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Avatar n tn It may feel embarrassing to go to an old guy and ask him to look at and feel your private part, but he will have seen a million of them, and is only there to help. And if, by some remote chance, it is something more serious, the sooner you find out, the better. Good luck.
1792792 tn?1315359324 First of all, I am a 16 year old female with no serious medical conditions (besides childhood asthma and multiple ear infections but it's been years since that), average weight and all in all, pretty healthy. For the past, hmm, year and a half now, I've been feeling like there is a giant lump in my throat. It gets worse when I drink milk or have dairy products (i.e. yogurt) and at night.
Avatar m tn I have tried helping a lot of people through the private messaging but have neglected the public part of the forum for quite a while. One thing that i would recommend for people to look into, is finding out what foods you are compatible with, some people can not digest or have trouble digesting certain foods, colonic irrigation will highlight what foods are passing partially digested and they can advise you what foods to avoid.
Avatar m tn It all started going wrong with the first wrong diagnosis" Heartburn and abdominal pain", i was given acid blockers without even testing my stomach acid levels, my acid levels were too low, not too high, this causes "delayed gastric emptying" and this condition allows food to back flow up into the esophagus, after years of suffering from this condition, damage is done to the esophageal sphincter and it weakens and the condition gets noticeably worse, the doctors prescribe aci
Avatar f tn Has anyone had similar circumstances? I know that I was concerned that a lump may have been developing on another part of my left breast in the days before this one appeared, and that I can barely remember bumping my breast, so was unsure whether or not the lump/bruising was from an injury, but the bruise did take the typical route of all bruises as in colour changes, spreading due to gravity and use of warfarin etc.
Avatar n tn ER/PR neg HEU2 neg, which was MISSED by mammagram, I felt a lump and the US confirmed it. At the time I asked for scans to be sure it had not spread, they said there was no need since I had no symptoms, I knew this was wrong but I was scared and wanting to get the cancer out. I had a mastecomy and node removal followed by dose dense chemo, I couldn't handle the taxol and stopped after one treatment. anyway..I had reconstruction with tissue expander starting in March.
Avatar n tn Please go get it checked out. One of my sisters(33yr) noticed a lump at the end of feb/beginning of March. Told my mom about it my mom said go to the dr. My sisters Dr. had just left his practice. It took her about 2-3wks. To get in. make a long story short she was told that she had vulva cancer. She had surgery two weeks later. Since then she has been super sick(throwing up non stop).
Avatar m tn I am so irritated whit the fact that the first Ct scan done in a Hospital came back with nothing and this one made on a private institute shows this results. Well, at least I know what I may have. And at least nothing worse was found, ufa! Now I'm going to schedule with my ENT another appointment in a few days to see what he does say. It is interesting that "laryngocel" was never talked about here in medhelp as a diagnosis thing. I'll keep you updated.
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Avatar f tn She threw her head back and laughed. Just then I caught a glimpse of a lump at the top of her neck, not far down from the jaw. I got on the internet right away to see what I could find. A majority of sites said it was probably from a recent viral infection, which she had just gotten over. I decided to rest her and give it a week and try not to panic about it. It worked and the lump went almost entirely away. That is until today. It's back. She's not had a recent viral infection.
1128565 tn?1316724743 Hi All its Lorraine Feeling frustrated again as Dr doesn't listen think I may have to travel from Liverpool to Birmingham to pay to see a private Dr. The last few days I am feeling like a lump of bed, more about 90 than 41, how can I get a job and normal life like this when I carn't function. It's already six years since Ive worked properly. I have done a few things volunteering. I used to have a really good brain and was a very motivated person.
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Avatar n tn Dear Medical Community, Recently during a period of extended arousal before sexual stimulation, I noticed a lump about the size of a green grape which came up on my right lower labia majora. It was firm and slightly achy. It lasted past sexual stimulation and orgasm and went down only after many hours. About 48 hours later, it still sort of feels slightly firmer and a little tender on that side.
