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Avatar f tn mine is a more direct pain on a small lump beside another smaller lump to the left above my belly button and below my ribs, closer to belly button. the size of the bigger one is like a peach pit maybe. it seems to hurt more at night and I can't feel it standing up.
Avatar f tn I found a lump above my belly button last year which is long and hard. I went to my doctor and he sent me for a cat scan with contrast which showed nothing. I can feel it more when I'm standing. Now I'm starting to have these symptoms, loose stools, pain and loss of appetite. My mother had ovarian cancer and I'm scared to death this is what I have, I made an appointment with the doctor for next week. I'm 46 and very anxious about this, I haven't been sleeping or eating much.
Avatar n tn I have sharp pains and a small lump about 2 inches directly above my belly button. the pains are so bad i can't sleep. food soothes them very briefly but then they return. what could this be?
Avatar n tn I don't know. I am puzzled myself when my family doctor said it is part of my bowel. I did not notice it until 2 months ago and I wonder why I only feel part (1.5" x 1") of the bowel and not the other parts. I have BM every day and I don't think it is the stool that I feel. In addition, the location of the lump (1" from belly button at about the same level or slightly above) suggests that it is the small intestine in which the waste is still in liquid form.
Avatar f tn Mine never really hurt unless pushed on but lately with this pregnancy I have sharp pain around my belly button and the lump is getting bigger. It all depends on exactly where it's located and how bad it is for if it's serious or not.
Avatar f tn Having said this, after getting these 'contractions', it seems my belly is firmer and my uterus seems higher (like towards my belly button). These are just my thoughts, I dont know if this is true.
Avatar n tn i had a painful lump above my belly button earlier this year. I wasnt on any medication or pills but i went to the doctor and they told me it was a cyst. They said it should dispear by itsself but if it contiues for more than 2 weeks i had to go back and get it changed out properly by going for a ultrascan.
Avatar n tn recently about a month again i noticed a lump appear on the right side of my belly button. i ignored it as i thought it was a knot in my stomach, but today my belly button has changed, it has been pulled up and really hurts. i havent come on my period either, but ive taken a test and im not pregant.
Avatar f tn The lump seems to be above the muscle on my lower abdomin near my belly button( like a inch and a half southeast if you were to lay the cardinal directions on my belly button, best way I can think of describing the location I'm not a doctor) the lump is soft and doesn't move. Thanks for the time.
Avatar f tn Hi I've been getting up In the mornings soon as I get out of bed I feel sick I just above my belly button it goes rigt across feels hard and when I press it I feel sick, then it wears off after I've had a brew I have a lump in my belly button I was wondering if it was anything to do with this I have had lanzoprozle now I've got to have a endoscopy and I'm scared in case I've got stomach cancer my sister in law died of pancreatic cancer very quickly after being diagnosed please help me I'm worri
Avatar n tn I think your explaniation is best. I am 63 and have had no tubes tied,no operations,just over weight by 25 lbs. When I loose weight because of dietebets it stops so it is attributed it to weight and yes I WILL ask my dr. and bring this bulletin board to her. She is my endroconolgists,and a specialist at Uconn Health Center. Mine is raw and red as sannelle's so now I have a reason to do something about it. Thanks everyone for the support on this subject.
Avatar f tn When pregnant both times my tummy muscles split. The past 6 months I have had a lump above my belly button that comes and goes. Since having my c sections I sometimes experience a tingly, prickly burning feeling from my pelvis up to my tummy making my clothes uncomfortable to wear. Over Christmas the lump returned and I had to wear lose clothing as it was so uncomfortable. The lump has now gone again. I'm not sure if it could be a Hernia? Scar tissue? Splitting of my tummy muscles or ibs?
Avatar n tn ago because my Colon had a infected in side, along with a lump inside between the inner and outer skin of the right lower side of Colon which cause my abendix to in flame big time, which had to be remove, plus he pack antibiotic's around the inside of the infected part of the colon,which brought the lump down and took care of the infection of the colon. after that they give me a C.San & BR.x-rays and found i have Divertic. little pockets around my parts of colon.
Avatar n tn What happened this week was MANY (like I said, around 20) that showed up, all within the same area (spread out above the groin on the pelvis, mostly in the pubic hair,) and like I said, I'm concerned because this is right after having sex with someone new a day before. The bumps look similar to the msuculum lesions, but their sudden appearance and quanity are making me worry. I am definately going into the clinic next week to get this checked out.
