Lump at puncture area after arteriogram

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Avatar n tn I had a ct scan which diagnosed one then a MRA showed 2, after an arteriogram, it showed I had 3 in which I was probably born with them. My father passed away at 40 with a ruptured one. I did have a GDC coiling procedure done 2 years ago on the largest one that was 8.5 mm and it went wrong and i ended up having a stroke at the age of 35. I m still disabled but thanking GOD daily for my life.
Avatar n tn It looks like a burn or blister now, as the skin texture looks different from the skin around it. Another weird thing is at my inner elbow area. Whatever caused this at my wrist also caused symetrical dots of bruising to occur at my inner elbow. : :The second set of them a bit farther apart than the first ones and deeper bruising. I'm post menopausal, 55 heathy, high blood pressure, on Crestor, Altace HTC, Bisoprolol Fumarate, and low dose aspirin...
Avatar n tn As an intelligent proffesional person i have been belittled so much over thepast years that i havent seen a doctor for the headaches i have constantly had ,after any form of exercise at all. At least now I have a diagnosis even if knowone here knows anything about it The pressure in my head behind my eyes and nose is still here along with the headache this is now week 5 after this headache and horners started can anyone give me hope of a repreve soon?