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Avatar n tn I have a lump over my top right wisdom tooth and i dont exactly no what color it is it herts badly at all times and it has been there for a few weeks and i cant exactly afford to go to a oral sergon or anything and i do not have any insurance i was just wondering if i should be worried about it being a tomer or somethig like that please let me know as soon as possable Thank you
Avatar n tn I have the same problem. I had a gum infection that was somewhat painful when I ate on that side of my mouth, it has gone away after a couple days, but for the past 4 there has been a large lump on my gums, above my teeth, where the infection was.
Avatar n tn About 7 months ago I had my wisdom tooth on my lower left side become inflammed, I was suspose to get it takin out, but didn't. Now I noticed that under it along that line you feel that goes down to the jaw is swollen some. It does not hurt at all. Of course, like everyone else I am worried about cancer. There is nothing else swollen in my mouth.
Avatar n tn After it was done there was some what of a lump above the tooth that it was done to and it has stayed until now there has always been pain when i pushed on it , Now i am in pain that i can not explain the whole side of my jaw has seemed to be in effect i bang the tooth and there is no pain when i push on the lump it feels like there is water in there or something I don't know weather to continue to do the root canal or extract the tooth
Avatar n tn After an xray this tooth showed to have a cyst to the side of the tooth, which he said was unusual, however, above the tooth next to it was a lump. Dentist said he didn't know what the lump above the other tooth was. He is referring me to Oral spec. but as routine appt (so could be a good 6-8 months wait!). I've got to get the bad tooth refilled and crowned over the next few months, dentist said he would keep an eye on the lumps for me whilst I wait for the appt.
Avatar n tn The lump is sore to the touch or if i knock it with my tooth brush, or if i move my mouth aggresively and it rubs my cheek. I have noticed that food gets into the hole where my tooth was and reading other peoples descriptions i was worried if this was a dry socket, i can see into the hole but not all the way down to the bone or anything. Im also not in agony as many other people have said they were. Do you think i have a problem or is it just normal swelling and healing?
Avatar n tn On Friday night, i discovered a pea size lump above that tooth, so i went to see my dentist on Saturday morning. He made an incision into the lump, drained it, he explained that there was no pus, just pus, prescribed me Clindamycin 150mg to be taked twice a daily for 3 days and after checking my xrays he said that there was an inflammation on the top of a root, so according to him it was nothing to worry about.
Avatar n tn It's quite painful when pressed on and often burns. My right front tooth (below the lump)is also partially decayed and slightly loose. I know I have gum disease but is this cancer? Let me know what it could be. I would really appreciate your best guess. I have an HMO and cannot find a dentist in my area that will see me. Please get back to me. Thank you so much for your time.
Avatar n tn I have recently come across a small lump in the right side of my neck located just past the halfway point of my neck and slightly towards the back (behind my ear as opposed to in front of it). The lump is not painful, hard, and I can move it slightly up and down, and it's not round more of and oval shape. I don't smoke or drink, I am however tired all the time.
Avatar n tn I'm so glad you took him to the vet! I'd probably just have the tooth pulled so you won't have to worry about it again. No doubt the abscess is pretty painful for your dog too. Very ouchy, tooth abscesses. I've had a couple myself and wonder if I should have just had the stupid things pulled instead of putting myself through root canal, crown and 10 years later the whole works just breaks off anyway. LOL! We had a dog who lost part of a back tooth.
Avatar m tn Late last night a small bump about the size of a large pimple appeared in my mouth, almost on the roof of my mouth above the tooth. By this morning the lump has increased in size, still smaller than a dime but extremely painful. Also experiencing extreme nausea. Is there anything I can do for this at home since I am out of work and there is no money for a dentist/oral surgeon? Alternatively, is there someplace that will do charity work for emergencies due to this nature?
691614 tn?1227468251 I have a white lump that has appeared in my gum above my front tooth. It isn't painful but when pressed I feel pressure on my tooth. It has been there about 3 weeks now. What it is?
Avatar m tn The drunken git punched me and my tooth went into the inside of my gum just above my teeth. I am taking some anti-biotics for it and the swelling has almost completely gone leaving just a small tender bit where the cut from my tooth is. This bit is harder than normal swelling and wuite annoyingly uncomfortable. Is it normal? People mentioned having it drained, what is this? Why is it hard? Am I going to die!? Any feedback would be great, just to help put my mind at ease.
