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Avatar n tn I had the same thing happen last week. After a terrible blood test, lots of pain when she put the needle in (she was training) and constant pain shoots down my arm to my left inside arm thrumb side. I can almost not use my left arm, I have an email into my Dr. and I am waiting for a reply. I am so glad to know that this is not just me, I have so many blood tests and will never let a trainee do one again. I was told it would go away and a week later, It appears to be worse.
Avatar f tn I must admit that I was pretty convinced that there was no lump with IBC, and that as my breast isn't now bright red/pink and warm it couldn't be that at all, however I did read up today on a couple of cancer sites which mentioned the lump appearing suddenly after a few weeks, and that it would most likely be large as mine is, also when I had the first lot of bruising my breast was very red/pink and warm, but I put it down to the bruising, didn't associate it with IBC or anything.
Avatar n tn I was really upset for a while after I found out the blood test said Negative. After getting congrats from family and friends we had to tell them that it was a false alard. Not an easy thing to do! Reading this forum has helped I have read that sometimes it could take 4 weeks to know or longer. Does anyone have any advice while I wait it out?
Avatar f tn I had some blood drawn by my LLMD on Oct 7th and I received the phone call today about the results. Everything came back negative. My LLMD wants to keep me on the doxy and he asked how I have reacted to the treatment so far. I mentioned my fatigue, twitching muscles and minor pain. I did also mention how the hand tremor that I have had for close to a year , appeared to ease up a bit, enough for the family to notice. What does this all mean?
Avatar n tn Is there any stories of somebody getting pregnant not after getting there tubes tied but after getting them cut??? please let me know.
Avatar n tn I really was not too concerned about the lump until the ultrasound. They kind of made a big deal about the blood flow to the lump. It seemed to be alot. Should I be concerned? Also, I have noticed that my breast has gotten larger in the past 2 weeks. Is that a concern? I havn't noticed anyone posting anything like that. I am 36. No history of cancer. I am supposed to have a byopsy on Monday. What do you think?
Avatar n tn hi i have been getting these burst blood vessels in my fingers for a couple of years now, usually on my right hand...i can tell when its going to happen because its starts to throb and gets itchy then can be painful when it actually bursts, but just recently the passed few months ive been getting them in my arms and especially my right leg, they have been very painful in my legs, dunno should i consult ma doc????
548668 tn?1394190822 TSH is volatile and can even vary with the time of day the blood was drawn. It really shouldn't be used as anything but a screening test, and that only in the absence of symptoms. FT3 and FT4 levels are much more important. I, personally, like any doctor who will do what you want! I'd rather do my own research so that I'M informed...he can just write the scripts!
Avatar m tn He may go ahead and have your blood drawn. I am learning that doctors, hospitals, surgeons, etc. perform similar procedures differently. There must be several ways for my upcoming tests to be performed--all with the same results. I hope. Good luck with getting some meds and your journey to recovery. Keep in touch.
1702615 tn?1421815848 I KNEW the I KNEW there was something in there blocking something. I have been in pain daily and getting worse. I now see another (new) primary care doc tomorrow for referral to a new gastro doc who will hopefully be able to help me out. Looks like common protocol on this would be to go in and try to see what the actual obstruction is and then handle as needed. Glory be to God for giving me the nudge to push for different imaging and NOT let the doc cut me.
Avatar f tn Luckily, it didn't get too bad, but progressively kept getting worse AFTER my transfer. It's been a rough week, BUT, yesterday I started feeling better. I've had more IVs and blood this week than everything else combined! I'm still having cramps, but they're definitely mild. Still, when you feel cramps that FEEL like menstrual cramps, you kind of freak out. I'm trying to stay positive and not think about it, but it's hard. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR TEST LWITTE!
Avatar n tn Basically, if it's positive, they do an ultrasound to see if the baby is on my tubes. I am so scared! I'm even scared of getting my blood drawn! I'm a nervous wreck around hospitals and doctors!
Avatar n tn I have been from Doctor to Doctor and not one has told me that it could be due to the surgery until I read up on it and asked direct questions. I have had tests, probes, blood drawn, and every time I complain that my life is changed considerably because of it I get a new pill given that is going to fix everything (and it doesn't). I have gotten to the point that I don't want to eat out because I can count on a full 3 hours of diarhea afterward.
Avatar n tn Needless to say this past Sept I started feeling the lump in my throat at all times and burning in the throat. After several tests my doctor said that I had residual thyroid and it had to be removed. I had surgery on Feb 11th and the path report was the same as 19 years ago chronic thyroiditis, I feel terrible since surgery, I am having pressure in my chest and shoulder blades and around back hurt. Don't know what this is neither does my md. He sent me for a chest xray.
Avatar m tn I will continue this for sure after this is over. It really taste great after getting use to drinking so much water when I hardly use to drink water at all! Also I take the L-Tyrosine 2 - 750 mg capsules along with a 1000 mg capsule L-Glutamine. It seems this is the best amino acid for balancing out your brain, speaking about the L-Tyrosine. I take a total 4 750 mg capsules a day. Will keep you updated most likely not until Monday. Thanks again my friends!