Avatar f tn report from the biopsies and give us an update. You are welcome to communicate with me by Private Message at anytime if you wish. Take care ....
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Avatar m tn On further inspection, right at the back of the lump (junction), i would say this 90% feels like solid immovable bone. This comes forward to front of mouth about a cm. The further cm feels like softer tissue. I have been looking up tori/torus/exostoses. Whenever these are mentioned, it always says that if on the hard palate, it is in the midline ridge. Is it possible to get extra bone growing on just one side of the hard palate? Should either side feel more sensitive?
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Avatar f tn Does this only happen to male dogs, because my dog is a female but also has a lump near her private part, yet she is acting normal as usual. How do I cure this?
Avatar n tn Hi Lacey It sounds like hydrenitist I had at least 20 day time surgeries for them they are very painful and usually its in the private areas or anywhere really but most times its in the privatte areas breasts and under the arm do a google on Hydrenitis and you will have a better idea I live in Canada we don't have a support group like U.S.
Avatar f tn It's a pretty massive lump- so much so that when people come to visit- they look at my head and say, Whoa what is that lump??? Seriously- it looks like a growth! I went Monday and had the staples removed and asked the nurse about the lump. She said it was fine- not oozing, not infected, etc. She said it was just swollen. I was just wondering if anyone else had one of these appear and if so- how long before it goes away? I mean it looks like my head has a new shape! It's gross!
Avatar n tn Today it has gotten bigger, and when i looked at it with a mirror it is on the outside of my labia as it is clearly visible by looking at it. if i push and pull it around (it is very painful to do so) it does move, and there appears to be a sort of white 'head' on it, though this 'head' is under the skin. I have looked on the internet to find out what this could be and the only things i can come up with are a cyst or an ingrown hair.
Avatar n tn And I may also look into getting my bikini line waxed in future cos if the puss is so contagious it's probably best not to use a razor at all. Also to not squeeze the lump but just wait for it to pop (or not) by itself. Thanks everyone for taking the time to share your experiences & hope my own will help as well!
Avatar m tn Hi I stopped Sat night. 4 mg of methadone was the last dose. I started to get burning in my feet & legs at the 36 hr after last dose - Monday at 12 noon. It wasn't real bad, but I was in a 3 day detox and took 8 mg of soboxone. I was a bit a fraid I'd go into post acute withdrawals. Well, thank God it didn't happen. 8 mg one pill just about took the withdrawals away, they gave me 12 mg total that first day. I'm on day 3 = Thursday on 6 mg (2 + 2 + 2 mg soboxone doses throughout the day.
Avatar n tn ) and it soon began to shrink and after a few days it no longer hurt at all and there was no more lump under the surface. However, now over a week since it appeared, there is still a red "bump" on the surface of my skin. It does not hurt at all nor does it seem to be any kind of open sore... it's just a bump. I'm not sure what to do about it. I plan to make a doctor's appointment in a few days if it does not go away, but, what could this be? I do not have any STDs.
Avatar m tn The feeling is hard to discribe but its quite strange. When I look at certain objects such as trees, spears or anything pointy/sharp, I get this feeling within my eyes. This feeling forces me to look away from the object. I wouldnt call the feeling pain its more discomfort. Sounds really weird but I dont have a clue what it could be related too.
Avatar m tn I have a lump near my private area. It's by the upper part of private area where pubic hairs grow, I looks at it and I felt around and it feels kind of like a vein and when I touch it, it hurts. Should I be worried?
651723 tn?1224089808 But, the next few months did indeed prove to me that I am probably one of the luckiest people alive… My Breast Cancer Diary Friday, 8/2/2008 I see a locum doctor at my GP Surgery about the lump in my left breast. He tells me the lump is nothing to worry about. The lump feels like breast tissue and is comparable to the right breast. Despite complaining that the lump feels tender (like low grade toothache) he writes in my notes that the lump is “not tender”.