Avatar m tn I've just discovered a large lump protruding from just above my belly button. It doesn't hurt unless I touch it in which it is very sore to the touch. It's probably 2X2 inches. I have been taking antibiotics (penicillin) for about 2 weeks. Could this have anything to do with it? what else could it be?
Avatar f tn 5 inches high, centrally located in my abdomen about 3 inches below my sternum and 2 inches above my belly button. I often feel full and uncomfortable when sitting and if I lie flat, it is easier to feel. I tried to see what organs were in that area online and saw the stomach and pancreas, so I am concerned... Do you have any idea what it could be. I am a 49 year old woman.
Avatar n tn An enlarged intra abdominal organ located in the epigastic area (area above the belly button) can present with a vague abdominal mass in that area. The organs located in the epigastric area could be the stomach, left liver lobe, part of the pancreas, and part of the transverse colon. Since you are having symptoms, it would be best to seek consult with your doctor so that you can be evaluated properly. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I have a small lump in my armpit and it feels like its bruised.. any ideas what it is??? Its pretty small and tender.
Avatar n tn then,it started to wrinkle up,and when i felt that,i had ben look at it,and he said,oh wow,it looks like another belly button..i went to the er,the lady triaging me in,actually THOUGHT it was my belly button!!untill i showed that time,the dx me with a very large seroma,gav me antibiotics,and sent me on my way...within 2 weeks of being at the er,a tiny little hole opened up,and fluid started coming out(gushing actually)..they told me it was draining,and that was a good sign..
Avatar n tn Also sometimes if I eat a lot....though both this and the above are occasional, and arent typical case scenario. Many thanks indeed.
Avatar n tn I noticed today the lump is getting longer not higher just longer it seems to be further up my tummy nearly up to my belly button about 2-3cm's wide.I went to the doctors a while back he said it could be a cyst on my ovary or my bowel.I was ment to get a ultrasound but im so busy with work i have no time. I guess im just wondering if anybody has an idea on what it maybe and if i should be wondered about it...
Avatar n tn For the past couple of months I've noticed a small lump (about 1/2 inch diameter) on the upper left quadrent of my body ( apprx. 2in above and left of belly button). I feel no pain or discomfort but sometimes especially when I think about it or press on it, I feel a slight heaviness around this area. I am a 49 years old male with a clean history concerning health problems and no surgeries of any kind.
Avatar f tn It's was pure misery trying to sit down or stand up. This pregnancy I have a lump above my belly button. At first I thought it was baby but when I realized it hasn't moved I asked dr about it yesterday she said it could be one of 2 things, a hernia, or a collection of fat that formed into a ball. Either way it's no good. If it's a hernia I will have to have surgery after the baby is born and idk what they will do if it's just fat. I'm done being pregnant! Lol I'm 35 weeks!!!
Avatar f tn They gave me a Laparoscopy so they could check out the surrounding organs and the other ovary and everything was perfect. I had an incision in my belly button (which has only stopped leaking from an infection) a 5cm line above my bikini line, a little incision on my left side and a incision on my right side, which is near my lump now. It makes sense if this is related to everything that has happened, but I don’t understand why it is getting worse.
Avatar n tn The incision in question is one-inch-long and the protruding lump above it makes it look like I have a second belly button! Lovely, no? The lump is longer than the incision and protrudes almost an inch beyond my normal stomach line. The protrusion is not even - it extends outward more on the left side than the right. It's also pretty hard. I just hope I'm not developing nasty scar tissue that will require surgery. Does this description sound consistent with yours?
Avatar n tn The pain is pretty severe especially when I move or cough and I've now found there is a tiny hard ball located under where the pain is greatest. It's above and to the left of my belly button. Any ideas or similar experiences? I'm waiting on my doctor but they are taking forever to respond.
Avatar f tn a little bigger than a baseball) that i can occasionally feel just below my rib cage and above my belly button. When I feel it I can feel a rythmic pulse... just actually feeling it is uncomfortable, and it moves about... Occasionally I get sharp rapid pains under both sides of my rib cage and even experience speratic episodes of breath shortness... I dont know if any of these are connected.... Does anyone know if this is normal?
Avatar m tn lumps that have been there for 3 months aren't due to herpes. you need to continue following up on this with a dermatologist.