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1108024 tn?1258255685 She weighs about 16.5 pounds. I noticed yesterday a small lump at the suture site. Tonight, it seems quite a bit larger, and is a hard lump. I can't really tell if it's tender. The first time I touched it, it seemed to bother her. When I touched it again, she didn't seem to react. Her eyes are also very bloodshot. Is this urgent? Should we go to emergency tonight? or could this wait until tomorrow morning for our regular vet?
2216535 tn?1339412493 6b. A large 'lump' or 'swelling' at the spay operation site (frequent). It is not uncommon for some recently desexed cats to develop a medium to large skin swelling at the site of the skin sutures (a large lump or bump at the surgery site). These swellings can be a number of things, the most common being: seromas (fluid-filled pouches), hernias, infections/abscesses, inflammatory swellings, scar tissue thickenings and subcutaneous or linea alba stitches.
Avatar f tn I just saw VanillaBean's question from a few days ago- her description of her dog's ear lump sounded like Fiona's, but when I looked at the pictures of her dogs ear, Fifi's doesnt look like that at all. When I picked off part of the scab to try to see if I could "pop" the lump, it bled a little, but not much. But I only picked off not even a quarter of the penny sized lump.
203342 tn?1328740807 I guess it can be hard to tell with cats when they're in pain but I will watch her and the vet said she can prescribe pain medication at any point I think Misha may need it. I don't know how long I will have with Misha. I guess at this point I will just try to enjoy her and keep her as comfortable as i can. I don't want her to suffer so I will be watching her closely.
203342 tn?1328740807 There's inflamation around the lump but they believe because the lump is so firm that's another reason to believe this is cancer. So obviously it needs to come out but here's the deal, since they just also diagnosed her with this heart disease that makes putting her under (to remove the lump) much more dangerous. So what do I do???? The vet is suggesting I start her on a beta blocker (Atenolol) for a month and see if that helps with the heart before doing the surgery.
300987 tn?1219987265 It is now 4 days and she is like nothing ever happend. She does not bother the stitches, licks a little. I look at the stitches every day and the site looks good except that there is some swelling at the end of the inscision. I read about that, but says that is normal. I am more in pain for her when she jumps and plays the she is. LOL. Any suggestions about what else I should be looking for since she has been so active?
Avatar f tn My 14 year old Corgi/Sheltie x began experiencing a lot of vaginal bleeding in November. She was placed on antibiotics at the time. The bleeding stopped but not for two months.. Now the bleeding has started again - she bleeds through the lining of her doggie diaper in less than a day. She was spayed approximately 11 years ago. She is still eating and drinking, although some days it is not much. She has daily bowel movements.
Avatar n tn My dalmation has been fighting this cancer for 3 years. at 10 years of age he started with a lump by his hip. I left it thinking it was a fat pocket.But it got bigger and it was operated on93lb. tumor) i was devastated!!! It came back & we took it out again. Last August was the 2nd & last surgery.
Avatar n tn It is obvious from your note that this has been a long and frustrating problem for you. You are correctly tackling this problem. There could be several different problems going on. It could be a continuation of a chronic bacterial sinus infection. It could possibly be a fungal infection of the sinuses, which continues to be reinfected with bacterial infections. It could also be an immune problem etc.
4043517 tn?1374010173 Today is Monday, at work wishing I was home in bed. Saturday took a hard spill on the bike down the river bank hitting rocks along the way and flayed the skin off my arm. Now worrying about an infection, I have the arm wrapped up mostly, but it hurts so much, my left leg, ribs etc are crying. Not to mention the daily abdomen, back and shoulder pain throbbing through.
Avatar m tn You may or may not find them in a local outdoors store, or a luggage store, and you can definitely find them at R.E.I., online if you have to, or at a Container Store. You may possibly find a 3 oz. bottle, which is fine, in the travel-size section of a drugstore or department store. They are becoming easier to find, because these bottles are what you have to put liquids in when you fly on an airplane.
2186126 tn?1384961026 Would just really prefer to look at him with joy rather than fear these days. Thanks, in advance, for your knowledge & stories.
Avatar f tn But after 7 weeks of constant fluids, meds, feedings, egg whites, low protein treats, he just seems like he's had enough. I feel for everyone on this site as I was in shock that at 7 yr old he had this horrible disease. How did he get it? I have no idea... I live in Arizona and guess we seem to have many cases of Kidney Failure. Not sure if the heat has something to do with it or the water... or just his heredity. Although his mom is still alive at 12 yrs old and dad passed away at 14..
798555 tn?1292791151 Another member mentioned burning feet to me with low thyroid levels. At tsh of 24 now, my feet feel better. So this thread is about others thyoid body pain experience and relieving it, if they have anything to share for others to learn. If you had or still have thyroid body pain, you know how miserable it can be. (Dont get alarmed of my tsh, that is being worked on slowly - another subject altogether).
Avatar n tn That is the way that I feel about putting my dog down in December. On this site I have read regrets about putting dogs down (which I feel it is part of the grieving process) well as those whose dogs died naturally while suffering from an illness, regret that they didn't put their dog down sooner, because they didn't want any unnecessary suffering. Either way it goes...we all wonder but we all did the RIGHT THING.
Avatar m tn This normally fades away in a few minute to a few hours, but with this condition it persists for even a day or several days. So, I have come to at least one conclusion...maybe not a cure, but at least some clues as to what this is occurring. Please don't take my word for it, I only offer as a suggestion and it could be wrong...however maybe it has some merit and somebody can get this condition noticed.
Avatar f tn Thank you, I was tested for rheumatoid arthritis and it came up negative. I read on another site that an increase in joint cracking popping sounds was a symptom of anxiety, but just one website said so. The joint popping was not one of my first problems, it came later. My first symptom was increased heart rate and panic atacks, then came the depersonalization, then it went all down hill from there.
Avatar m tn I'm 27 years old, live in Dallas Texas and here is my story... First, we've always had a fly problem at every house we go to. You know, the little fruit fly looking things. However, we're not big fruit eaters and don't have any out. They seem to love the trash and the sink (different fly?).