tn If you cannot tolerate it, there is no absolute indication for treatment at this point, but would monitor closely. If you have a nodular goiter (ultrasound) then treatment is more useful potentially.
Avatar n tn Went to Dr. today to see what she had to say about lump in my neck. She feels its a swollen gland but doesn't know why it's so swollen. She did a chest xray to check lymphnoid action...seemed to be clear she said. They also drew blood. We'll see what that has to say in a few days. If it continues or gets bigger in 2 weeks I need to give her a call and may do a catscan at that time.
Avatar f tn The pain would be directly below the zyphoid process about a half inch almost as if the zyphoid were poking the stomach itself causing pain and eventually vomiting. I have suffered with these exact symptoms for 7 years and they have progressively gotten worse. It hit's mostly in the morning when I first wake up but I get into super hot water before the vomiting starts and the pain stops within 120 seconds.