Lump after rabies vaccination

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300987 tn?1219987265 It's normal for them to not want to eat right away either. I know I didn't want to eat the day after I had surgery. I wouldn't worry about cleaning her right now either. You don't want to be pulling around the incision area. When she feels up to it, she'll start cleaning herself. The tricky part is keeping her from pulling at her incision. Did they give her the kind that dissolves? It's been a few years since I've had a cat get fixed. I'm not sure what they're using right now.
Avatar f tn They say if you're going to Hyperstimulate you will do so a few days after retrieval. Well, my bloating, etc....just got worse and worse after retrieval. I really thought they were going to cancel my transfer. Luckily, it didn't get too bad, but progressively kept getting worse AFTER my transfer. It's been a rough week, BUT, yesterday I started feeling better. I've had more IVs and blood this week than everything else combined! I'm still having cramps, but they're definitely mild.
Avatar n tn I have had this since 2 days after vaccination Nov 10th along with the tingling and spasams. The ringing often gets louder just before I get a cramp or tingling. The ringing is getting annoying as I have not had any reprieve from it since it started Nov 12th.
675347 tn?1365464245 But she also has to have a large lump removed next week. The vet said a while back that it was benign (after needle biopsy) I made the decision not to have it removed but to "keep an eye on it", but it has grown horribly, so we are going to have it taken off now and sent to the lab. (Let's hope and pray it's not turned cancerous) Well, with this, and the early-stage kidney failure, my gut feeling is NOT to add vaccination into the mix, especially right now.
Avatar f tn please go with the pill or liquid forms. good luck to you and kitty and please update us after youv seen the Vet...
Avatar n tn There are many accounts from pet owners who have reported the appearance of several lumps... often after surgical removal of the original lump. I will be contacting my regular vet who administered the vaccinations to confirm the location of the injection. I'm also thinking that I should have the lump biopsied. If Fibro Sarcoma is confirmed, the next step will probably be a visit to an oncologist. Sophie is a beautiful, talkative and active cat. (I posted her photo on my profile page.
10030400 tn?1407342882 Four days later we noticed a lump at the vaccine site. By July 11, 2014, only 3 weeks later, the mass on her leg was the size of half golf ball. The vet suggested we contact the vaccine producer to see if there were other adverse reactions to that batch of vaccine. The manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim said that reaction to the vaccine was "rare" and they had never seen a reaction sooner than 30 days after the vaccine was given.
2087170 tn?1332603145 He had the lump between his shoulder blades for over a year so small that I was the only one who ever felt it when petting him, then 3 weeks ago it started growing and now is the size of a small flattened egg. I've read other posts about sarcoma - especially those induced by vaccines since that is the type he has. We avoided getting our cats vaccinated for the same reasons we avoided getting our child vaccinated until we were forced so she could attend school.
Avatar n tn A 64 year old family member had the flu vaccination on Oct 29th. There was a day or two of soreness of the arm, now they are having pain in the upper arm muscle and shoulder joint. Could this be related to the flu shot? What could be the cause? It is hard for them to lay on that side and becomes quite intesnse.
Avatar m tn She will let out big moans and groans shortly after just lying down if she is shifting positions (just rolling slightly while on her side) as well as just lying there. I am confident that she is not asleep. The evening moaning is more of a concern as I believe whatever it may be wakes her up. Any more ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn The seizures were 3-4/day and some were very bad and seemed to start after his rabies vacc 2 weeks before (although I'm told they have nothing to do with each other). They just opened a Costo by me. Thanks again. I'll post outcome after our vet visit!
Avatar f tn She will be on her loveseat with her head resting in my lap as that is her favorite way to spend time with her mommy. I know this will be more than I can stand, but I promised her faithly after her stay in the hospital that I would not put her back in my car unless it was for fun. Cissy has always loved her daddy a little more than me, I was her next pick so I love it when husband is away at work and I am alone with my babies as they are all mine.
Avatar n tn I know I worry about him alot but after all he is my baby. I wish I had some answers. We see a pediatric allergist for his other multiple allergies and we do totally avoid what he is allergic to everyday.