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Avatar m tn For a while now I have been noticing that there is a lump usually in the same spot on my groin. ( just to the right of my left leg below my stomach. The lump is singular or sometimes another one appears, just above it. It doesn't itch and it starts off under the skin. I feel it for a day or so before hand and then when i wake I find that the lump has appeared and then the skin becomes very tender.
Avatar n tn I had an angioplasty and one and half days later developed additional huge bruise just above my groin crease across my lower abdomen. Palpation reveals severe tenderness and a very hard elongated nodule across and above the crease. and is progressively getting harder. Do I need to be concern?
Avatar n tn about a week ago i fund a lump just above the side of my jaw. its painful and its also not visible. since i found the lump i've also noticed that i've been having alot of discharge. is it related? what could it be?
Avatar f tn After the bleeding stopped he noticed that the lump grew to the diameter of a quarter, but does not rise above the skin very much. He said the pain was very minor and now he is feeling no pain at all. Has anyone developed or heard of these kind of side effects? I read up on lumps being normal after angiograms, but I'm wondering if this is different.
Avatar n tn I am 28 years old. At 25 I discovered a lump in my groin area very similar to a hernia except it only showed up during ovulation, middle of cycle. I have seen many doctors who cannot diagnose it. It is 1 inch above pubic bone, 2 inches away from crease in leg.It shows up on left side only, sometimes back to back months but occasionally skipping a month. Due to the fact that this was unable to be diagnosed I tried to get pregnant.
Avatar n tn I am 28 years old. At 25 I discovered a lump in my groin area very similar to a hernia except it only showed up during ovulation, middle of cycle. I have seen many doctors who cannot diagnose it. It is 1 inch above pubic bone, 2 inches away from crease in leg.It shows up on left side only, sometimes back to back months but occasionally skipping a month. Due to the fact that this was unable to be diagnosed I tried to get pregnant.
Avatar m tn I am 16 years old.3 days back i found a acne like red thing just above the penis shaft(in the groin area&not on the penis).when i pressed it little blood came out of it has become lump like thing, its colour is slightly darker than skin colour and not red.its size is about1 cm.its not bulging out too much.i don't have any pain as such.only when i press the lump,i have pain(bearable).i am worried whether it is a hernia or some other skin problem.
Avatar m tn I had heart cath done 2 months ago but now i got a lump that has came up and pain is getting worse every day....the pain is a little above my groin and hurts all the way down my leg and also burns ......... i had an ultrasound done and they told me that the artery they enter has limpnodes on the outside and they was causing my problem.... this has been a month ago and now the pain is getting even worse.....................................................................
Avatar n tn Starting on Thursday I noticed a red lump on my upper right, above the penis, below the stomach. it's gotten slightly larger, and today had a little black spot on it as well. it almost looks and feels like a large zit. it's somewhat painful, but mostly from irriation I think rubbing against my leg and clothes. any advice??
Avatar n tn hey i am wondering about a lump under my skin in the groin area. i started going tanning a few days ago, and i wasnt sure if it could be something from that. i also shave in that area as well. i am going to give it a couple days to see waht it does, since i only noticed it today and have not seen anything on my bod like this before.
Avatar n tn Many (close to 20) acne-like bumps have shown up seemingly within a day on my pelvis above the groin, mostly in the pubic hair. I'm especially concerned because this was right after having sex with somebody I was not too familiar with. We used a condom, and there are no bumps on the genitals themselves. I have had musculum lesions appear around that area over the past couple of years, and I have been going to the doctor to have them frozen off.
Avatar f tn I developed a lump about six months ago in my groin (outer labia, under the skin). It is hard and is painful, especially when pressure is put on it (sitting for long periods). It also itches. I've been to the doctor twice, both times I was told it was an enlarged lymph node and then treated me for vagititis. The bump didn't respond in anyway to this treatment. Just an FYI (sorry) hair is not growing above this lump. I have heard before of women getting impacted sweat glands in their groin....
Avatar m tn hello every one I am a 39 yo male, have a painless almost firm left groin lump in a size of may be 2-3cm .I found it accidentally 1 wk before.It doesnt dissapear with lying or resting. I checked other lymph nodes,didnt find any other one.I didnt have any risky intercourse recently just in months or yrs back,some french kiss or rubbing sexual organs but no penetration.I had no STD history.
