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Avatar f tn My son sprained his ankle two days ago, was diagnosed with a severe sprain, but what showed up on the X-Ray is my concern. The Dr. pointed out a lump of some sort right above his heel. Dr. said it was extra bone growth that occurs in about 10%-15% of children when they are born. With no reason to X-Ray his ankle til now, I have no way of knowing how long it's been there. It is pressing against his Achiles tendon and Dr. feels it is and will continue to cause problems.
Avatar n tn Hi i was wondering if anyone can help me, I have had a lump in my lower left leg for 2 years now every now and then it swells up and gives me pain its in the left leg and its about 3 inches above the ankle in a straight line it gets really painful gives me pain in the the bottom of the foot and in the ankle and also this might sound strange but it sometimes feels as if someone is dripping cold water down my leg, does anyone know what this could be. Thank you very much.
Avatar n tn Hi, I play sports and i noticed i have a lump on the back of my ankle above my heel its been hurting for about 2 weeks not sure if i should go to the doctor or not what should i do?
Avatar m tn I recently had a 20mm long laceration to my left lower eyelid sutured, which involved disolvable stitches beneathe the skin and removable stiches above. After 7 days i had the stitches removed and the laceration seemed to be heeling successfully. After a couple of days i began to notice a lump had swelled up beneathe the laceration.
Avatar n tn Yesterday as I was helping my sister move, I slipped and heard a faint pop in my left foot. I miss judged the stairs and hyper extended my foot up (toes were above my heel) There was immediate pain followed by slight swelling. I was able to limp around for a bit so I didn't think any thing was torn.. Woke up this morning, pain was intense but was still able to put pressure on the foot. Was on my feet all day at work with no increase in pain but still swollen on the anterior side.
Avatar n tn 1st/2nd meta tarsal etc. The operating surgeon will explain to you on the above options of what is the lump or nodule or bone? Take care!
541196 tn?1293556536 I have developed pain and a lump about 2 inches above blood draw site. Draw site is bruised as well. I don't think this type of clot could have serious complications... but the tech did a horrible job.... I even fainted during collection! (I told her I was getting light headed at the 12th vial and she continued to do all 15!) I read that they were usually not serious when in the arm like this, but still, I wonder if I should bring it to someones attention.
Avatar f tn i did some research and the closest thing i could find was a cyst, but mine is not a single lump, it's no lump at all so i don't think it is a cyst. after the small zit like bups develope they do not pop like described for a cyst. it's almost like it tries to heel itself because i know when i get a scrape or cut the body produces a liquid to lubricate the area allowing it to heel, that's kinda what goes on here.
1275938 tn?1281199061 The pain was not too intense, but I noticed that a lump had developed above the ankle, just above shoe level. The Doc. said I needed an Ultra-sound check ~ not available for circa. 2 to 3 months. I'm training for an event that will certainly test it out. Doc. knew that I would not 'rest up' for a couple of months as he recommended, but I assured him I'd not run through any pain barriers.
Avatar n tn They found mets on one ovary (litlle spot) lymphnodes and one lump in omentum. The gynacoligyst removed everyting. And told me that I had to have chemo therapie afterall to try to kill the microcells. First I had to regain some strenght after the operation and the wound had to heel and then followed bt chemo's. I had to visit the internist at Anthonie van Leeuwenhoek hospital in Amsterdam. He told me That there is not much to be done.
Avatar m tn This was the riskiest sex event I've ever had. About 5 years ago I felt like I had a lump in my throat, went in to do tests, no cause was found. Again I got obsessed with it, because eventually I linked it to HIV (from internet again).. Eventually I calmed down and it went away. But I am still not sure why I got it. One day I got to talk to a medical professional who knew someone with HIV and I asked what symptom did they have? Throat stricture is what he said.
Avatar n tn For the past few years now every few days I feel a lump in the back of my throat and after much gagging and clearing of the throat a very hard grey in color (about the color of chewed gum and same looking texture with about the same rubbery feel but harder) is produced with a very foul smell and taste. I cant seem to get rid of this problem.
Avatar f tn Noticed then that left middle toe seemed a little curved to the left I also felt I was seeing atrophy in that foot/heel, which one neuro said she didn't see at all. I feel pain on inner arch sometimes when first getting up in the morning and putting foot down or when walking a lot. Also, started to have buzzing/twitching on bottom of foot nonstop (neuro didn't seem too concerned). Toes on left foot also felt numb sometimes and felt like pins and needles.
Avatar n tn Scale stays the same but none of my clothes fit. At any rate the lump is on the right side just above my pelvic bone. Can this happen with cancer? I feel that something is terribly wrong with me. Is it normal to feel that way when you do have cancer? Is it like a sixth sense? Do you kind of know when you have it? I am sorry this is so long but I am so scared I can't quit crying. I also forgot to mention that I have a disorder that increases my risk for ovca. Any response would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Because I discovered that as I do so (of course it hurts) the swelling lessens and I eventually find a very specific lump. This lump may or may not move as it is massaged and you may need to do this as much as posible for hours, sometimes days, but it will eventually disperse. You will probably find you have many of these lumps in different areas of your body. Of course they press on nerves etc.
