Lump above kneecap

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Avatar n tn There is a small kind of har lump right above my kneecap. At first i could move it and it would go away. But now it stays in the same spot. Does anyone know what this is?
1417063 tn?1282111264 It can also be due to localized infection of the skin above and not be related to the joint. X-rays will be negative for all causes except fracture. MRI of the joint may be required. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. You will need to follow this up with an orthopedic specialist ASAP or go the ER. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar f tn I came across this thread like most of you, googling sharp pain in kneecap when kneeling. I have the exact same symptoms as listed above. When I kneel on my right knee it feels like I'm on a rock or glass. You all know the feeling. It began after I was laying some laminate floor over the weekend. I am a Physical Therapist and have been working in the sports medicine area for the past 5 years or so, and can tell you one thing: it's not tendinitis.
Avatar n tn 2/7/08 Ruptured Patellar Tendon (Torn from kneecap) 2/8/08 Surgery (tendon sutured to kneecap by drilling 3 holes in kneecap) 2/19/08 First follow-up with doctor - Stay in straight-legged brace until next appointment on 3/20/08 to allow tendon to heal to bone. Should be able to start rehab after the 3/20 appointment. 3/20/08 Doctor follow-up. Still in straight-leg brace, but ok to start Physical Therapy.
Avatar f tn I will have pain throughout the right side of my body and only the right side, mostly felt in chest pains, and pain a few inches above/into my pelvic region. This pain will sometimes shoot downwards towards my kneecap, which I have been treated for Sciatica twice (no real tests were run othr than blood work for this). Also in the last year I had painful breasts for nearly 4 months, where an ultrasound was done and came back clear.
Avatar n tn Wow I thought it was just me... I started getting this "shock" about 3 months ago. It is on my inner thigh, about 12" above the knee. Occurs mostly while I'm sitting, but one day it happened alomost continually while I was walking, would hit me every time I took a step with that leg. It ranges from a simple light, bizzare flutter, to a full blown shock causing my leg to jerk upward, very disconcerting if I happen to be in a meeting or room full of people.
Avatar n tn I have also been in severe pain with swelling in my left knee 4 months after arthroscopic surgery. I also have a large lump at the site were the scope entered my knee, when I ask the doctor that did the surgery about he said it should go away before I die. I thought this was a horrible thing to say because I was really worried about the lump. I have a hard time even getting to see the doctor and no one seem's concerned about the pain and swelling but me.
Avatar n tn spent 3 mos in hospital - Legs now have PAD and I get Cellulitis 2-3x a year - legs horribly scarred - knee joints dislocate as both sides have torn meniscus and cartlidge in both is gone and am bone-on-bone [use a cane or walker now] For a while I began supplements- figured the meds werent helping much and PCP couldnt get me appt with Rheumatologist - siting treatment is same so just continued all the above meds for years.
Avatar n tn I have the same pain from the left testicle that goes to the lower left abdomem(between leg and belly area), if I press my left lower abdominal area and sims my left testicle disconfort to get better for a while(maybe im pumping blood on it dunno lol), also I have a lump on my left testicle. Did a doopler ultrasound and the doc said to me I had a varicocele, but Im afraid about the lump.
Avatar n tn Well the ER doc asked me how I slept and she told me that it could have a lot to do with it. She also said that she felt a lump on my right side (didn't know if it was caused by my fall or not) by my shoulder blade which is where it is very sensitive at times. So she diagnosed me with muscle spasms from the trapezius/rhomboid area and paraspiral muscles T 4-7 area < not sure what that meant. I have also been diagnosed with costochondritis.
Avatar n tn Occasionally, I still get the sharp pains but mostly my symptoms are now a bigger area of numbness (extending over most of the right thigh starting above the right of my kneecap toward the middle of my thigh), a hot feeling at the spot, and lot's of itchiness. I can feel my fingers on my thigh but it feels as if the numbness is deeper inside. Itching almost seems like it's caused the area to spread. Important questions to ask is what causes the hotness? Why just the right leg?
Avatar n tn I am 40, male, 188 pounds, run regularly (20 to 30 miles a week) First pain was the kneeling knee variety. Exactly as described above but now gone. Currently enjoying symptoms in left heel and outside/top of left little toe -both when fully extended. Doesn't hurt when I run, only when I stretch. Physio hasn't a clue. Haven't seen a doc.
Avatar m tn The vet told my son it was either hip dysplaysia or some type of kneecap problem. In her case she ended up with four surgeries to repair a genetic defect with her kneecaps. Previously she practically had to be carried up/down stairs! Good luck!