Avatar n tn I was so happy to find you guys, I have been through hell with all the symptons, tingling on my back and whole body,some fatigue, anxiety, cold hand/feet, sweaty feet and hands, I am taking tranquilizer and that is helping me, there are days and times where the symptons dissapear and then out of nowhere, like a rollercoster they come back, I am so frustrated but I keep saying I will get throught this, and now that I found you guys, it is so great to know you are not alone and we are not crazy
Avatar f tn Its nothing to do with me picking the scab as it was still there over a week after I had the blood drawn. I'm really getting pee'd off now, feel like I have to cover my arm up otherwise people will think I'm an injector. YUCK!
Avatar n tn Hi everyone my english is not good but ihave this problem i need help plz,im 32 yrs old i didnt plan to have a baby till last year and i concive but after 8 weeks when iwas at work as a carer i found spot then i didt scan they said its miscaried i went to theatre to clean the womb then ater 3 month i concive again bad one i was at work i found some thing like old brood iwent to dk he said the baby steel ok because the heart beat still working that was about 6 weeks and then iwent doctor because
Avatar n tn roonie. i am having simular problems after a C5 to C7 fusion with a peek implant and plate. only mine swells up at and below the surgery with alot of pain. i am getting the same run around you are. its been 10 mo. since my surgery. I have had an mri and it says i am fused and ok. i am trying to check into adverse reactions to the plate and PEEK implant . i would like to stay in touch with you to see how u come out and would certainly tell you what if anything they ever find with me?
881961 tn?1243603037 I wake up every single morning and say, ok it's a new day, push yourself to get things done, keep active, stay positive, then I try to eat something and get sick and then my entire day is shot to chit. I have blood work drawn every week, and now I have to have chest exrays, and this biopsy of the lump they also found on my adrenal glad prior to surgery, they want to see what is in it to prepare them for what they find when they open me up.
Avatar f tn Next beta is Sept 3rd so I'll be right there beside you in spirit getting blood drawn and hoping for baby.
162948 tn?1205256292 also and i know this for a fact as this happened to me march of 2006 when i found out i was pregnant with my one year old i had negative tests on cheap hpt's the cheaper ones only pick up the higher amounts of hcg where as if you pay the extra it picks up from 10 rather than 20ml of hcg it could be that you have a low dose of hcg and it is not picking it up try getting a blood test, if the blood test is negative then put it down to stress.
Avatar n tn My husband was checked and he had white blood cells in his sperm. After antibiotics we felt we should try again. I finally went to the shots. I took Folistim for 4 days and had 12 eggs on my ultrasound. My Estrogen levels were at 1,000. We were given the option to wait another month and not go forward or go forward and take the chance. My heart told me to go forward. They did the sperm wash and his count was 90 million, and no white blood cells. I felt this was he hope we needed.
359389 tn?1289793384 My doctor is perplexed by the high PSA numbers, but for now we proceed with the normal routine of blood tests every three months. John Piper's short treatise on "Not Wasting Your Cancer" with addendums by David Powlinson has been a great resource for me. I had a pretty good handle on the cancer, but I gained a new (better) perspective and an appreciation of what was happening to me, through me, and in me after reading it. Piper's website -- www.desiringgod.
534785 tn?1329595808 Granted, it was the lowest it had ever reached--1.44--and I had my blood drawn at 1pm in the afternoon (when TSH is supposed to be at its lowest). This time, I had my blood drawn at 9am or shortly thereafter. If my TSH is high (or a lot higher this time around), then I'm going to be happy. I think mine fluctuates more than it should over the course of a day. I swear...if this all turns out to be mainly my thyroid, I'm going to be MAD. I say "mainly" because I really think the 1.
Avatar f tn Ive been really really tired everyday and this shakines inside my arms and legs is annoying me and bothering me everyday. I am getting a blood test on tuesday to see whaats wrong. I feel like im going to throw up all the time but never do. I feel like somthing is stuck in my throat tooo. I also get pains or stings in my throat too. I beeen looking on the internet and i been worrying alot. After i stopped drink caffiend i havent beeen getting much headaches.
Avatar n tn Hello. I have rarely done BSE's, have very small breasts and always considered myself to be in the "lowest risk" group for breast cancer. No family history of BC. Small breasts. Breastfed both of my babies for 1 year, etc. I am 44 y/o. The month before last, during my period, I noticed quite a large "lump" or mass (maybe an inch in diam.) in the upper outer quadrant of my right breast.
Avatar m tn I have what feels like a lump in my throat it comes and goes and it literally started while i was at the drs having my blood drawn..slight pressure in my ear on the same side..backs of my knees hurt occassionaly as well as armpits and groin..(shooting like pains almost feel like a muscle pull)...i couldnt tell you if i actually have/had swollen glands or not also i had no recollection of a fever bf. said i felt hot but when i took my temp it was normal...
1026926 tn?1292117415 but I was pregnant I found out with a home test 5 days after the blood test.
Avatar n tn Hi again. The lump I refer to is my testicles being drawn up by the cremaster muscle as you said. Thank you for this information. There is no lump I misspoke when I called it a lump. My main concern is the entire day "after" sex or masturbation, The Cremaster muscle pulls my testicles tight all day long and this is my “lump”. This is not only uncomfortable but always coincided with constipation and sometimes leads to colitis flares. I believe there is a connection here.