Avatar f tn I have a bump/lump in my gums above the upper teeth, it is a little sore, what can I do
Avatar m tn Xrays are not showing anything but even now after the tooth is removed, I still have constant pain in my cheek, starting from this tooth area all the way to the top of my head and back to my ear. There is a very distinct bump on my gum right above where this tooth was. Any one else experienced anything like this? This discussion is related to painful hard bump on gum.
Avatar m tn hey guys so for a month ive had a small ball on my gums right above a tooth which came out out on its own due to bad oral hygene i guess. i went to the dentist to find out about it but she didnt put to much mind to it and said i have a infection. the ball gets big if i chew but usually if im not eating or passing anything around that tooth area is not so big. its sensitive if i touich it. but im kinda worried cause it dosent go away.
Avatar n tn I think I have an infected tooth right above wer my wisdom tooth is beginning to come in at my jaw line below the gum reasons why I think the tooth is infected is because It gives off a foul smell hurts to the touch and my wisdom tooth has begin to stick out at the job line right below this infected tooth I'm only 20years of age and my insurance could take some time to kick in what should I do
Avatar n tn Hello my problem is little long almost 8 months I felt a little lump in my gum above of a molar with a previous root canal ...I visited several dentist but anyone made nothing...the lump was increased in size, had pain, redness and another signs of inflammation.....I decided beginning antibiotic and went with another dentist ....finally this Dr. made x-ray and saw a huge mass(aprox. 2cm) that affected jaw bone ....
Avatar f tn My jaw pops and shifts, it doesn't always ache but it does some days. I have a small lump right above the socket, next to my ear on the right side of my jaw. My dentist said it is a plate that should be between my jaw bone and the socket which is what is causing my jaw to pop. But I also noticed a few months ago that I have a lump under/behind my jaw, also on the right side. It moves around.
Avatar m tn it still hurts when i swallow. it feels like a bumb on the uper back left side of my throat. right above my wizdom tooth. the other side has a bumb but doesnt hurt and feels like it is supposed to be there. i can feel it with my tongue. the bumb kinda feels hard like a bone is sticking out. it is also. it also feels like there is something stuck back there like a peice of food.
Avatar m tn Hey Im wondering what ever happened with this...I also have a weird lump in my mouth on my gumline above my front left tooth. Half of it is at the very top of my gumline, then the other half of the lump is kinda like under my nostril.....It's like the size of a dime and just developed basically in 2 days..... I posted a thinger on here but no one responded to me so now I am searching for things like what I have and yours seems to be the closest.... what happened????
Avatar n tn my husband notice my lump behind my right ear about, well almost a year ago now and it's growing, size of a marble now, it hurts. when im sleeping on my right side, i have to pull my ear out a little away from my lump behind it, because it hurts a lot when sleeping on it.
Avatar m tn i have been on them for a month with no change i still have the feeling in my throat. A month ago my tooth at the top back of my throat was starting to throb and hurt when i ate anything and the gum around it hurts when i touch it. I went to the dentist yesterday and she said the tooth which i had root canal done around 10 years ago has got reinfected and caused abscess. I also need another root canal on another tooth along with 2 fillings.
Avatar f tn I work in dental and have been doing the studies between teeth and sinus as I myself have no infection lesion on my root tips but do have pain in a tooth. with a retention cyst sitting above the tooth. if when they take the X-ray there is an infection I would go ahead with root canal. if the root tip is sitting in the floor of the sinus I would then ask to see a ent before commencing with a rct. asking the dentist to first get an opg will be a good indercation on if you may have.
Avatar n tn I kinda ignored it, which maybe I shouldn't have, but today it is still there. I am pretty sure that it has not grown at all though. The tooth above it hurts a little. I am going to see my doctor in a few days but until then I am tearing my hair out with worry. What are the chances that these two lumps are connected? Could the one in my mouth be anything apart from the C word???? I have pretty bad teeth if that helps..... Thank you very much for you time.
Avatar f tn I have been having ear pain, feeling of imflammation in temple and upper cheek area, dizziness and eye pain as well as visible swelling on the left side of my face. My ENT just told me it is my jaw and I TMJD and need to see my dentist who I saw a few months ago and said I did not have TMJD or signs of teeth grinding. What exactly is this lump? I feel I can't trust any doctors anymore I keep getting passed from one specialist to the other.
Avatar n tn I am having the same issue. I'm not sure what it is but my jaw above where my canal was done is swollen and hard and tender. I can feel it on the outside of my face as well. It has been 2 weeks since mine was done and it just started swelling 3 or 4 days agao. Did you ever find out what caused it?