Avatar m tn We were apart for a couple of days after and then we hooked up again same scenario as above (15-30 similar exposures since). Then the symptoms started... 7-15 days later I started getting a burning sensation around my genitals. I also developed a marble sized lump under the skin (very hard) on my right arm centered aprox 9in from top of shoulder. It looked almost like I just got my anthrax vaccine again. After about 4 days I couldn’t take it anymore and went to the ER.
Avatar m tn the pain that was extending to my thigh is pretty much gone. the groin lump/discomfort remains steady. I am now experiencing quite the amount of discomfort in my right flank. I have a fullness feeling between the top of the hip and the bottom of the rib cage. If i press on the top of the hip bone, it feels bruised. Also, if i press around the right flank between the hip and rib i feel pain. i do the same on the left and there is no pain.
Avatar n tn if it does i would suggest its a hernia, if it doesnt' then its probably not, i have only had experience with ingrunal hernia's in your groin, you can get hernias in 5 spots i believe 2 sides of your groin (mostly in men), in your belly button (women mostly from child birth, or children born with them, however they are not uncommon in men) you can get them in your upper leg, and another spot on your tummy too....
Avatar n tn Treatment will involve excision of the lump in most of the above cases. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted if you have any additional queries. and on how you are doing.
Avatar m tn Ive had my prostate checked, and testicals on a number of occasions by this doctor. Over the pat 8 weeks or so i have been getting groin pain in my right hand side, aswell as my left now. My quadriceps (i think i got that right) muscal down the top front of both my legs also hurt, and lower back pain. my testicals feel hot to touch. Although i cant feel any lumps my Epididymis hurts feeling hard with a lump on the top.
Avatar m tn She has swelling in the nodes in her neck, above clavicle and now in the groin area. She tested positive for mono in Sept of 07. Her nodes swelled then too, but not above the clavicle. I'm really scared that this is something serious...should I be?
Avatar f tn in August of 2005, I had a severe hamstring group tear, that was never addressed. The tear was about 2 inches above my right knee, rear of thigh. Immediately after the injury, I had the sensation of "sitting on a lump". Lumpy area is high in rear right thigh, going into groin area. I have been sitting on this "mass" for all this time. 3 mri's, 1 ct scan, and 2 xrays. They can't see a thing, but I still have involuntary muscle spasms of the hamsting...
Avatar f tn I have a lymph-node-like lump underneath my pubic hair on my left side. (29 yr-old male) I'm concerned because it's located so close to the testicles (basically right above the muscle that links from the testicles to the the upper thigh) I've lived with it for about a year without much pain.. But lately I've been feeling it more. Is this serious and what can I do about it?
Avatar n tn I've had intermittent right hip pain with catching and clicking since an injury a few years ago (never had the injury checked out - thought I had just pulled a groin muscle). Over the past few months, however, the pain has worsened (and is more constant) and has spread to the right side of my lower back. The pain is affecting daily routines such as sitting, driving, exercising, and sleeping. It hurts to wear jeans.
Avatar n tn ) ball at the top of my left scrotum, not part of the testicle. It may be not so much a ball as a protruding lump of the groin. Not painful, but rather hard. I did a lot of searches but hydrocele, epididymitis, etc. do not sound like this. What could it be?
Avatar n tn I have found an abnormal lump in my lower right hand side of my stomach, just above my groin. Can you tell me what it might be?
Avatar n tn i do plan on getting tested soon to rest some fears In any case, and the point of my question, in january i developed a small red lump in my groin area, above my right leg just about where my belt line is (i do wear my pants semi-low). it was about 1 cm in diameter. it seemed like an in-grown pimple. I tried popping it but it would not pop. it stayed for a bit over a month, and may have responded to polysp.
Avatar m tn could be some fluff from my underwear... seemed hard... have observed this twice. so to recap groin pain on both sides of groin...
Avatar n tn I went to see the doctor last week and he felt my testicle and said he wasn't concerned by the lump and that the testicle itself felt normal. The lump is smaller than a grain of rice but hard and on the front of the testicle above where the epididimus joins at the bottom.
Avatar n tn I have a hard, marble sized lump on the left side of my neck, right above the lymph node, approximately one inch directly below the jawbone (leaning slightly to the right). It feels very, VERY round, but hard, and will squeeze through my fingers when feeling it, but does not change shape or move location. It is not causing discomfort, but it appeared out of nowhere, (last three or four days) and coupled with the fact that I am a diabetic (and normal 6.