Avatar f tn I don't know what my face pain is, but I do feel a swollen lump above my ear when it is at its worst. I'm wondering if it could be a vein? Inflammation of something? I don't know if TN truly fits. I am able to wait out my pain and I understand TN is too painful to not have an abort med. I knew from a previous post you had TN. Also wondered about cluster headache. Doesn't exactly fit but I'm still in the "rule out" phase. Thanks again for both of your input.
Avatar f tn They didn't place their heels on the ground when the walked, you know like the military teaches you, heel, heel, heel. I think in many cases it was pain in the heal that got them walking that way. relexology charts show the heal connected to the sciatic nerve/back. drsdonthelp, I understand exactly what you mean by toothache-like pain, wrote my mother the same thing not long ago about pain in my shoulder and shoulder blade, the left side. It's gone now.
377493 tn?1356505749 I used a fuzzy dog one, with the dog head peeking over my son's shoulder, about ten or twelve times when he was at the stage when he wanted to walk but he was really pretty little for constant hand-holding when walking (his hand would get sweaty, and slip out of mine). We were walking into our HMO once and a man saw this setup and said, "You might as well just get a dog," in a snotty voice.
Avatar n tn Only in my feet, Down the top of my big toe and my heel. It started 4 years ago down the side of my left foot to my little toe. Huge burning /tearing sensation when I extended my foot out. AS in to kick a ball or to kneel on the floor. This came and went for a while but slowly got worse...moved feet and now it is a constant numbness in my right foot to my big toe and heel - which pulls on the tendon when I extend my foot upwards - opposite to the toe pain. The constant numbness is annoying.
Avatar n tn OK, if you had a swab test that you are certain was positive for HSV 2, then that's diagnostic, for sure. Where was the swab taken from, the eyelid or the mouth as your described above?
454186 tn?1388978568 hand from fingertip to 60 cm, straight legs Shenyao limited, straight-leg raising test, and 80 degrees left and right 70 degrees, the above inspection of low back pain caused heavier, but not down Bleeding, bilateral peroneal nerve compression test positive, the right weight, 5 lumbar spinal 3 to the deep parts are obvious tenderness, double the normal lower extremity muscle strength, x-Tip 4 lumbar vertebral spondylolisthesis time forward, I am diagnosed as: Bilateral spinal lumbar 3 -- 4 soft
620923 tn?1452919248 Now that is probably more related to issues of vertigo. Overall, I have always been awkward and klutzy (the words of my dear mother), so I just lump all these little quirky things as just the way I move around on this earth. As rod44 enjoys here on earth, when I go to heaven I will not worry - I'll just use my wings to get around.
Avatar n tn Doctor, Are groin node located "IN the crease" where the leg meets thigh? Or can they be located above or below the crease? How do I know if I have one swollen lymph node at the groin? I was poking around, and notice something lumpy, but it seemed like it would be part of normal anatomy. I'm at Day #11, and I found this last night. How can this be ARS, when ARS lymph node swelling is more than one lymph node? I checked the other side of my groin, my armpits, my neck.
Avatar n tn I cant even get anyone to look at a very hard lump I feel about size of a marble that runs from back of head down left side of neck by the spine. Ortho just said lymph nodes are there and its normal, but he never felt it. Not like that on the other side. Im so frustrated now, I dont know where else to go to??
97615 tn?1212682189 the lumps are as white as snow with a total volume of 2x2x2 mm, below the lump (the skin around my wrist) turns as red as blood. this will continue for about 15 to 20 min and after that no matter how hard i exercises or try increase my body temperature in any way the itch and wrist stops. I wont get any of the above symptom if i am already sweating from before. Any idea if my problem is even remotely similar to the previous patients ?
290592 tn?1205775276 I take muscle relaxers and pain pills now for 2 years and my pain is worse since the horrible surgery,i feel a hard extremely painful lump right above the site i had operated on and twitching,numbeness,headaches,swallowing issues and i can go on and on.I will listen to all that is offered.thank you.
Avatar n tn Sounds like one more shot and 40, or so, riba. Even though you may have had hgb above intervention level you can still be affected by its lower level. Be well.
Avatar f tn What is up with that? I had a lump in my left breast removed at the age of 27. I always have breast pain, and have attributed it to my scar tissue from the surgery. I have asked in the ms forum regarding yeast infections and if people experience this more often. but now I am wondering if all of this crazy stuff that is going on with me has anything to do with it. I am a clean person, and try to take care of my self and eat good, but of course, something isn't balancing out right in me.
Avatar f tn 7 months ago, I had a little cut that I did not yet realize to be herpes. I had the palm heel of my hand on my lip in that spot while plucking eyebrows. I then moved my hand directly in contact with my left cheekbone. I did not vigorously massage it in by any means but it was planted for a while. While the cut on my lip went away quickly,it was followed by a white tongue with a few sores on my tongue, tingly nose and itchy face.