Lump after lymph node removal

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Avatar n tn I am sorry to post this in the breast cancer forum, but I find that no one outside of the breast cancer field has much information regarding lymph node removal. About two weeks ago I had what was supposed to be a simple surgery to remove a lipoma. The lump was located approx. 2" above my elbow on the inside of my dominant arm. After removal, my plastic surgeon informed me he had removed a lymp node which was biopsied and was negative.
Avatar n tn Sir: Can cancerous cells escape during a mastectomy and lymph node removal? Also can cancerous cells stay dormant? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Hi, When lymph nodes, which are located in different parts of the body including the neck and armpit become swollen, it usually indicates infection or inflammation somewhere in the body.Perfumes, deodorants and certain cosmetic procedures like hair removal from the armpit may also cause an allergy or inflammation in the area causing enlargement of the surrounding lymph nodes. I doubt that the biopsy you had last week has caused the lymph nodes to swell,but it could be a possibility.
Avatar n tn Dear Lori, It could be part of the healing process or a fluid collection. Lymph nodes are part of a system possibly it is a lymph node that has enlarged. With her history, further evaluation of the lump is indicated, having it removed and examined will clarify what it actually is.
Avatar n tn It really does not hurt and is just there. After meetng withmy Dr., he thinks removing this lump/lymph node would be best. I am doing so next week. He said due to the size, texture, size, shape, my age, and family history (no breast cancer), this looks to be benign, but removal would be best. My question is, how likely is just a intrammary lymph node cancerous, when the rest of the mammogram is great.
Avatar n tn A lump has formed right where my lymph node was that is larger than my enlarged lymph node. My doctor has drained 6 cc's of fluid(yellow almost clear with some floaties) from it twice. It keeps coming back and is painful. I have recently gone off of work again to get healthy, but am feeling really confused and discouraged. I have been dealing with this for months and dont know what questions to ask, or where or what info i need to know.
Avatar n tn My doc said it could be a benign reactive lymph node - 75%nothing 25% something. I am more fearful, if you can imagine, of what that lymph node biopsy will show versus what I have to do about the DCIS.
Avatar n tn Hi there. Given that your surgery was over twenty years ago and assuming that there are no major problems in between, the likelihood that these nodes may be cancer recurrence may be small but still, this has to be considered. The red spot on the ultrasound would have measured blood flow in that area and this red means that this can be a vascular lymph node or may signify the presence of a hemangioma. Infections may also cause swelling and increase blood flow in the are causing this finding.
Avatar n tn When I had the lumpectomy I had 8 sample nodes removed - 3 were cancerous, so I had to go back for total lymph node removal. One more node was found cancerous. I never had a lump that I could feel in the armpit, but I did have sharp pains down my right arm which started about a year before a normal 3 yrly mammo found the cancer. I have had no pain in that arm since my surgeries, chemo and rads.
Avatar n tn What about an ultra sound of the node instead of a PET scan? Is that possible for your situation? I've had ultra sounds of nodes in the past...very simple and non-invasive.
Avatar n tn The doctor wanted to do a biopsy on the lymph node and take out the breast lump. I want to get a second opinion. How worried should I be about this?
Avatar f tn The lymph node at this point did not seem to be growing but was not going away - it is non painful most of the time, occasionaly hard but for the most part, just semi firmish. My daughter then had an ultrasound and the lymph node was measured at 2.6 with another enlarged lymph node next to it. We met with a surgeon knowing the known lymph node was coming out, but was informed he wants to grab the other one as well.
Avatar n tn Dear aneet, A lumpectomy (removal of the cancerous area, plus a margin of normal tissue surrounding it), with axillary (under the arm) lymph node dissection, followed by radiation therapy to the remaining breast has been found to be as effective as mastectomy for local treatment of breast cancer. If the only area is the 1.5 cm area, the decision regarding breast conservation therapy (lumpectomy + radiation) vs.
Avatar n tn I had an outpatient removal of a lump(excisional biopsy) from my right breast last Thursday. I did not have a drain. I was tired and had some discomfort on Friday and Saturday but by Sunday I was doing well. I feel almost normal today(Monday) except for the gnawing anxiety waiting for the results! I should find out Wednesday when I see my surgeon again. The only advice I was given was to avoid doing any heavy lifting for a few weeks.
