Lump after getting blood drawn

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Avatar n tn Getting my meds today Might also get my blood drawn ;(
Avatar f tn The first time I got my blood drawn at 7 weeks they took 15 tubes. After that at 12 weeks I just had a finger prick (which I find worse) and next time I don't believe I have any...
Avatar f tn I got checked for HIV when I had unprotected sex with a random girl. Where the blood was drawn from there is like a tiny lump/puncture wound which had a scab on it for quite a long time. I got REALLY annoyed with this as some of my mates took the mick saying I'm a heroin addicted, so I picked the tiny scab off the other day. Surely this is not normal for a puncture wound to maintain appearance?
20084011 tn?1489877396 s first, take a deep breath, relax, and focus. What makes you anxious about getting blood drawn? Has there been a situation involving getting your blood drawn that triggers your anxiety? Also, have you spoken to a doctor about your anxiety? For being 14, it seems your anxiety is through the roof and you should be speaking to a therapist about it. This is something you need to explain to your father that this needs to be done. Brushing it off will not fix the problem.
687697 tn?1227104191 My sister has had a baby and the baby is fine but i feel like me sister is getting worst because they have found a lump on her kindeys please reply someone i need to talk!
Avatar m tn Now just a little back story I was recently tested for HIV (Came out negative) but ever since then I have had been having extreme anxiety about everything and anything. Now this question is related to when I got my blood drawn. Now i didn't watch her take my blood because I don't usually but when it was done and over and when she took it out it kind of hurt a bit.
Avatar f tn I am horrible about getting my blood drawn. Not only am I a fainter but it's nearly impossible to find a vein. I went it to get my pregnancy test and blood sample to look into any health problems. They had to poke me five times before they got any blood. Can anyone tell me how many times will I need to get my blood drawn during pregnancy? Just wanting to prepare myself!
Avatar f tn Started period after missing 2. Mild pregnancy symptoms. Went to Dr, had blood drawn, test resolts came back ok.
Avatar f tn I got my blood test done this morning, so its on to waiting for those results. In the mean time we are bding like mad!!
Avatar m tn Dr.
Avatar m tn Dr.
796058 tn?1281933028 ...blood drawn today to check everything plus TSH levels. Results in a week...
1337503 tn?1275830614 Had progesterone drawn
Avatar f tn Got my blood drawn today. Finally got it done!
1846163 tn?1331048748 Heard from office. HCV RNA from 11/22/11 was <43 but still detectable. This means that the virus was below the level of quantification but not below the level of detectability. They called for a stat CBC, which I will have drawn in the morning.
1846163 tn?1331048748 Excited to see viral load
4182046 tn?1355820039 They take lots of blood during pregnancy lol ive never felt bad after though an im 22w an have had blood taking at three visits so far.if you didnt eat before you went,try eating next time.
Avatar f tn Getting a shot is one thing because it is pretty fast, but with getting her blood drawn she needs to hold still and not fight. I'm afraid that she will really hurt herself by fighting. (not to mention hurting the nurse) We have tried a million differnt ways to try and comfort her and help her not be so afraid, but nothing that we say helps her. As a last resort we even tried bribbing her and even that didn't work.
Avatar f tn had blood drawn per Shelby after reading the print outs. IDK what she is looking for.
393685 tn?1425812522 I miss the putty tat! Just thought you were sticking out your tongue at all those so-called drs. Am praying for only good things to come your way! Understand completely about being excited about the blood draws. True story. I almost didn't marry my first husband b/c I was so scared of getting the blood drawn. My mom had to hold my head to the side and talk comfortingly to me. I was 20 years old!!!
2115534 tn?1334629258 Have Labs drawn
Avatar f tn Doc says no testing until 14 days after trigger. I'm bad. Been testing since 6 dpo (8 dpt). Tests have been getting lighter and lighter, until yesterday (9 dpo/ 11 dpt) with smu I got a bfn ( even cracked the case I was sort of heartbroken after seeing all the trigger induced positives. Well, I tested again a few hours later and got a faint line. Tested that evening and got a faint, but ever so slightly darker line.
Avatar m tn maybe all week, so why would she bother to throw it out after she drew YOUR blood is a mystery! Sheesh, at 2 cents a syringe, she must really save that clinic gobs of cash! I'm pulling your leg, dude. That needle was brand new. I'd bet your life on it. She is a professional phlebotomist who has had to go thru a lot of education, and trust me when I say that they take patient safety VERY seriously. She would NEVER use a "dirty" needle on you.
703841 tn?1322565968 I got my blood work today. not as bad as I remember. I brought Peyton with me because i had no one to watch her. she had a tantrum while I was getting my blood drawn so I wasn't sitting completely still. The nurse wasn't to pleased with that. after she was finished I asked if the big bulge where she drew my blood from was normal and if it would go away and then she squeezed it really hard and said if you want to get rid of it do this (if really hurt) or put ice on it..