Avatar n tn Posted a question previously regarding this, and still trying to find an answer. Axillary node dissection November 2007. No cancer. Still have symptoms. In May noticed a "lump" on my chest that was not painful, but did cause irritation after lots of movement or after a night's sleep. "Lump" is on the same side as the lymph node removal.(Left) At surgery 6 month evaluation dr. removed fluid from the lump and there was no cancer.
Avatar n tn , after having been seen by an ob/gyn oncologist to whom i'd been referred, readical surgical treatment was recommended and carried out, to include marginal cutting to clean area out from the affected gland, partial vulvectomy, and lymph node excision by access via long left groin incision, from appox. upper left abdomen and down through left leg to approx. the knee. i healed nicely. only adverse effect has been gross edema in the areas of lymph removal.
Avatar n tn A bigger question is whether a sentinel lymph node biopsy is adequate. Some institutions do sentinel lymph node biopsies only in very small tumors and prefer, due to the incidence of "skip" metastasis (where the first or second node is negative and the third node is positive) to do axillary node dissection. In the case of sentinel lymph node biopsy, if the biopsy is positive, then many doctors would recommend axillary node dissection - so that the disease is fully staged. 3.
Avatar n tn When I finally started feeling on it, I noticed a lump there, or a lymph node if u will. It was still extremely tender to the touch, so I began to worry. By this time, my "flu-like" symptoms were going away, but the lump and the soreness was still there. When I finally went back to the doctor, he suspected that it was mononucleosis, and did a monospot test on me.
Avatar n tn I found a swollen lymph node in the left side of my neck/collarbone area about a year ago. This happened after having Lap Band surgery about 6 months before. This may or may not have anything to do with it but felt the fact that I am losing weight should be mentioned due to that probably being one of the reasons I felt the lump in the first place and not really sure when this swollen lymph node first appeared. Starting weight 296lbs, now 235lbs.
Avatar m tn He didn't question my head cold at all, which I thought was strange, said that my lump was not a lymph node and either a sebaceous cyst or a tumor on the parotid gland or a lymph node within the parotid gland. I had a biopsy - he took 4 samples and called me yesterday with the results and said it is an aggravated lymph node. He found no cancer cells and he said with lymphoma they look for duplicative white blood cells which he did not find, he found a mix which is normal.
Avatar m tn After seeing a doctor I was referred to an oncologist who suspected lymphoma ,having cat scan and removal of a lump the results were negative . One month later was hospitalized for 10 days watching the lymph nodes grow with all the side effects . Doctors decided to remove another large node with no results . 5 months later , two specialists .and oncologist and a professor can not tell me what's wrong.
Avatar f tn The second time he said that it wasn't a swollen lymph node, but a simple bacterial infection. I don't think it's a swollen lymph node because it doesnt hurt. It can be an STD because I'm not sexually active and there's no discharge. Also, usually with a bacterial infection or yeast infection there's a fishy smell, itching and clumpy discharge. I have none of those symptoms. I'm scared and I don't know what to do.
Avatar m tn but have scheduled another lumpth node removal. Actually, they want to remove three lympth nodes, have a patholigist check them and out and if melanoma found, keep taking lympth nodes and lympth tissue out. Is this normal procedure if a PET/CT can not find anything?. I work on ultrasounds, X-ray rooms and CTs and know these units are limited in the smallest things they can image.
Avatar m tn I have a lump on my upper Vas Deferens, I thought maybe it might have been an enlarged lymph node. The only way I discovered it was that it woke me up from a sound sleep with severe pain. I started to feel just above my groin area where the pain was and felt the lump.
Avatar n tn When you mention pain going to your ear, the other thing that comes to mind is that there are lymph nodes behind your ear, and lymph nodes get tender and swollen in the area of an infection. You don't say where exactly the lump it anywhere behind your ear? Then IT could be a lymph node. It sounds like its an infection, either way, because of the way it responded to the antibiotics....most likely a sebaceous cyst.
Avatar n tn hey deb.....some of my symptoms didn't associate with lymph nodes..had a slight heart attack 7/05....thought tingling was meds. have sciatica as far as back pain. thought the limb pain was from cholestrol meds, but have been off that for months so its not that.. everything started within the last yr. fatigue i associated with meds. prior to heart attack, no high blood pressure, cholestrol wasn't that high to put on meds. had just had a good stress test than bam.